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Kevin Hart Gets Back To Work on 'The Upside' with Bryan Cranston After 'SNL'!

Kevin Hart shares a laugh with his co-star Bryan Cranston while hanging out on set of their upcoming film The Upside on Sunday (December 17) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor and the 61-year-old actor made sure to keep warm in-between takes of the Neil Burger-directed flick.

The Upside, which also stars Nicole Kidman, Julianna Margulies and Aja Naomi King, follows the unexpected friendship between Phillip Lacasse (Bryan), a Park Avenue billionaire left paralyzed after a hang-gliding accident, and convicted felon Dell (Kevin), recently out of prison and in need of employment. They form an unlikely bond, bridging their differences and gaining invaluable wisdom in the process, giving each man a renewed sense of passion for all of life’s possibilities.

Over the weekend, Kevin hit the stage as the host of Saturday Night Live – Watch his opening monologue here!

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Kevin Hart's 'SNL' Monologue Sparks Controversy, Says Moms Aren't 'Fun'

Kevin Hart‘s opening monologue from his Saturday Night Live hosting gig has sparked some controversy.

The comedian spoke about gender roles and his views on the difference between moms and dads.

“You have to take your hat off, when it comes to dealing with kids, to the women. Women, I give you so much credit. Like, you guys do so much. I take my hat off to you. … But the one thing that you’re not, the one thing that you’re not, is fun,” Kevin said.

“The fun becomes the hardest job because the kid doesn’t know how to shut the fun off,” Kevin continued.

Twitter reacted to the monologue with criticism including, “Given the recent problematic specifics of Kevin Hart’s personal life, this would not have been the monologue direction I’d have taken. #SNL,” as well as, “2017 has seen incredible progress for women. Kevin Hart’s opening monologue belongs in 2016. Disappointed in @nbcsnl for a #sexist opening monologue #snl”

Kevin Hart Makes Spectacular 'Tonight Show' Entrance with Radio City Rockettes!

Kevin Hart made quite the entrance while making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night (December 14)!

The 38-year-old entertainer made his grand entrance with the Radio City Rockettes by his side before he sat down on the couch to chat with Jimmy about his new baby Kenzo‘s nicknames and his first photo shoot.

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Kevin also promoted his latest film Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle and talked about finishing his first New York City Marathon and the 59-year-old Florida man also named Kevin Hart who outperformed him and stole attention from fans during the run.

Kevin Hart Makes a Spectacular Tonight Show Entrance with Radio City Rockettes

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Kevin Hart Gets Candid About Cheating on His Wife: 'I'm Guilty'

Kevin Hart is opening up about his cheating scandal this year, where he was reportedly being extorted by a woman he engaged in sexual behavior with.

While making an appearance on the Power 105.1 FM show The Breakfast Club, he was asked about how he “got caught cheating in Vegas.”

“I’m guilty, regardless of how it happened and what was involved, the s”t that I can’t talk about, I’m guilty. I’m wrong. It’s beyond irresponsible. There’s no way around it. That’s Kevin Hart in his dumbest moment. That’s not the finest hour of my life. With that being said, you make your bed you lay in it,” Kevin said.

“You don’t plan to f” up,” Kevin continued. “You f” up, and then you go, ‘Oh s”, I f”” up’ … I’m gonna go home, I’m gonna address it, I’m gonna make my wife fully aware of what’s going on in the situation that I have now put us in and I’m hoping that she has a heart to where she can forgive me and understand that this is not going to be a reoccurring thing and allow me to recover from my f”” massive mistake. That’s what I’m trying to do not only as a man, but within teaching a lesson to my son.”

Kevin‘s wife, Eniko, gave birth to their son Kenzo last month.

Kevin Hart Discusses His Tough Year After Extortion Scandal

Kevin Hart hasn’t had an easy year and he’ll be the first to acknowledge it.

The 38-year-old actor opened up about his “touch year” while on the red carpet at the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle premiere this week. He was asked by Extra what he wants from Santa this year.

“Have I been naughty or nice? That’s definitely a tough question for Kevin Hart right now, it was a tough year for me,” Kevin replied.

“I had some bumps in the road,” he added. “But the good thing is you take great steps backwards to take great steps forward. So now, I’ve recovered from some not nice times and now what I basically want is for Santa to know that I’m doing good and I’m doing better. Just to know I’m good guy.”

Someone allegedly tried to extort Kevin with a video of him and another woman in a hotel room.