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'Survivor' 2019 Contestants - Meet 18 'Edge of Extinction' Cast Members

Survivor: Edge of Extinction is set to premiere in just a few weeks and we have the full list of all the contestants set to compete as the final castaway!

This season, 14 of the castaways are brand new to the competition, and four are returning contestants. Joe Anglim (“Worlds Apart,” “Second Chance”), Aubry Bracco (“Kaoh Rong,” “Game Changers”), Kelley Wentworth (“Second Chance,” “San Juan del Sur”) and David Wright (“Millennials vs. Gen-X”) all participated in past seasons, and will be back.

Jeff Probst will be back again as the host for the new season. Be sure to tune into CBS on Wednesday (February 20) at 8pm ET.

ARE YOU EXCITED for the new season of Survivor?!

Click through the slideshow to meet all 18 contestants for Survivor’s 2019 season…

Ryan Seacrest & Girlfriend Shayna Taylor Dress as Karl Lagerfeld & Anna Wintour for Halloween Party!

Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend Shayna Taylor make one perfect Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour!

The couple stopped by the Casamigos Halloween Party on Friday night (October 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif. They dressed as the fashion icons and totally stole the show.

Also seen at the party were Edward Norton with wife Shauna Robertson, Sean “Diddy” Combs, French Montana, Brody Jenner with his wife Kaitlynn, Brandon Jenner with his mom Linda Thompson, Kelsey Grammer with his wife Kayte, Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett, Dave Grohl, Richard Kind, Lisa Rinna with Harry Hamlin, and more!

ryan seacrest shayna taylor casamigos halloween 01
ryan seacrest shayna taylor casamigos halloween 02
ryan seacrest shayna taylor casamigos halloween 03
ryan seacrest shayna taylor casamigos halloween 04
ryan seacrest shayna taylor casamigos halloween 05

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'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst Reacts to Controversial Episode, Praises Zeke Smith's Compassion & Strength

Host Jeff Probst took to Twitter after tonight’s controversial episode of Survivor.

Contestant Zeke Smith was outed as transgender by fellow tribe member Jeff Varner during tribal council, which rightfully had the rest of the tribe – and the Internet – in an uproar.

“I am reading all of your reactions to tonight’s #survivor tribal council. @zekerchief has been an amazing partner through all of this,” Jeff tweeted after the airing. “@zekerchief Zeke’s ability to remain composed, strong and yet still compassionate, despite the very vulnerable situation was exemplary.”

He added, “@survivorcbs our hope is that this emotional and powerful conversation will bring awareness and understanding…and ultimately effect change.”

Zeke himself also took to social media.

“We cannot control the hazards we face, we can only control how we respond. Love each other. #Survivor #Zekevivor,” Zeke tweeted. “To learn how to be a better ally to trans people, click the link below. *Spoiler alert* Don’t out people.”

WHAT DID YOU THINK of tonight’s episode?

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Former 'Survivor' Players Celebrate Show's 500th Episode

Tonight’s Survivor: Game Changers premiere also marks the show’s 500th episode!

The CBS competition series has been airing for 17 years now and still going strong 34 seasons in.

“It’s monumental to us on the creative side because we’re proud. We have spent a lot of our time in the jungle,” host Jeff Probst told THR about the milestone. “Whether you like Survivor or not, we like it. We’re really proud that we’ve done what we think is a really good television show, going on two decades now.”

Many former players have taken to social media to share some of their favorite moments from the show. Watch below!

Some of those include Phillipines’ Malcolm Freberg, Caramoan winner John Cochran, Cagayan villain Kass McQuillen, San Juan Del Sur’s Reed Kelly, Kaôh Rōng’s Nick Maiorano, Africa winner Ethan Zohn, Vanuatu jury queen Eliza Orlins, Millenials v Gen X favorite David Wright, Gabon’s Corinne Kaplan, and of course, All-Star lovebirds Boston Rob and Amber.

Survivor premieres TONIGHT, March 8 @ 8PM on CBS.

Click inside to see more Survivor 500 tweets from former players…More Here! »

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survivor season 24 game changers 05

Jeff Probst's 'Survivor' Audition Tape Is a Must-Watch!

You have to see this cringeworthy demo reel that Jeff Probst submitted as his audition for the Survivor hosting gig back in 1999!

“If I looked back, I’d be humiliated. But at the time, I was super proud of it,” Jeff told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Jeff also said the reason he probably got the gig was because he lied to producer Mark Burnett. “They say, ‘Hey, can you ride a horse?’ ‘Yeah!’ ‘Can you fly a plane?’ ‘Of course!’”

The new season of Survivor: Game Changers, premieres this coming Wednesday on CBS.

Survivor's Jeff Probst Reveals Shocking New Rule for 'Game Changers'!

Jeff Probst just revealed a huge new rule for season 34 of Survivor: Game Changers.

“The biggest change we’re doing this season is if there’s a tie at Tribal Council, there will not be a revote,” Jeff told Parade. “There will not be a chance for people to change their votes. You go directly to the tiebreaker, which is openly discussing among yourselves who you want to get rid of. If you can come to a unanimous decision, then that person goes home. If you can’t get a unanimous decision, everybody draws rocks.”

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Also, a new clip has been revealed which shows the contestants reacting to the rule change. Watch below…

jeff probst survivor game changers 01
jeff probst survivor game changers 02
jeff probst survivor game changers 03
jeff probst survivor game changers 04
jeff probst survivor game changers 05