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K-Pop Stars Jihyo of TWICE & Kang Daniel Split After a Year of Dating

Jihyo and Kang Daniel are no longer together.

The 23-year-old TWICE girl group member and the 23-year-old South Korean singer parted ways after over a year of dating, as confirmed by a statement from JYP Entertainment on Tuesday (November 10).

“It is true that they broke up recently,” the agency confirmed in a statement.

According to Korean media outlet Dispatch, the two broke up after being unable to meet often due to their busy schedules. According to their sources, the K-Pop couple decided to focus on their careers instead of making the relationship work.

The two were first confirmed to be a couple back in August of 2019.

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Editor Speaks Out After Red Velvet Member Irene Apologizes for Her Alleged Behavior

The editor and stylist who accused Red Velvet‘s Irene of mean behavior is now speaking out again.

After the 29-year-old girl group member issued an apology for her actions, the editor who accused Irene of words like “electric needles” spoke out again in a lengthy post on Instagram Story to clarify some details.

In the post, she referred to Irene as “C” and her agency, SM Entertainment (which also issued an apology statement), as “B Company.”

“I’ve already been hurt and I won’t ever forget the pain. However, I wanted a direct apology from C in order to protect my dignity as a human being, and I met C together with people in charge from B Company. It took some coordination and time for yesterday’s meeting to happen,” the editor said.

“After I first uploaded my post, I didn’t take any action because I also needed to make rational and wise decisions in every moment in preparation for this situation. The biggest reason was that I didn’t want to create a larger misunderstanding, and I didn’t want to add fire to the rampant speculation and chaos. I thought that there was no need to take rash action because immediately after the incident, I received an apology from someone from B Company who had hired me and the managers who had been there, and they acknowledged her wrongdoing,” they continued.

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Red Velvet's Irene Issues Apology After Accusations About Her Behavior

Red Velvet‘s Irene is apologizing.

The 29-year-old girl group member posted an apology following a since-deleted Instagram post by an editor and stylist, which described a rude encounter with a celebrity that left her in tears.

The stylist wrote that she was left speechless by the star’s words, described as “electric needles,” who apparently had a reputation from what she had heard from others: “It was over 20 minutes that felt like hell in that unfamiliar room…even when I thought about it for a while, I couldn’t understand her actions. After I collected myself, I wanted to talk to her properly, person to person, and receive an apology. However, she just disappeared. I recorded it in case something might happen. I should take action toward her,” she wrote.

The post also included the hashtags “#psycho” and “#monster,” which are also the names of Red Velvet and sub-unit Irene & Seulgi songs, leading fans to speculate it was about Irene.

Irene later wrote a note on her Instagram.

“This is Irene. I am sincerely sorry for hurting the stylist with my foolish attitude and careless words and actions. Getting to this spot involved help from many people who worked together with me, but my immature actions caused great hurt and I regret that and am reflecting. I’ve been looking back on the past because of this, and I’ve felt very embarrassed because of my lacking words and actions and I once again feel how precious the staff are. I will be more cautious about my actions in the future so that this does not happen again. I am sincerely sorry to the fans who support me and to everyone who has been caused concern because of this,” she said.

SM Entertainment, her agency, also released a statement.

“This is SM Entertainment. We are conveying our statement about the stylist’s online post regarding Irene. Irene personally met with the stylist this afternoon and sincerely apologized for deeply hurting her with her careless attitude and emotional words and actions, and she feels sorry for causing concern with her immaturity. Our agency feels responsibility for this incident, and we do not forget the hard work of all the representatives and staff who work together with our company and our artists. We will work hard so that this does not happen again to the people we work with. We once again apologize for causing concern to many people.”

Irene and member Seulgi released several songs over the summer, including hit “Monster.”

TWICE Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary With Special 'WITH' Event - Watch the Livestream!

TWICE is celebrating!

The South Korean girl group rang in the fifth anniversary of their debut with a special 5th Anniversary Live “WITH” event on Monday (October 19).

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The event is being livestreamed for free via V LIVE and YouTube starting at 9:20 a.m. ET, just one week ahead of their October 26 album release for Eyes wide open, featuring lead single “I Can’t Stop Me.”

“One in a million! Hi, we are TWICE! We appreciate ONCE so much and are thankful that they are beside us through everything. The last five years have been so much fun! We look forward to continuing to build memories forever. We’re so excited to see your reaction to our upcoming full album and title track ‘I CAN’T STOP ME.’ Can’t wait for you to hear them! Happy 5th Anniversary! We love you and are thankful for you,” TWICE said to fans in an exclusive statement to Just Jared.

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BLACKPINK to Edit Out Scene From 'Lovesick Girls' Music Video Amid Controversy

YG Entertainment is editing the new BLACKPINK video amid controversy.

Following criticism online for member Jennie‘s nurse outfit in one scene of their new “Lovesick Girls” music video, the K-pop girl group’s agency announced Wednesday (October 7) that the scene is being edited out.

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YG Entertainment issued a statement: “We have ultimately decided to delete all scenes involving the nurse outfit in BLACKPINK‘s ‘Lovesick Girls’ MV, and we plan on replacing the MV with the edited version as soon as possible. We will take this opportunity to deeply reflect on the heavy responsibilities laid out before us through this issue, caused due to the fact that we were unable to predict the rise of such a controversy within the length of the MV’s production as there was no external intention whatsoever. We would like to deeply apologize to nurses who felt discomfort from this issue. And once again, we deliver our sincerest feelings of respect toward all healthcare workers devoting themselves to the wellbeing of our nation. Thank you.”

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BLACKPINK Agency YG Entertainment Reacts to Criticism of Jennie's Nurse Outfit in 'Lovesick Girls' Music Video

BLACKPINK‘s agency YG Entertainment is speaking out.

Following the premiere of the group’s music video for their new song “Lovesick Girls,” discussion erupted online regarding member Jennie‘s nurse outfit in the clip, with some critics claiming that it contributed to stereotypes of nurses, including the Korean Health and Medical Worker’s Union.

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“The cap, tight and short skirt, and high heels are completely different from an actual nurse uniform. The outfit and portrayal directly imitate the typical sexual stereotype and excuse it as a simple ‘costume,’” their statement read.

YG Entertainment reacted to this criticism with their own statement.

“First, we express our deep respect to the nurses who are always staying by the patients’ sides and fighting in the frontlines. ‘Lovesick Girls’ is a song that raises the question of why we continue to find love when we are hurt by it while also conveying a hopeful message. In the ‘Lovesick Girls’ music video, the scene with the nurse and the patient reflects the lyrics, ‘No doctor could help when I’m lovesick.’ There was no specific intention to it, but we are concerned about the distorted views,” they said.

“We ask that you think of music videos as an independent genre of art, and we would appreciate it if you could understand that each scene was made with no other intention than to express the music. The production team is currently deliberating and discussing whether the scene should be edited out.”

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BLACKPINK Returns With 'Lovesick Girls' - Read the Lyrics & English Translation!

BLACKPINK‘s back in our area!

The hugely popular South Korean girl group returned on Friday (October 2) with the music video for “Lovesick Girls,” the title track from their album The Album, also released on the same day.

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The track was co-penned by members Jennie and Jisoo, and includes production by David Guetta.

“We were born to be alone, but why we still looking for love?” they chant on the catchy track.

Their debut album features some huge collaborations, including a song with Cardi B. Listen to it here!

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