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Rami Malek Responds to 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Critics

Rami Malek shows off his muscles on the October cover of Attitude magazine’s October 2018 issue, which is now available in print and online editions.

In the magazine, the 37-year-old actor opens up about his highly anticipated role as Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Bohemian Rhapsody.

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On playing Freddie Mercury: “I was very self-aware from the onset that I was never going to portray Freddie Mercury as he was, with all of his idiosyncrasies, charisma. I will never exactly be this man. All I could do was make as strong of an attempt as possible to capture his essence. I just had to remove myself from that kind of ‘monkey on your back’ that you have to be Freddie Mercury. No one will ever be Freddie Mercury, there will only ever be one. I just wanted to possibly open up a window to what his story was all about.”

On criticism of the film’s first trailer: “It’s a shame that people are making remarks after a minute teaser where you just wanna see the music. It’s difficult. First, let me say that I don’t think the film shies away from his sexuality or his all-consuming disease, which is obviously Aids. I don’t know how you could avoid any of that, or if anyone would ever want to. It’s a bit absurd that anyone’s judging this from a minute trailer.”

On how AIDS/HIV is tackled in the film:
“The film needed to approach it in a delicate manner. You can’t shy away from it. It was an important moment to have in the film, one that ultimately is very sad but also empowering in a way. It shows you just how resilient human beings can be and how much we rely on the strength of our friends and family to get us through tough times. This pandemic is still very much a horrific threat to so many people in the world. It exists as a reality for so many that I think it would be a shame not to address it.”

Bohemian Rhapsody hits theaters on November 2.

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Zoe Kravitz Goes Unretouched for 'Harper's Bazaar' Cover!

Zor Kravitz looks stunning in an unretouched photo for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar‘s October 2018 issue, on newsstands September 25.

Here is what the 29-year-old actress, who posed with wolves for the photo shoot, had to share with the mag:

On appearing completely unretouched: “I was a little scared when they told me. What scared me most was that I was scared about it… [but after retouching] You’re like, ‘That is 100 percent not what I look like!’”

On shooting with wild wolves: “Funnily enough, I grew up with wolves. My mom [Lisa Bonet] loves them. When I was a kid, we had a half-wolf, half-husky and a malamute. I grew up with these big dogs, and they were my pals. So it wasn’t completely foreign to me, which is funny. Now my mom has two wolf dogs. They are like full-on wolves, they live in this big beautiful pen on the property, and she just has this wonderful connection with them. Her relationship with her animals goes way beyond considering them pets. They become her children.”

On speaking out against racial stereotyping in Hollywood: “I’m not necessarily trying to point the finger at anyone. I just want to make these writers, most of whom are probably white, aware of the things that affect me and likely affect other people as well. I’m trying to speak my mind and shift things so Hollywood can be more conscious about things. My biggest pet peeve is when I read scripts that have character descriptions like ‘Stacy, 22, perky,’ then you get four pages in and see, ‘Sarah, 22, African-American,’ which makes it clear that everyone else is white.”

FYI: Zoe is wearing a Louis Vuitton dress and Cartier earrings on the cover.

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Dove Cameron Says Social Media Is Like 'A Quick Fix'

Dove Cameron is on the cover of King Kong Magazine‘s Issue 6, hitting newsstands on October 12.

Here’s what the 22-year-old actress and singer had to say…

On spirituality: “Spirituality is related to magick and can only be felt through energy…to be enlightened, to get us closer to this silent essence, truth of what it means to be alive, to be enlightened…that’s magick. I feel magick everywhere I go, everything I sense and perceive…”

On youth: “Um, I view youth as sort of meaningless…I’ve never felt attached to youth, or afraid to lose it or identify with it.”

On social media culture: “[It is] is like sugar! A quick fix, an immediate synapse fire to start up your chemicals so you feel good now, and feel the terrible crash later… and then it leaves you confused about why you feel low.”

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Cher Reveals Why She Hasn't Seen 'Mamma Mia 2' Yet

Cher is on the cover of Attitude magazine’s October 2018 issue, which is now available in print and online editions.

Here’s what the 72-year-old superstar had to share with the mag…

On looking so young in Mamma Mia 2: “Make-up. Five pounds of make-up. Also the director really liked me, and I think he took extra special care to light me. That has a lot to do with it. He was wonderful.”

On why she hasn’t seen the whole movie yet: “I didn’t really see the whole movie because I’m not quite ready. And I will see it at some point. I don’t really love seeing my movies right away.”

On the appeal of ABBA’s music: “ABBA songs are a lot harder to sing than one might imagine. They’re much more intricate, they’re much more substantive. I think that people love ABBA, but I’m not so sure they appreciate them on a musical level. I don’t think they ask themselves, ‘Why am I loving this?’”

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Julianne Moore Reveals the Most Important Element to Her Acting Method

Julianne Moore gets her close up on the cover of Town & Country magazine’s October 2018 issue, on newsstands September 18.

Here’s what the Bel Canto star had to share with the mag…

On how she related to Roxane in Bel Canto: “A character who had been in Paris by herself, that was something I could relate to, because before I had a family I would find myself in a location all by myself and think, ‘This isn’t the kind of life I want to have. She lives without any kind of community.’”

On opera in the modern day: “I think that’s the tragedy of opera in the modern day, that most people’s access to it comes through TV, and it sounds, unfortunately, the same. But being so close to these musical masters, you hear the different qualities of their voices unamplified.”

On what her daughter thinks of the roles she chooses: “…Oddly, a lot of my roles get lumped together. There was a series of 1950s housewives that were all thrown at me at the same time. Or you do a bunch of funny things all at once. My daughter recently asked me about a project, ‘Do you die again, Mom? I feel you like you always die.’

On the most important element to her acting method: “For me the most important thing is research. If I’m playing an opera singer, I better learn what it is to be an opera singer or be able to approximate it. I’m going to know my lines. I’m going to know the music. I’m going to know all of that stuff. But then that preparation allows you to drop it on camera.”

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FYI: Julianne is wearing Chanel Haute Couture on the cover with Chanel jewels.

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