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Jennifer Lopez Breaks Silence on Alex Rodriguez Cheating Rumor

If you don’t know, last month, Alex Rodriguez was accused of cheating on Jennifer Lopez by another former major league baseball player.

Jose Canseco made the allegation that Alex was cheating on JLo with his ex wife, Jessica Canseco.

“It doesn’t matter. I know what truth is. I know who he is. He knows who I am,” Jennifer said on Breakfast Club Power on 105.1 FM on Wednesday (April 10). “We’re just happy. We’re not going to let other people come out and tell us what our relationship is. I know what our relationship is.”

Jessica also denied the rumors a few days after the allegations came to light.

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Jose Canseco's Ex Clarifies That She Didn't Sleep with Alex Rodriguez Amid Jennifer Lopez Cheating Allegations

Earlier this week, former MLB player Jose Canseco made a big allegation that Alex Rodriguez, another former baseball star, was cheating on Jennifer Lopez with Jessica Canseco, Jose’s ex wife.

Now, Jessica is speaking out about the rumors and clarifying that they’re 100% untrue!

“Those false accusations Jose is making are not true!🖐🏻I have known Alex for many years and haven’t even seen him for over 5. I certainly did not sleep with him. I am friendly with both him and Jennifer. As for Jose he can keep playing with his Alien friends,” Jessica tweeted. “In fact I don’t even get on twitter had to download app again and don’t watch tv and had no idea any of this was going on. Last time I saw Alex he was with [ex girlfriend Torrie Wilson] and I brought my boyfriend over for dinner. We are just friends my god.”

Alex Rodriguez Accused of Cheating on Jennifer Lopez By Former MLB Player Jose Canseco

Former Major League Baseball outfielder and designated hitter Jose Canseco is accusing Alex Rodriguez, another former MLB player, of cheating on his new fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

Jose took to Twitter hours ago to make the allegation that Alex was having an affair with Jessica Canseco, his ex wife.

“Watching World of Dance watching J.Lo text Alex Rodriguez little does she know that he is cheating on her with my ex-wife Jessica poor girl she has no idea who he really is,” Jose posted on his Twitter account just one day after they announced their engagement. “I was there a few months back with her when he called her on her phone.”

He also added, “I am willing to take a polygraph to prove that what I’m saying about Alex Rodriguez is 100% accurate.”

There has been no confirmation of these allegations. See photos of Jessica Canseco in the gallery below.

Click inside to see every tweet from Jose Canseco concerning the allegations…More Here! »

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Gloria Estefan & More Celebs React to Fidel Castro's Death

The recent death of former Cuba President Fidel Castro has struck many people in different ways.

Singer Gloria Estefan, who was born in Havana and fled to the United Sates with her family as a result of the Cuban revolution, took to social media after news broke.

“Although the death of a human being is rarely cause for celebration, it is the symbolic death of the destructive ideologies that he espoused that, I believe, is filling the Cuban exile community with renewed hope and a relief that has been long in coming,” Gloria wrote on Instagram. “And although the grip of Castro‘s regime will not loosen overnight, the demise of a leader that oversaw the annihilation of those with an opposing view, the indiscriminate jailing of innocents, the separation of families, the censure of his people’s freedom to speak, state sanctioned terrorism and the economic destruction of a once thriving & successful country, can only lead to positive change for the Cuban people and our world.”

She continued, “May freedom continue to ring in the United States, my beautiful adopted country, and may the hope for freedom be inspired and renewed in the heart of every Cuban in my homeland and throughout the world.”

Meanwhile, former baseball player Jose Canseco, who was also born in Havana, reacted as well.

“I was born in Cuba and Fidel Castro was our leader. Came to the USA because of him,” Jose tweeted. “Can’t say I feel anything for his death. There is a reason many defected to USA”

In case you missed it, read Donald Trump‘s four-word reaction and President Obama‘s lengthy statement too.

Jose Canseco: Madonna Wanted To Have My Babies

Madonna is being hit with another curve ball.

Last week, Us Weekly insinuated that Madonna, 49, had been cheating on husband Guy Ritchie with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. The mag’s latest issue delves into Madge pursing other athletes, namely former Oakland A and onetime Yankee Jose Canseco in 1991.

Canseco was married at the time and first talked about the incident in his 2008 biography Vindicated. Here are some samples from US Weekly‘s latest interview with Canseco, now 44.

What can you tell us about your relationship with Madonna? She was interested but you were not, correct? Well it’s in the book. We were not intimate. I was married at the time. I was interested in my wife.

Where did she approach you? Where was the first time you met? How did it happen? At her house I think it was in the Hollywood Hills. Our people set it up. Her people approached me saying she was interested in meeting me. She had a Cuban child and wanted another one. She wanted to get married and have a child with me.

That was her intention to have a child with you? Yeah, I’m Cuban and she wanted a Cuban child.

So she was interested in your genes. Yeah, I’m Cuban 6-foot-3, athletic, built.

Check out the full interview at Us Weekly.