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Jane Lynch Comments on Mark Salling's Death: 'This Is a Very Sad End to It'

Jane Lynch is providing further comment about the death of her Glee co-star Mark Salling, who died in an apparent suicide at the age of 35 earlier this week.

“It’s been tough. He was a troubled, troubled guy, and he always was. This is a very sad end to it, but I know that he’s at peace now. He’s in the arms of a beneficent force,” Jane told Us Weekly. “I know life was very, very hard for Mark. I think we all do the best we can at the end of the day.”

“He was a hard guy to get to know,” she continued. Adding about her memories of him, she said, “He took videos of the stages and everything. He was so happy to be coming to work, to be on the show. He wrote a song and videotaped his day being on Glee,. Driving into the Paramount lot … at that time he was living on a cot in a little room. It was a big jump for him in his career, and also, he had a job and was in with this group of really great kids. I think he knew that he was breathing rarefied air. There was so much joy and happiness in his musical video that he shot for himself. Fox made him take it down. But it was a sweet, beautiful expression of his joy and being in Glee.”

Jane previously issued another response to Mark‘s death on the day the news broke.

If you don’t know, back in December, Salling had plead guilty to possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor. Photos were allegedly found on his computer. Mark was expected to get 4 to 7 years in prison as a part of an apparent plea deal. He was previously arrested in December 2015 on the charges.

Mark Salling's Death Confirmed By Coroner in New Statement

The coroners office has confirmed that Mark Salling was found hanging at the scene of his apparent suicide.

“He was found hanging from a tree in the area of the Los Angeles River in Sunland,” Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter told People in a statement.

Mark was pronounced dead on Tuesday (January 30) at the scene near the river. Coroner Assistant Chief Winter also confirmed that an autopsy will be performed in the next few days.

If you missed it, Mark‘s former Glee co-stars have been reacting to his death.

Mark‘s death comes weeks after he plead guilty for possession of child pornography. Mark was to be sentenced for the crime in March.

'Glee' Cast & Crew React to Mark Salling's Death

The cast and crew of the beloved musical series Glee is speaking out to remember Mark Salling, who passed away today (January 30) from an apparent suicide.

This is the second death to rock the Glee family, following Cory Monteith‘s tragic death back in July 2013 from a drug overdose.

Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, and Jenna Ushkowitz are among the stars of the series who have commented on Mark‘s death so far.

Mark‘s death comes just over a month after he plead guilty for possession of child pornography. He was awaiting his sentencing, which was set to take place in March.

We will update this post when more cast members speak out to remember their late co-star.

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Glee's Jane Lynch Reacts to Mark Salling's Death: 'It's Tragic'

Jane Lynch has made a statement about Mark Salling‘s death after news broke that he committed suicide at the age of 35 on Tuesday (January 30).

If you don’t know, Jane and Mark co-starred on all six seasons of Glee together.

“It’s sad. Very tragic,” the 57-year-old actress said (via TMZ) when she encountered paparazzi earlier today.

When asked how she would remember Mark, she responded, “As the guy who made that really sweet video at the beginning of Glee when he was so happy to be apart [of it.]”

“It’s tragic and I’m broken-hearted over it,” Jane continued.

That same day, Jane also retweeted Tim Davis, who worked behind-the-scenes on Glee. Tim tweeted, “Let me be clear. Having compassion for #MarkSalling in no way minimizes his crimes, nor does it minimize the pain and devastation of the victims of those crimes. I’m just saying stop adding to his family’s pain. This was their son. If you’re without sin, feel free to cast stones.”

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Glee's Matthew Morrison Posts Tribute for 'Angel' Mark Salling

Matthew Morrison is remembering his late Glee co-star Mark Salling with an Instagram post, in which he referred to the actor as an angel.

Matt posted a photo of him, Mark, and Cory Monteith, who died from an overdose in July 2013.

“😇”😇,” Matt captioned the photo. He used angel emojis on either side of a sad face emoji. The angels are in reference to the two late actors.

Mark died of an apparent suicide on Tuesday morning (January 30). He plead guilty to possession of child pornography in December and was expected to be sentenced to four to seven years in prison as part of a plea deal.

The late actor’s family rep confirmed his death in a statement.

Make sure to read what other members of the cast are saying in their tributes.

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