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TLC's 'Honey Do' Men Go Shirtless in Exclusive Photos!

Meet the hunky men of TLC’s new series Honey Do, who posed shirtless in these new photos provided exclusively to

The guys – Jonathan Waud, Kevin Peake, Ben Patterson, and Dan Vickery – star in the two-part special that features a dream team of handy men that come to the aid of one wife to tackle all of the unfinished home improvement projects her husband has been ignoring.

Each of the guys has a specialty. Jonathan is “the foreman,” Kevin is “the construction man,” Ben is “the painter,” and Dan is “the handyman,” and they each bring their tools and talents to fix what the husbands haven’t. In each episode, while the wife sits back and kicks her feet up for the day, the husband learns what it takes to be Mr. Fix It.

Make sure to catch the premiere of Honey Do on Monday (June 17) at 10/9c on TLC!

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Jonathan Waud is a Bello Magazine Man

British model Jonathan Waud (pronounced “Ward”) takes front and center on the cover of Bello Magazine, a lifestyle glossy for the modern man.

The 26-year-old former Make Me A Supermodel contestant was asked what sets him apart from other models. Jonathan answered, “I’ve worked with a bunch of models that have shown up late, hungover, complaining about the rate, etc. I have a small handyman company in L.A. where I’ll work twice as hard for half the money of modeling. So I guess something that sets me apart is I’m beyond appreciative to be able to model. I don’t take anything for granted and am thankful for the lifestyle it provides.”

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Jonathan Waud Photo Gallery

Jonathan Waud Joins NO H8 Campaign

Check out this sexy new shot of Make Me A Supermodel alum Jonathan Waud promoting the NOH8 campaign, which seeks to overturn the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the ban on same-sex unions.

“I think marriage is a beautiful expression of love between two people so how could anyone wish to limit that,” the 26-year-old British model tells “I feel anyone should have the right to get married. Gay/straight should never be a point of consideration, it should simply be based on the love between two people. It sounds cheesy I know but how could anyone have a negative view of two people wanting to unite themselves for life. NOH8 helps give people a voice to show their support.”

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Jonathan Waud Interview -- Exclusive

Jonathan Waud was the second runner-up on the latest season of Bravo’s reality competition, Make Me A Supermodel, but many thought he should have been crowned the winner after being voted the show’s Fan Favorite on sat down with the 26-year-old British model, who opened up about social networking, his admiration for Halle Berry‘s boyfriend and his life beyond modeling. Check it:

How did you and your wife first meet? How did you propose? I was with a friend of mine at the Grove in L.A. and saw this beautiful girl walk into Coffee Bean. Sounds very stalkerish, I know, but I followed her in– even though I don’t drink coffee, or didn’t then- and somehow started talking to her. It was the first time I drank coffee and the first time I fell truly in love.

I proposed six months later to the day of our first date, filled our apartment with roses and proposed over a candlelit dinner. Funny, the ring cost $300, which was a lot for me then and didn’t even come with a box. I looked everywhere for ring boxes but they all seemed really plain so I found a beautiful mother of pearl jewelry box and placed the ring inside it. She still has that box and takes it with us when we travel.

As a model, looks are so important. What would you do if your son was struggling with body images issues? I think as a parent it is most important to instill a sense of self in your child. My son Jude is such a brilliant and happy baby. It’s really difficult to realize that as he gets older and goes to school he might have body issues. When I was in school I had braces and my skin was far from perfect and I was self conscious. As you get older and more comfortable in your own skin you learn to appreciate all the little things that make you who you are. The modeling industry has the potential to be damaging because it all comes down to someone else’s opinion of you. You have to be confident in yourself, otherwise every time you don’t get picked for a job, you will question yourself. I think Jude will be a confident person no matter what he looks like because he is so loved and will be raised to explore all his potential.

Are there other male models in the industry that you look up to? I am — Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry’s boyfriend) is one of my favorite male models, he’s had such a great career and is still going strong so I would say he’s the one I most look up to.

Have you had any weird fan encounters yet? No weird ones, just a lot of really cool, fun people wanting photos, etc. I’ve been pretty active on Facebook and Twitter and have had a lot of fan interaction there. People have been so incredibly supportive and I really appreciate it.

Do you have any exciting campaigns or work coming up? I’ve done a bunch of underwear jobs for Undergear and 2xist. I hope the show will be a great launching pad for the future, I will definitely pursue modeling as it’s such a passion and I hope it won’t be too long before I’m in front of a television camera again.

You can follow Jonathan on Facebook or on Twitter @JonathanWaud.

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