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Troye Sivan & Lucky Blue Smith Face The Music on the Cover of 'V Magazine'

Troye Sivan, Taylor Hill, Lucky Blue Smith and Kacy Hill get provocative on the covers of V Magazine‘s Face The Music issue, on stands September 1.

Here’s what the four rising stars in music and modeling had to share with the mag:

Troye Sivan on his success: “The fact that everything is happening the way it is, it sends me into giggles. Like, the fact that I woke up last week and was like, ‘Oh, I just need to quickly fly across the country to do a photo shoot with Mario Testino and then fly back to play a show’ – I don’t know how else to process it but to laugh. Sometimes it feels like I’m in Zoolander. I went to the Billboard Awards, I was backstage, and Rihanna just casually walked by. I was like, What the fuck? Hilarious.”

Taylor Hill on not letting social media rule her life: “I’ve just learned to be myself. Social media is a huge part of my life, but I don’t post a steady rhythm of pictures. I don’t post at a certain time of day to get the most views. You learn to live your life with it.”

Lucky Blue Smith on his band, The Atomics: “Music for us was the biggest priority but modeling took off faster than we expected. So, that’s taken the lead for a little bit, but we’ve been writing and practicing the whole time.”

Kacy Hill on performing at Madison Square Garden: “I had a moment looking out at the audience. It was surreal. I realized how badly I want to be an artist and how badly I want people to feel the same way about my music. It was like, I really want this, for myself.”

You can meet Troye and Taylor during a signing at V Magazine in NYC on August 25 from 5 to 6 PM.

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Scott Eastwood Reflects on Life with Dad Clint

Scott Eastwood looks sexy in these brand new photo shoot pics from GQ Australia‘s September 2016 issue.

Here’s what the 30-year-old actor had to share:

On his dad Clint Eastwood: “As a younger kid there was kind of an aura of greatness. Like, he’s my hero. Now, I think every opportunity is an opportunity to hear another good story. The guy’s like a vault of stories. I try to pry as many stories as I can out of him. All of a sudden, you’ll get to a topic and you’ll be like, ‘Whoa, you and Frank Sinatra did what together?’ It’ll be stuff like that and you’re like, ‘Wait, stop, I need to hear this. You’re not going to be around forever, so…”

On his younger self: “I was learning f*cking lines behind the bar. Closing at like 3am, and then driving up to LA the next morning after five hours’ sleep. I’d totally burn an audition, not do well, and drive back home, bartending that night, doing it again over and over.”

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James Corden Gets Into Bed for 'Rolling Stone'

James Corden gets into bed on the cover of Rolling Stone‘s latest issue.

Here’s what the 38-year-old talk show host had to share:

On The Late Late Show‘s timeslot: “We make the show at 12:37 at night. We’re only in competition with people choosing to fall asleep or not. But on the Internet, it’s a completely level playing field.”

On the Obama family vs. Donald Trump: “The positivity of the Obamas as a family is undeniable. Can you imagine Donald Trump just walking these corridors? When something happens? Just a tornado.”

On being overweight as a child: “If you’re [fat] at school, you’re going to be a target. If you’re me, you go, ‘Right, I’m just going to make myself a bigger target.’ If you’re a bit funny, if you’re quicker than them, they won’t circle back on you again.”

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Renee Zellweger Talks Aging: 'Why Are We Talking About How Women Look?'

Renee Zellweger is carefree on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s new issue.

Here’s what the Bridget Jones’s Baby star had to share with the mag:

On aging: “I’ve never seen the maturation of a woman as a negative thing. I’ve never seen a woman stepping into her more powerful self as a negative…”But this conversation perpetuates the problem. Why are we talking about how women look? Why do we value beauty over contribution? We don’t seem to value beauty over contribution for men. It’s simply not a conversation.”

On Bridget Jones: “I love this character…Bridget makes imperfection all right.”

On Donald Trump: “The language that he uses perpetuates a particular way of communicating that standardizes cruelty and mean-spiritedness as a culture norm.”

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Aliana Lohan Opens Up About Growing Up in the Public Eye in 'Cosmo'

Aliana Lohan looks stunning in an over-sized hat in a snap from a photo shoot for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

Here’s what the 22-year-old model and singer had to share with the mag:

On the media’s portrayal of her family: “It’s just crazy how things can get out, and be twisted and completely fabricated. That was mind-blowing to me…Being born in a family that’s public, that’s just been my life. I’ve never gone out of my way for attention.”

On never getting involved in the party scene: “Never. Wasn’t for me. I’ve never done drugs or anything, thank God. I did not like that scene.”

On standing up to Jennifer Lawrence after she poked fun at Lindsay: “That was literally something that came over me where I was like, ‘You know what, that’s my sister. I gotta say something.’ At first, I was like, ‘Shit. Are people gonna jump on this?’ I’m like, ‘You know what? It’s OK.’ Because I just wanted her to know that you should stand up for other women, you should help people and not put them down, ever.”

On Buddhism and meditation being a big part of her life: “I’ve never done therapy in my entire life. Nothing against therapists. I think it’s extraordinary what they do for people. I just, I have a deep sense of faith and spirituality, so I think that’s my grounding.”

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Emily Ratajkowski Describes Why She Likes to Keep a Low Profile

Emily Ratajkowski stuns on the cover of C magazine’s latest issue.

Here’s what the 25-year-old model and actress had to share with the mag:

On being famous: “I keep a low profile. The worst feeling is when you’re at a restaurant and really feeling comfortable with your friends and then all of a sudden people are looking at you and taking your picture.”

On being enrolled at UCLA art school: “I was 18 and a lot more jobs were coming in because I always looked older. It was good, but there was this awkward phase where it was like, ‘Well, she looks like a 21-year-old with a full body and everything, but it’s weird to cast her when she’s 16.’ At 18, it was more comfortable…I felt like, ‘OK, I’m getting this art education but I could be making a lot of money.’”

On growing up a feminist: “I wasn’t aware that it was necessarily feminism that [my mom] was instilling in me, but, that’s definitely what it was, and that came very early in my life.”

FYI: Emily is wearing a Balmain top and skirt, Tiffany & Co. earrings and Vhernier rings on the cover.

For more from Emily, visit More Here! »

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Michelle Obama: I View Myself as 'The Average Woman'

Michelle Obama takes the cover of Variety magazine’s latest issue.

Here’s what the 52-year-old First Lady had to share with the mag:

On doing Carpool Karaoke: “First of all, I was riding in a car with someone else, without the Secret Service. So right there, [I was like], ‘Let’s keep driving!’ I think we drove around the South Lawn about 100 times.”

On being involved in pop culture: “What I have never been afraid of is to be a little silly, and you can engage people that way. My view is, first you get them to laugh, then you get them to listen. So I’m always game for a good joke, and I’m not so formal in this role that there’s very little that we can’t do that people won’t appreciate.”

On being the First Lady: “I view myself as being the average woman. While I am first lady, I wasn’t first lady my whole life. I’m a product of pop culture. I’m a consumer of pop culture, and I know what resonates with people. I know what they’ll get a chuckle out of and what they think is kind of silly. And whenever my team approaches me with ideas and concepts, we’re usually like, ‘Is this really funny? Are people going to understand it?’”

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