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Pamela Anderson Discusses Relationship with Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson is opening up about her relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The 49-year-old former Baywatch actress said that she has a “challenging” relationship with Julian, 45, but would not say if they are romantically involved.

Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic struggle – I love him for this,” Pam said in an interview with People. “I understand that our ‘affair’ and the curiosity surrounding that might bring some attention to his situation. That’s fine, but I’d rather not go into private details. Let’s just say everyone deserves love.”

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Pamela Anderson Opens Up About Julian Assange Romance Rumors

Pamela Anderson has not been shy about her admiration for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

In fact, the 49-year-old model and actress has been penning poems for Julian on her website and even visited him in London at the Ecuadorian embassy.

“My relationship with Julian - It’s no secret, He is one of my favorite people – and He might be the most famous, most politicized refugee of our time,” Pamela wrote.

She later added, “Julian is trying to / Free the world by educating it. / It is a romantic struggle – I love him for this.”

After writing the post, Pamela was asked if she was dating Julian on a Swedish TV show but she remained coy.

“Well, he’s imprisoned, that would make it a little bit difficult. Let’s see what happens when he’s free. But you know I spend probably more time with him than any other man socially, which is very odd,” she explained.

Barack Obama Cuts Chelsea Manning's Sentence Short

Barack Obama is cutting Chelsea Manning‘s prison sentence short, the White House just announced.

The 29-year-old former Army intelligence was convicted of leaking classified information to WikiLeaks and has served seven years of a 35-year sentence, the longest punishment ever in the U.S. for a leaks conviction.

Chelsea, who is a transgendered woman, has attempted suicide twice while in a male prison but will be released on May 17th.

The news comes just a week after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange agreed to extradite to the U.S. if Chelsea was freed.

Julian currently remains in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and it is not clear if a deal has been struck.

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Writes to Benedict Cumberbatch - Read Full Letter!

A new letter that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange wrote to Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays him in the film The Fifth Estate, has just been revealed to the public.

“I believe you are a good person, but I do not believe that this film is a good film,” the 42-year-old year old founder wrote to the 37-year-old actor. “I believe that you should reconsider your involvement in this enterprise…feature films are the most powerful and insidious shapers of public perception, because they fly under the radar of conscious exclusion.”

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