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Kate Beckinsale Spills the Advice She Gave to Her Daughter About Body Image

Kate Beckinsale is sharing the advice she gave to her daughter Lily about society’s beauty standards.

The 44-year-old actress says she pulled some important advice from Susan Faludi‘s book Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women.

“There’s a moment in that where she talks about how when, politically, women make big strides, it seems to always happen that the fashion becomes very completely unattainable body type. And it’s this sort of unconscious way of controlling women to distract them into a kind of self-loathing,” Kate explained while making an appearance on Chelsea.

She added, “You get the vote, but it means either you can’t have any boobs because you have to be a flapper, that kind of thing…Now you’re supposed to have kind of a ridiculous a** and ridiculous boobs and a tiny waist and everything else. And meanwhile a lot of political s**t is happening that maybe we can’t have abortions anymore or that sort of thing.”

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Kate Beckinsale's Daughter Has an Unexpected Celebrity Crush!

Kate Beckinsale‘s daughter has a crush on someone you wouldn’t expect!

The 44-year-old actress made the surprising reveal while making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday (August 1).

Kate explained that her 18-year-old daughter Lily has a crush on Jimmy!

“‘You know how [teenagers] have crushes on like Justin Bieber and things like that? She’s got one on you,” Kate told Jimmy.

She continued, “Obviously, it’s a little bit of a tricky situation, because my daughter’s dad [Michael Sheen] is dating Jimmy‘s ex-girlfriend [Sarah Silverman] – it’s very twisted. It’s a sort of horrible, Human Centipede-y vibe in our house. Anyway, I think you should be pleased. She’s very attractive. She’s out of your league! I just want you to know that.”

Check out all that Kate had to say in the video below…

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Kate Beckinsale's Alleged Stalker Arrested at Florida Comic-Con

Kate Beckinsale almost had a scary encounter with a fan in Florida over the weekend.

Before her appearance at the Tampa Bay Comic-Con on Saturday (July 29), a man was arrested on suspicion of stalking the 44-year-old actress.

Terry Lee Repp of Iowa has a “has a history of following and harassing [Beckinsale] and came to Tampa in an effort to continue the harassing behavior,” Tampa police said in a statement in connection with the arrest via E! News.

After the arrest, Kate postponed her appearance, but did eventually show up later in the day where she appeared in good spirits as she met with fans while being guarded by security.

Repp made physical contact with the victim during an event in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2016. During this encounter, Repp touched the victim’s back and made a statement to the victim in reference to stabbing her,” the police continued in their statement. “In a continuing effort to harass the victim, Repp also traveled to Houston, Texas in 2016, where [Beckinsale] was attending an event. Repp was detained by the Houston Police Department and trespassed from the event. Repp appears to have an irrational obsession with [Beckinsale] and has traveled across the country in an effort to harass her. Repp‘s actions caused the victim substantial emotional distress and caused her to fear for her safety.”

Kate Beckinsale & Matt Rife Have Some Hilarious Cat Problems!

Kate Beckinsale looked stunning in a semi-sheer top while heading out this weekend.

The 43-year-old The Only Living Boy in New York actress was spotted shielding her face from the sun on Sunday (July 16) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Beckinsale and Matt Rife

She reportedly hopped in a limo that took her to the gym for a session at Gunners BootCamp in West Hollywood.

That same night, Kate took to Instagram to share a hilarious video of her cat laying underneath her covers.

“Having a little chat about boundaries,” she captioned it. Check it out below!

Her new boyfriend Matt Rife also posted an Instagram photo of himself and his cat this week, along with a funny story he shared with fans.

“My guuuyyy 🐾 he sneezed in my face and kicked at me right after I attempted to kiss his nose. #Life #DePoker,” Matt wrote.

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Kate Beckinsale Debuts New Poster For 'The Only Living Boy in New York'

Kate Beckinsale‘s upcoming film The Only Living Boy in New York just unveiled a new poster!

The 43-year-old actress got up close with her co-star Callum Turner in the steamy poster for the flick.

The film follows a recent college graduate as his life is upended when he begins to fall for his father’s mistress and seeks guidance from his eccentric neighbor.

The Only Living Boy in New York also stars Pierce Brosnan, Cynthia Nixon, Kiersey Clemons and Jeff Bridges.

Make sure to watch the trailer for the film.

Check out the new poster below…

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