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Mandy Moore Sings 'Walk to Remember' Song 'Only Hope' Live for First Time in Over 16 Years!

Mandy Moore performed a live version of the song “Only Hope,” which she sang in her 2002 film A Walk to Remember!

The 35-year-old actress and singer has barely ever sung the song live. Obviously she performed it in the film, and for the movie’s album. She also performed it during a concert in the Philippines back in November of 2003, making it over 16 years since she has performed the song.

The song was performed during Mandy and her husband Taylor Goldsmith‘s Instagram Live and he accompanied her on the guitar. During the Live video, she mentioned she will sing the song on her next tour.

Just over one year ago, we got a great Walk to Remember flashback!

'This Is Us' Creator Dan Fogelman Teases Season 5 After Surprising Season 4 Finale!

This Is Us Season 4 just came to an end with Strangers: Part Two – and there’s a lot to discuss. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Creator Dan Fogelman opened up about the new details regarding main characters, and talked about where Season 5 will go, in an interview with People.

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“We have a big storyline planned for Mandy [Moore] in the next coming season in present day as an older woman and her past timelines. Particularly, when we land in St. Louis with her, kind of exploring with Miguel (Jon Huertas)…here is the opportunity where we’re going to be bringing them in a location together and undergo this treatment that they didn’t necessarily plan on trying.”

“It will also allow us to get towards, which has always been the plan in the back part of our series, further understanding how their relationship bloomed then stalled then bloomed again and really getting inside their lives,” he went on to reveal.

“I’m very excited about, especially with where the world is right now, the uplift, and I would call it almost rebirth, that comes next season. Kind of rebirth and a lot of new beginnings, particularly for birth and rebirth would be a big thematic part of next season,” he teased.

“There’s going to be something big in the season premiere.”

Series star Mandy Moore also had a very unexpected kind of performance on TV recently. Watch what happened!

Mandy Moore Performs 'When I Wasn't Watching' When No One Is Literally Watching During Empty 'Fallon' Audience!

Mandy Moore hit the stage to perform to an empty audience on last night’s (March 12) episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The 35-year-old This Is Us star performed her fittingly titled single “When I Wasn’t Watching” from her new studio album, Silver Landings.

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Mandy pointed out the irony of performing “When I Wasn’t Watching” in front of the Tonight Show empty audience.

“It was kind of ironic to play ‘When I Wasn’t Watching‘ on ⁦⁦@jimmyfallon⁩ because ummmm there was no audience so…. no one WAS watching,” Mandy tweeted. “Ok bye…”

The Tonight Show and most other talk shows went without audiences this week following suit as coronavirus continues to spread.

Later during her interview, Mandy reminisced about her early “Candy” pop star days and coming full circle: “I’ve kind of come full circle. I have a song on my record called Fifteen and it’s talking all about this exact time. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years now, I signed a record deal when I was fifteen and sort of started in the industry. I think for a long time I apologized for that specific time in my life and that chapter because I had no creative control. I’ve kind of come full circle to have a lot of affection for that girl because she lives in me and I carry her around. She’s the reason we are talking. It’s been an interesting thing to digest and come to terms with over the course of making this record.”

Click inside to watch more of Mandy Moore’s appearance on Late Night…More Here! »

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Mandy Moore's Cat Tries To Harmonize With Her Everytime She Sings

Mandy Moore has a musical prodigy on her hands – with her cat, Figaro!

During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Tuesday (March 10), the This Is Us actress and singer opened up about her cat, who, once was renamed, turned into an entirely different cat.

“It’s a long story…we talked to a pet psychic who told us that we needed to change his name to Figaro,” she shared.

Mandy added that “anytime that I or Taylor [Goldsmith] starts singing, especially when we harmonize…he could be on the other side of the house fast asleep, and he starts singing with us.”

Ellen questioned the name change and Mandy revealed that before his name change, the cat wasn’t as vocal as he is now.

Check out her interview and performance of “Save a Little for Yourself” below!

FYI: Mandy wore Anna Sheffield earrings and Fernando Jorge rings.

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mandy moore cat talk ellen degeneres show 05

Mandy Moore: 'Silver Landings' Album Stream - Listen!

Mandy Moore is finally back with her new studio album, Silver Landings!

The record – her first in over a decade – features lead singles “When I Wasn’t Watching” and “I’d Rather Lose.”

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“My day job sort of pointed me back in that direction, and helped light that fire again. But, music has always been what I’m most passionate about and it’s something that’s sort of been dormant in my life for too long,” she told Apple Music’s Chart show.

“And it took me a while to sort of, I don’t know, find it within myself to figure my way back here again. I think I leaned a lot on the excuse of, well that part of my life is maybe over, that chapter’s over. I don’t have a record label, I don’t have a music manager. All of the machinery that it sort of takes to get things up and running again wasn’t a part of my life anymore, until I realized, it has to start with me. It has to start with the music. And that’s what I did. I just sort of realized, okay the onus is on me to really sort of dig into that passion again.”

She also talked about the difference between music and acting for her. See what she said!

Listen to Silver Landings

Mandy Moore Does Not Want to Speak About Ex Husband Ryan Adams: 'I'm So Done With That Person'

Mandy Moore does not want to talk any further about her ex husband Ryan Adams.

While doing an interview promoting her upcoming album Silver Landings, out on March 6, she made it clear she did not want to talk about him. Adams was accused of sexual misconduct and manipulation by multiple women, including Mandy, a year ago.

“I just don’t want this thing to be about him,” Mandy told the New York Times. “He’s taken so much for so long from so many people… I can promise you he gets satisfaction being talked about in any capacity. I just know that about him. I haven’t spoken to him in, I don’t know, two years or something, but just knowing him as well as I know him, he really gets off on being talked about.”

“I’m so done with that person having taken so much of my life and my time,” Mandy added. They got married when she was 25 years old in 2009 and split in 2015.

Here’s what Ryan Adams said about all the allegations against him.

Mandy Moore Shares Her Thoughts on Music vs. Acting

Mandy Moore has a new album coming out this week and she’s also at the top of her acting game with the show This Is Us. So, which art form does she enjoy more?

The 35-year-old entertainer opened up during an interview on Apple Music’s Chart show.

“You know what? I feel so lucky. I have this other side of my job that literally is the best job I’ve ever had. I’m so creatively fulfilled. I love the people I work with. I love the material I get to work with. It’s like I’m able to really pour so much of myself into that, but music is a whole other being,” Mandy said.

“It is truly me. I’m not hiding behind a character or someone else’s words,” Mandy added. “And, again, I love that part of my life and that part of being an artist, but there’s nothing that can replicate that rush of adrenaline, of being on stage and singing your own words. There’s nothing like it. So I feel like the luckiest person in the world because I get to have that duality and that balance in my life.”

Mandy‘s album Silver Landings will be released on March 6!