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Evan Rachel Wood Keeps the Gloves On

Evan Rachel Wood keeps the white gloves on at a special screening of her new musical romance Across The Universe on Thursday at NYC’s Chelsea West Theater. The film opens in theaters nationwide next Friday, Sept 21. Boyfriend Marilyn Manson waited on the sidelines during the screening.

Recently Evan talked about paparazzi being on her trail all the time: “I don’t buy it when people say it [being harassed by photographers] is not their fault, because there is a way to control it. My taste of celebrity has convinced me that I wasn’t built for it. Maybe it was the way I was brought up, but it is really terrifying for me when a bunch of people are staring at me or chasing me. Just the other night, people were jumping on the car and banging on the windows. I don’t think people can imagine how scary that is. It is like a strange dream. It becomes animalistic to me, and that is creepy. I try my best to stay out of it. It was never why I became an actress at all. It was not what I was raised for, and it is not for me.”

Pictured inside: Choreographer Daniel Ezralow, composer Elliot Goldenthal, director Julie Taymor and actors Martin Luther, Dana Fuchs and Jim Sturgess.

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Evan Rachel Wood: Raining Blood is Romantic

Evan Rachel Wood, 19, is featured in the September 2007 issue of GQ magazine, where she gushes about her “vampire-looking boyfriend” Marilyn Manson, 38.

On Manson’s loud snoring: “He snores louder than anybody I have ever heard! I think it’s the sweetest thing ever. It actually lulls me to sleep. But he puts Geppetto to shame. It’s literally like [mimics snoring]. It’s every snore you’ve ever heard, rolled into one.”

On Manson’s “Heart-Shaped Glasses” music video: “At the end of the video, we’re kissing and it’s raining blood – and for me, that was one of the most romantic moments of my entire life.”

On why they made the video: “We made it for each other … Because that’s how we were feeling at the time: Even though ugliness can be all around you – you can literally be in a thunderstorm of blood – if you look past that, it really is just two people holding on to each other.

On their love-making scene: And you know, the same thing with the sex scene. If you’re going to have a sex scene, that’s what it is. When you’re with someone and you’re in love, that’s usually what happens. It’s not always soft. Sometimes it’s somebody screaming or whatever.”

On not caring about looks: “I’m really just being me and growing up. And I’m sorry if I have blond hair and blue eyes and my boyfriend looks like a vampire. What do you want me to do about it?”

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Marilyn Manson: Evan Rachel Wood is More Mature Than Me

Marilyn Manson plants an affectionate kiss on his girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood‘s cheek, as they ride as escalator to catch a train on the Eurostar at the North Station in Paris, France on Friday.

The 38-year-old shock rocker recently told Metro that his 19-year-old girlfriend actress is the mature one in their relationship.

“With meeting Evan Rachel Wood, who is my girlfriend now, we wouldn’t have been expected to have anything in common until we just became friends,” he said. “I realized that besides the fact I’m clearly the immature one in the relationship, she’s a twin in a lot of ways and her personality reflects a lot of things I felt I wasn’t supposed to be.”

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Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel Wood: It's True Love

In their first public appearance out together as an official couple, Marilyn Manson steps out with new young love Evan Rachel Wood in London on Wednesday.

“I’ve found my double, my twin, with my new girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood,” the 38-year-old shock rocker told France’s Le Parisien newspaper earlier this week.

“She’s 19 and certainly that’s very young,” he said of their 19-year age difference, “but that’s not a problem for me. She likes the same things as me. She understands I like to get up when night falls and go to sleep at dawn.”

Manson and Wood, who actually working the jailbait angle with the Lolita shades at the waist, entered the book of “Odd Celebrity Couples” back in January.

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Evan Rachel Wood Dating Marilyn Manson!!

I’m shocked. Floored! People Magazine is reporting that Marilyn Manson, 38, is dating actress Evan Rachel Wood, 19. Add this one to the “Odd Celebrity Couples” book!

The sources say his relationship with the Thirteen actress was a factor in the Dec. 29 divorce filing by Von Teese, 34, Manson‘s wife of one year.

Dita is heartbroken, she didn’t see this coming,” says a source close to the burlesque dancer and MAC cosmetics model. “His partying contributed to the split as well.”

Manson, 38, and Wood have been friends for some time. According to his official website, Manson first met Wood when he asked her to be in his upcoming horror film, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll.

Pictured above is Evan last Halloween at the opening of Marilyn‘s new Hollywood art gallery, the Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art. The couple is stand in front of Marilyn‘s watercolor painting of Wood that she posed for and he painted himself. “It came as kind of a shock,” Evan told Rolling Stone about being asked to pose. “I was beyond flattered.” Siiiiiiick.

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