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Jimmy Kimmel Gives an Emotional Monologue on George Floyd & Riots in Minneapolis

Jimmy Kimmel ended his week of shows on Jimmy Kimmel Live by delivering an emotional monologue on the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter riots happening in Minneapolis.

The talk show host opened the monologue by discussing the facts of the story and then talked about the unrest happening in the country.

“Unfortunately, this is the loop we get stuck in: It goes from ‘it isn’t right to kill an unarmed man’ to ‘it also isn’t right to loot and set fires and attack the police, too,’” he said. “Last night there were senseless acts of violence that were brought on by a senseless act of violence. And it just keeps going in a loop.”

Kimmel also addressed the tweet that Trump wrote in which he said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

“I especially want to pose this question to older people who have seen this before in this country, who have lived this nightmare of race riots already, in the ’60s and ’70s, ’80s, now,” he said. “Is this who you want leading us? A president who clearly and intentionally inflames violence in the middle of a riot to show how tough he is? I don’t care what you are, right, left, Republican, Democrat, something else. Enough is enough. We’ve got to vote this guy out already.”

“And we need to work on this problem we have, this blatant double standard because when you stand in front of the flag, you put your hand on your heart and you pledge allegiance with ‘liberty and justice for all,’ we don’t have that, ‘for all.’ I mean, I have it, a lot of you have it, but it’s not for all,” he said.

Dakota Johnson Recalls Dispute With Her Neighbors on 'Kimmel' - Watch! (Video)

Dakota Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel are chatting over the fence!

The 30-year-old The High Note star had a conversation with the TV host for Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (May 29).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Dakota Johnson

During their catch-up, Dakota spoke about what she has been doing during quarantine, and where Jimmy ranks among the neighbors that she has had.

She also referenced the dispute she had with her neighbors, who had her truck towed.

“They had your grandfather’s truck towed, and now you’re renting a garage,” Jimmy noted.

“They never owned up to it. Do you remember that night? That was nuts. I lost my mind,” Dakota laughed.

“They did tell me that it was them,” Jimmy revealed.

“Did they say that they saw the show? Oh my God,” Dakota said.

She also talked about friends who overstay their welcome, and her grandmother Tippi Hedren.

FYI: Dakota Johnson is wearing a SS2020 Cong Tri Bubble Dress.

Watch Dakota Johnson‘s appearance…

Neighbors Jimmy Kimmel & Dakota Johnson Chat Over the Fence

Adam Sandler's Daughter Sunny Crashes His 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Interview - Watch!

Adam Sandler wasn’t the only guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night (May 11) – his daughter Sunny was too!

The 11-year-old daughter of Adam and his wife Jackie popped up next to her dad at the start of the interview, and the two told a story about how she helped him with his appearance just ahead of the show.

“I had a hair coming out of my ear apparently and Sunny told me about it, and she said I look goofy, so I went and shaved it,” Adam explained. “I took the razor I usually shave with and I went like this and then I came downstairs and said, ‘How’s that, Sunny?’ And she said, ‘You’re bleeding.’”

Sunny proceeded to tell Jimmy what it actually looked like at the back of his head: “So, it’s, like—it’s bloody and then there’s a big gut.”

“She says there’s apparently a gut coming off my ear,” Adam chimed in again, before showing Jimmy the dot of blood on a paper towel. “So, you can see there’s a little blood.”

Adam also opened up about quarantine, his movie Uncut Gems coming to Netflix, and more in the interview.

Check it out below:

Courteney Cox & Jimmy Kimmel Surprise Mother-Daughter Healthcare Workers in a Heartwarming Video - Watch!

Courteney Cox is helping to raise spirits amid the pandemic.

The Friends alum made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (May 7).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Courteney Cox

During the appearance, Courteney and Jimmy pulled out a surprise for mother-daughter healthcare workers Uchenna and Ona who came from Nebraska to New York to help in the health crisis.

“We know you’re busy saving lives but we also heard that you had never experienced New York pizza, is that right?” Courteney asked. Jimmy revealed that he ordered 100 pizzas from F&F pizzeria in Brooklyn to treat Uchenna, Ona and the entire nursing staff.

“Now, on the pizza you will see, in pepperoni, we’ve written ‘10K.’ That’s because our friends at Mary Kay wanted to thank you for your work and your courage, so they’re giving you each $10,000 to spend however you like and they’re also sending Mary Kay skincare gift boxes and hand sanitizers to the other hardworking nurses there with you,” Jimmy added.

The two tearfully thanked Courteney and Jimmy, and even fit in a hilarious Friends reference: “Thank you, Monica!”

It was recently revealed that Courteney is quarantining separately from her longtime love.

Watch the emotional video…

Mandy Moore Says She Gets Called 'Bigfoot' But Isn't Proud Of Her Size-10 Feet

Mandy Moore made an appearance on the latest at-home edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday. Here’s what the 36-year-old entertainer shared:

On supposed to being on tour right now: “My first time going on tour in 13 years! Since the world has shut down, the music industry has shut down. I’m sure there’s lots of tour busses that are just sitting, empty. We were supposed to be on the road but we’ve been here, quarantined for the last six weeks.”

On performing virtual concerts from home: “My husband Taylor [Goldsmith] is in my band. We wrote this whole record together, he plays on it and he was going to be on the road with me. So we decided once a week, he plays some of his music and I play some of my music. It’s been this catharsis at the end of the week and gives us something to work towards and look forward to.” (A few weeks ago, Mandy performed A Walk to Remember‘s “Only Hope” live for first time in over 16 years!)

On not being proud of having size-10 feet: “I found this bizarre, unofficial Mandy Moore book (while rummaging through old memorabilia). It’s an actual book that was for sale for $12.95 that someone wrote without me knowing about it but it has lots of fun facts. Like, this page here is ’10 Things We Love About Mandy,’ and the very first fact is ‘Mandy is proud of her big feet. She wears a size 10 shoe. They call her Big Foot but she doesn’t care, she thinks they’re cool feet.’ (laughs) I do have a size-10 foot, but I’m not proud of it!”

We love you Mandy, size-10 feet and all!

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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the Most Boring 'Bachelor' Contestant He's Ever Interviewed

Jimmy Kimmel revealed the most boring Bachelor contestant he has ever interviewed!

He made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, where Andy Cohen asked him the question.

“The most boring Bachelor contestant I’ve ever interviewed on the show,” he mused when asked the question. Jimmy then threw the question to his wife, asking, “Molly, what do you think? Molly says the soccer player.”

Well, if you’re a fan of The Bachelor, the “soccer player” is Juan Pablo Galavis, who was the leading man in the series back in 2013. Juan Pablo was actually involved in some public controversy recently.

Chris Hemsworth's Wife Elsa Pataky Accidentally Did This Before Quarantine - Watch! (Video)

Oops! Chris Hemsworth‘s wife Elsa Pataky over-prepared in advance!

The 36-year-old Thor actor called into Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (April 22).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Hemsworth

“My wife was ordering a box of toilet paper, like, three months ago and thought it was 15 rolls and ordered 15 boxes. So, unintentionally, we’re stocked. We can bootleg this stuff if need be, but we have 15 boxes of toilet paper there,” he amusingly revealed.

He also showed off his iconic Thor prop hammer, which Jimmy joked about.

“You know what would be fun? If you stand that thing up and put some of your many rolls of toilet paper on it. You can use that as a pretty nifty toilet paper holder,” Jimmy said.

He also opened up about Thor 4, and said this about the upcoming movie.

Watch Chris Hemsworth‘s interview…