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Lady Gaga Postpones 'Chromatica' Listening Session - Find Out Why

Lady Gaga is postponing her album playback.

The “Stupid Love” singer was meant to have a listening session for her new album, Chromatica, on Friday (May 29), but announced that it’s being postponed in light of current events, including the protests regarding the death of George Floyd and outcry regarding President Donald Trump inciting violence.

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“As much as I want to listen to Chromatica together as a global group of kindness punks right now, our kindness is needed for the world today. I’m going to postpone our listening session right now and encourage you all to take this time to register to vote and raise your voice,” she wrote.

“I’m so glad the album is bringing you some joy, because that’s what I always wanted it to do. We’ll reschedule this very soon.”

Find out how her fans are reacting to the new album…

Lady Gaga Fans React to Her New Album 'Chromatica'!

Lady Gaga just released her new album Chromatica, and her fans are OBSESSED!

Within minutes of the 33-year-old entertainer dropping her sixth studio album at midnight, Gaga‘s Little Monsters took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new music.

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“WOW!!! What a glorious, uplifting, and liberating masterpiece!!!!!! That was REALLY fucking fun! Thank you @ladygaga for continuing to share your magnificent light with the world! Love love love you! #Chromatica,” one fan tweeted.

Fans also think that this one song on the album might be about Gaga‘s ex-fiance Christian Carino.

Make sure you listen to Chromatica here!

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Lady Gaga's 'Alice' Lyrics Are Not About What Fans Originally Thought They'd Be

When Lady Gaga announced that she had a song called “Alice” on her album Chromatica, fans thought they knew what the song would be about.

If you didn’t know, Gaga‘s childhood dog was named Alice and she passed away back in 2013. The dog had to be put to sleep after a battle with cancer.

Well, a lot of fans were surprised to discover that the song actually is connected to the classic story Alice in Wonderland, not the late dog.

“My name isn’t Alice / But I’ll keep looking, I’ll keep looking for Wonderland,” Gaga sings on the new track. “I’m tired of screaming / At the top of my lungs / I’m in the hole, I’m falling down, down.”

You can listen to the new song below!

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Lady Gaga Explains What the '911' Lyrics Are About

Lady Gaga‘s fans are living for her new album Chromatica and “911″ is one of the songs that fans are loving!

The 34-year-old entertainer recently opened up about what the lyrics for the song are about while chatting with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe.

“I wrote a song on Chromatica called ’911,’ and it’s about an antipsychotic that I take, and it’s because I can’t always control things that my brain does, I know that. And I have to take medication to stop the process that occurs,” Gaga said in the interview.

“I can’t see me cry / Can’t see me cry ever again,” Gaga sings in the song, seemingly referencing the side effects from the medication. A known side effect is decreased emotional responses, which is why she wouldn’t be able to notice her sadness.

See which ex fans think Gaga is singing about on the album.

Listen to the song “911″ below!

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Lady Gaga's 'Fun Tonight' Lyrics Seem to Be About This Ex, According to Fans

Lady Gaga‘s brand new album Chromatica is out now and fans are of course analyzing the lyrics to the songs and trying to figure out who she’s singing about!

“Fun Tonight” is clearly a breakup song and fans think that Gaga wrote the song about her split from ex-fiance Christian Carino. They ended their engagement back in early 2019.

It was reported after the breakup that Christian was “jealous” of Gaga. A source had said, “He was trying to find her all the time and texted her a lot. Her friends didn’t like him either.”

In the lyrics to the song, Gaga sings about her ex’s obsession with fame.

“You love the paparazzi, love the fame / Even though you know it causes me pain / I feel like I’m in a prison hell,” she sings. “If I scream, you walk away / When I’m sad, you just wanna play/ I’ve had enough, why do I stay?

Gaga also talked about the song in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe.

“In the middle of the record, [there's] ‘Fun Tonight,’ which is a song that means a lot to me, and every time I listened to it, I get choked up because I can’t tell you how many nights that people that really love me were trying to get me to smile or laugh or be optimistic, and I just had no ability to be happy. It just wasn’t there. But then I write this music and I would listen back and I’d go, ‘Why is that so fun? Why is that so happy?’” she said.

Listen to the song below and read what fans are saying.

Read tweets below!

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lady gaga with christian carino fun tonight 01
lady gaga with christian carino fun tonight 02
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lady gaga with christian carino fun tonight 05

Lady Gaga's 'Chromatica' Album - Stream & Download Here!

Lady Gaga‘s highly anticipated sixth studio album Chromatica has finally arrived and you can listen to all of the songs here!

The album was originally scheduled to be released on April 10, but it was delayed due to coronavirus pandemic.

Chromatica is the follow-up to Gaga‘s fifth studio album Joanne, which was released back in 2016. The album features lead single “Stupid Love” and the new hit song “Rain On Me,” which features Ariana Grande.

Other artists featured on the album include Elton John and the K-Pop girl group Blackpink. There are 16 songs on the album and the special Target edition has an additional track, plus other versions of the two songs. (Here’s what Gaga said about the song “Sour Candy”)

You can download a digital copy of the album now on iTunes and there are special bundles available on Gaga‘s website.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new Lady Gaga album Chromatica?

Lady Gaga Opens Up About Working With BLACKPINK on 'Sour Candy'

Lady Gaga is talking BLACKPINK!

The “Stupid Love” singer talked about working with the “Kill This Love” superstar South Korean girl group on their song “Sour Candy” off of Gaga‘s album Chromatica during an interview with Japanese media outlet, TVgroove.

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“When I called out to them and asked if they wanted to sing a song with me, they were very happy and motivated. It was a really exciting collaboration. I wanted to celebrate them because I love powerful women like them and they also wanted to celebrate me. I had a great time together making this song,” she said, via English translation.

“I was excited to hear them interpret the song in Korean and told them that the part was so creative and fun. I was amazed to hear their singing voice. I was amazed to hear their singing voice. They are beautiful young women, really talented and I am proud to be the fifth member of BLACKPINK (on this song).”

If you haven’t yet, listen to “Sour Candy”!