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'Fashion Police' Put on Hiatus, Upcoming Episodes Scrapped

Fashion Police is being put on hiatus by E! and the three upcoming episodes that were scheduled to shoot in the spring are being scrapped.

The delay will give the show’s team time to recast the positions vacated by Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne, as well as reboot the franchise, according to THR.

“With the benefit of hindsight, we definitely brought it back too soon,” NBCUniversal Lifestyle Networks Group president Frances Berwick said.

“There’s a lot that’s frivolous about the whole Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe parade, and then at the heart of it, there’s some great, creative work,” Frances added. “E! is not a network that takes itself seriously.”

Here is the network’s official statement: “E!’s comedy series Fashion Police is going on hiatus and will return in September. We look forward to taking this opportunity to refresh the show before the next awards season. Our talented co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski, along with Executive Producer Melissa Rivers, will continue their roles as we evolve the show into its next chapter for the legions of “Fashion Police” fans around the world.”

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Kathy Griffin Opens Up About Her 'Fashion Police' Exit

Kathy Griffin steps out in New York City after making an appearance on The View to discuss her Fashion Police exit on Monday (March 16).

“I did a statement because I felt like Fashion Police just wasn’t the thing for me. My style is improvisational and off the cuff, and they have a formula that worked so well with Joan [Rivers], and so well for so long, and it just didn’t fit my thing. And after a while, I kind of felt like I was being forced to comment about pictures of beautiful women in perfect dresses, and say kind of bad things. … As a feminist and a comic, it just didn’t feel like the right fit for me,” Kathy said. “It’s a little different than what felt to me sort of like a dog-pile. I was hoping we could talk about the events themselves and the shows, so I didn’t want to say that Meryl Streep didn’t look great, because she looked great. So sometimes it felt disingenuous to me. … But certainly, in my repertoire, I’ve said heinous things — I’m well aware of that, trust me!”

Kathy also mentioned that Lena Dunham wrote her original statement to announce she quit. “I was going up against a big corporation, and I’m scared and I’m nervous… it’s a male-dominated industry.”

Kathy also went on Howard Stern‘s show that day as well. Listen to the interview below..

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Kathy Griffin Emailed Celebs to Support Her 'Fashion Police' Exit

Kathy Griffin revealed last night that she has decided to quit Fashion Police after just seven episodes and now an email she sent to celeb friends after her announcement has been released.

The comedian reached out to her celeb pals asking them to publicly support her decision if they felt comfortable doing so.

“Here’s why I need you…” Kathy wrote in the email obtained by BuzzFeed. “I went live with the following statement on my social media platforms this evening. I’m reaching out to you because I think you will understand why I have made this decision and I am asking for your support via Twitter, etc. IF you are comfortable. I admire you & your work and hope that you can stand by me. Once again, IF you are comfortable. Oh, and I am nervous and scared about this…in case you’re wondering :wink:”

A bunch of celebs like Kelly Osbourne, Chelsea Handler, and more have already tweeted out their support.

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Kelly Osbourne Reacts to Kathy Griffin Quitting 'Fashion Police'

Kelly Osbourne is totally supporting her pal Kathy Griffin for quitting their show Fashion Police just two weeks after she left the panel as well.

“I could not be more proud of you @kathygriffin you have my love and support always!” the 30-year-old television personality tweeted.

Kathy said in a lengthy statement that the creative direction of the show did not align with her style, so she decided to leave after just two months.

Other celebs who tweeted support for Kathy included Chelsea Handler, Rosie O’Donnell, Jane Lynch, Josh Groban, Aubrey Plaza, and more.

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E's 'Fashion Police' Will Continue Following Kathy Griffin's Exit

E’s Fashion Police will go on following Kathy Griffin‘s departure from the show, the network confirms to

“We can confirm that Kathy Griffin is leaving E!’s Fashion Police,” the statement read. “We wish her all the best and are grateful for her time on the show, as well as the many laughs that she gave us all. Fashion Police will return, as scheduled, on Monday, March 30, at 9 p.m. with our talented co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski, and executive producer Melissa Rivers.”

It continued, “No further information is available at this time.”

Kathy took to Twitter to confirm her exit following the controversy surrounding Giuliana‘s comments about Zendaya during the 2015 Oscars show.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that the Fashion Police will continue?

Kathy Griffin is Leaving E's 'Fashion Police' After Kelly Osbourne Exits Following Zendaya Controversy

Kathy Griffin has decided to leave Fashion Police due to creative differences.

The 54-year-old comedian took to Twitter to explain why her style doesn’t fit with the show.

“After seven episodes of Fashion Police, I discovered that my style does not fit with the creative direction of the show and now it’s time to move on,” Kathy wrote.

This of course comes after her co-host Kelly Osbourne decided to exit amid the controversy surrounding Giuliana Rancic‘s comments about Zendaya during the 2015 Oscars show.

Check out her full statement below:

Kathy Griffin Breaks Her Silence on Giuliana Rancic/Zendaya Controversy

Kathy Griffin has broken her silence on the Fashion Police controversy where Giuliana Rancic made distasteful comments about Zendaya‘s hair which came under fire.

Kathy was asked if she would be under fire if she made the same joke, to which she replied, “Probably not. But I wouldn’t have said the joke in the first place. Some dude wrote it for her.”

“Don’t have anyone write you jokes or even suggest jokes for you on ‘Fashion Police.’ You have enough great insider gossip from actually being ON the red carpet. That’s what fans want to hear the next day. Just talk and be yourself,” Kathy said about the advice she gave Giuliana. “Here’s the best I can give you: I will make my Miley Cyrus jokes as long as people want to laugh at them…but there is a chasm of difference between making a joke about Miley Cyrus wearing duct tape over her nipples out in public (which I think is totally fair game) and simply looking at a photo of her on a red carpet and saying she is ugly or a bad singer or pathetic or something like that.”

She also addressed if Kelly Osbourne‘s exit had anything to do with Giuliana‘s comments.

“Jesus, I don’t know! Sometimes she seemed very upset at the merely seven tapings of ‘Fashion Police’ we did together…I can tell you this: I adore that family. I’ve spent the most time with Sharon. She is the real deal. Love her! Kelly came to my house a couple of times when Joan was in the hospital and we were consoling each other. I can tell you there was genuine love there. Oh, and of course, Ozzy is amazing,” Kathy said.

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