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Cole Sprouse Insists His Relationship with Lili Reinhart Is 'Not Something That We Hide'

Cole Sprouse is featured in GQ magazine’s March 2019 issue!

Here’s what the 26-year-old Riverdale star had to share with the mag…

On his relationship with Lili Reinhart: “It’s not something that we hide, or it’s not something that we show off. It’s just something that exists.”

On being a child actor: “Many of the jobs we were taking were the things that were keeping my small family afloat. There was this constant pressure to secure jobs, which in turn were money.”

On social media: “I think social media and the Internet reward extremes. I’m a firm believer that a lot of that experimentation should be done in private. Ultimate privacy.”

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Yalitza Aparicio Poses at the Mexico Border For 'W' Magazine

Yalitza Aparicio poses for a shoot conceptualized by Roma director Alfonso Cuaron for one of the covers of W magazine’s Volume 2: Director’s Cut issues.

Here’s what the 25-year-old actress and the director had to share with the mag:

Alfonso on the impact of Yalitza’s Academy Award nomination for best actress: “We create a division every day with the people around us, and Yalitza comes from a place that is easy to put aside and forget. In Mexico and elsewhere, people who look like Yalitza are immediately ­classified and deemed unworthy. Being acknowledged by the Academy has a big impact. It’s another wall. And hopefully that wall has started to fall.”

Alfonso on why he staged the shoot at the Mexico border: “The wall turns people into enemies for no reason. Walls are pointless. Whether there is a physical structure there or not, I’m more concerned with the invisible wall that divides social classes and backgrounds. That’s a barrier we accept every day, without thinking.”

Yalitza on her role as a representative of indigenous people: “I went to school to be a teacher. And Roma can educate people. It can help break the stereotype that skin color determines your destiny.”

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Emma Stone Does a Fun Photo Shoot with Dogs for 'W' Magazine

Emma Stone is on one of the covers of W magazine’s Volume 2: Director’s Cut issues.

The entire shoot was photographed by Yorgos Lanthimos, Emma‘s The Favourite director. Here’s what they shared….

Yorgos, on the concept for this photo shoot: “I wanted the room to be completely full of fake dogs. That way, a viewer will confuse the impostors with the real dogs. Animals are a part of our lives, which is why they’re prominent in my films. But I find the relationships we have with them quite strange. Such as, there are animals we are okay to eat and animals we wouldn’t dream of eating. So odd. The theories around animals are fascinating.”

Emma, on The Favourite: “When I read the script for The Favourite,” Stone said as she relinquished her dog-walker duties, “I thought, This is like All About Eve.”

FYI: Emma is wearing Louis Vuitton top, pants, and belt, David Webb earrings, Buccellati bracelets, and Ferragamo shoes on the cover.

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Brie Larson on Why She Won't Talk About Not Clapping for Casey Affleck: 'It's Not My Story to Tell'

Brie Larson is on the cover of THR‘s new issue.

Here’s what the Captain Marvel star had to share with the mag…

On why she’s ignoring the pressure being put on her movie: “There’s this sense of setting this thing up. I know it’s exciting and fun to be like, ‘Will it sink or will it float?’ ‘What’s going to happen?’ ‘Can women exist in the world?’ ‘We’re not sure yet!’ But women have been opening movies since the silent era. We have been part of every major art movement. People just push us away once the movement gains momentum and act like we were never really there.”

On why she was drawn to Captain Marvel: “The very nature of this film means that I’m having conversations that I’d like to have about what it means to be a woman. What strength looks like, the complexities of the female experience, female representation. It’s surprising and cool that my first giant movie I get to be having those kinds of conversations. But that’s also why I’ve waited and been particular about what jobs I do.”

On why she didn’t clap for Casey Affleck at the Oscars: “I won’t talk about it. It’s not my story to tell.” (You can get more backstory on this right here).

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Andy Cohen Debuts His Son Benjamin - See His First Photo!

Meet Andy Cohen‘s baby boy, Benjamin Cohen, who is making his debut on the cover of People‘s latest issue!

Here’s what the 50-year-old Bravo host had to share with the mag…

On his son’s amazing head of hair: “I was in the delivery room. I had been hoping that he would have a full head of hair, and he really overdelivered. That was the first thing you see, the head of hair coming out. And I was amazed.”

On first meeting his son: “He was so alert for the first two hours. His eyes were wide open. He didn’t cry; he was just calm. I kind of have no words for it.”

On his surrogate: “I worked with an incredible surrogate. She was in California. Surrogacy is illegal in so many states, including New York. I don’t understand why. It’s a voluntary process, obviously. My surrogate just viewed it as, she was giving me the ultimate gift. She gave me life. So I’ll be forever indebted to her.”

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Lupita Nyong'o Gushes Over Jordan Peele, Saw 'Get Out' Five Times in a Month

Lupita Nyong’o is on the cover of AnOther Magazine‘s newest issue.

On working with Jordan Peele in Us: “I’d walk off a cliff for Jordan Peele. I was madly in love with the mind of Jordan from the Key & Peele days, and I remember putting him on my ‘one day I’ll work with’ list. Then I saw Get Out. I saw it in the cinema five times in one month. I was just so fascinated by it”

On how a meeting with Ralph Fiennes early in her career helped: “I was having lunch with Ralph (Fiennes) one day and he asked me about my interests, and I told him that I wanted to be an actor, I think. He said, ‘Only do it if there’s nothing else you want to do, if there’s nothing else you feel you could do.’ It wasn’t, ‘Here’s my number, I’ll be your mentor.’ It wasn’t that but he gave me a lot of food for thought.”

On Black Panther: “When I think what Black Panther has done for Africans and Africans in their diaspora, it’s this allegorical story about the relationship between Africa and America, reflected in the relationship between T’Challa and Killmonger. It’s a chance for both to consider each other’s perspective in a way that I don’t think popular culture has been effective at doing. It’s really the start of a long-overdue conversation. In no way does it call for answers, but it’s the opportunity to begin to [rexognize] what it is we have in common.”

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