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JJ Abrams Talks About Showing 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' to Terminally Ill Fans, Brings Cancer Advocate Megan Pormer to Tears (VIDEO)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams shared an emotional moment with Megan Pormer, a spokesmodel and a cancer research advocate, while reminiscing about how he granted the dying wishes of terminally ill fans before the release date.

Megan Pormer, a breast and ovarian cancer advocate, asked the director why he granted the dying wish of his fans with terminal cancer and how much it meant to him.

“[Daniel Fleetwood] was one of a number of people who were tragically not going to live to see the release of the movie though it was very important to us that those who were reaching out to us, as much as we could, we couldn’t get everyone of course, got a chance to see the movie even though it was unfinished.,” JJ said on the red carpet at the 2017 Oscar Wilde Awards on Thursday (February 23). Visibly choked up, he added, “It was incredibly meaningful to all of us working on the movie that it meant so much, at a point when they were on their last weeks, and even days, that that’s what they cared about. ” The production company sent staffers from the editorial department to visit terminally ill fans in their homes and screened a rough cut of the film for them. He continued, “Some were children and some were adults and they got to watch the film and I spoke with almost all of them before and after they watched the movie. It was a good reminder and very humbling. Of course, I hated that these people passed away. It was meaningful to all of us that we could do something to help them. ”

When JJ walked away after the touching interview, Megan was seen wiping away her tears.

Megan works to bridge the gap between the entertainment industry and the medical world. She later said that she was moved by JJ‘s compassion and generosity. She added, “I was touched by the fact that he had helped those people with terminal illnesses. It warmed my heart that there are people in the world like him and that he is using his successful platform in Hollywood to help people that are in need.”

JJ Abrams Talks About Showing ‘Force Awakens’ to Terminally Ill Fans, Brings Cancer Advocate Megan Pormer to Tears