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Kris Allen: 'Thank You Camellia' Album Art Revealed!

Check out the artwork for Kris Allen‘s upcoming sophomore album, Thank You Camellia!

The 26-year-old American Idol winner co-wrote every song on the new album and was “integrally involved in the production aspect of the recording process,” according to a statement issued by his label RCA (via THR).

Earlier this week, Kris debuted the video for the first single off the new album, “The Vision of Love”. The music video does its part to tell kids to stop bullying each other.

Thank You Camellia hits stores on May 22!

Kris Allen – “The Vision of Love” Video

Kris Allen: Miami Dolphins Dude

Kris Allen performs on the Landshark Tailgate stage prior to the Miami Dolphins vs Cleveland Browns NFL game on Sunday (December 5) in Miami, Florida.

The 25-year-old American Idol winner performed “Live Like We’re Dying” on Friday during the Together For Care telethon to benefit the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Last month, Kris released a video called “Alright With Me,” which was a thank you to his fans.

10+ pictures inside of Kris Allen at the Miami Dolphins game…

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Kris Allen - 'The Truth' Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Kris Allen‘s new video for “The Truth.”

Train frontman Pat Monahan makes a cameo in the video. After all, he did write the song with its producer, Toby Gad.

The vid was shot in the middle of the Californian desert in 110 degree weather!

Kris is currently opening for the Maroon 5 tour.

You can follow Kris and Just Jared on Twitter @KrisAllen and @JaredEng!

Kris Allen – ‘The Truth’ Video Premiere!

Kris Allen: 'The Truth' Video Preview!

Kris Allen shoots his new music video for “The Truth” in the middle of the Californian desert.

But the weather wasn’t very cooperative!

“Apparently, in the desert, when it starts raining the ground just turns into mush,” the 25-year-old American Idol champ told MTV. “It started to monsoon, man! It was crazy. It was one of the biggest storms I’ve ever been in but it was almost kind of fun in a way. We were just standing outside, [but] I felt like we had just jumped in the pool.”

Thankfully, Kris and the crew resumed taping at a later date when the weather was nicer.

Kris is currently on tour supporting the Barenaked Ladies.

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Kris Allen Has Good Heart, Says Keith Urban

Kris Allen lands at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday (July 18).

The 25-year-old American Idol champ just returned from Bessemer, Alabama, where he performed a concert.

Kris tweeted, “Thanks Alabama Adventure [theme park] for hangin out in the rain for the show. You guys were a blast! See ya soon.”

Country superstar Keith Urban recently had some very kind things to say about Kris. Keith said, “We’ve done a few shows, and we have a couple more coming up. [Kris] is great! I love him. He’s just got a good, real singer-songwriter vibe about him, and he’s really finding his own way. He has a great voice and a good heart, and I like him immensely.” So nice!More Here! »

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Kris Allen: Shirtless Photos 'Upset' Him

Back in April, shirtless photos of Kris Allen vacationing at the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas popped up online.

“I was pretty upset. It was like, ‘Seriously?’” the 25-year-old American Idol vet told MTV. “I knew it was probably going to happen. We’re in Atlantis, which is not the most secret place in the world. And we were trying to have a good time. People weren’t bothering us, but apparently they were taking sneaky pictures and selling them to the tabloids. I don’t know what they got off them, but I would like a cut!”

“I’m so glad I didn’t make those photos,” Kris’ drummer, Ryland Steen, added. “I think just my elbow was in one of them.”

Hi, Ryland‘s elbow!

P.S. Why is MTV linking to TMZ? The pictures broke on!

Kris Allen: Shirtless No More!

Kris Allen gives a great big thumbs up as he makes his way around Washington D.C. for a slew of meetings on Wednesday (April 21).

The 24-year-old American Idol winner stopped off at the School Without Walls Senior High School.

Kris tweeted, “Thanks to the School Without Walls for lettin me jam with you. You guys are incredible.”

Later, Mr. Allen stopped off at Capitol Hill to meet with Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor (Kris is from Conway, Arkansas).More Here! »

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