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7-Piece Band Juice Debuts New Song 'Peace of Mind' (Exclusive)

The Boston-based seven-piece boy band Juice is getting ready to debut a new EP and we’re exclusively premiering the first song off the upcoming release!

“Peace of Mind,” with lead vocals from Ben Stevens, will be featured on you are simply magnificent. The EP will drop on August 23. The up-and-coming band is one to watch, so make sure to keep them on your radar!

The band also features Rami El-Abidin on bass, Daniel Moss on guitar, Miles Clyatt on drums, Christian Rose on violin and vocals, Michael Ricciardulli on guitar, and Kamau Burton on acoustic guitar and vocals.

“’Peace of Mind’ is a ballad born of insecurity,” the band told in a statement. “It’s upbeat, quasi-dreamlike quality is representative of our narrators’ resistance to accept, and desire to reconnect. Time drew the pen nearer to the paper. Dreams betray. Love takes tolls; but it’s worth living for.”

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