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Kate Walsh & Jennifer Morrison: 'Some Girl(s)' Premiere!

Kate Walsh shows off her long legs while attending the premiere of Some Girl(s) held at the Laemmle Noho Theater on Wednesday (June 26) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 45-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by the film’s stars Jennifer Morrison, Mía Maestro, and Adam Brody.

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Some Girl(s) centers on “a successful writer who, on the eve of his wedding, travels across the country to meet up with ex-lovers in an attempt to make amends for past relationship transgressions.”

Earlier in the week, Kate was spotted grabbing some food on the set of her new film Dermaphoria in New Orleans, La.

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Kristen Bell & Adam Brody: 'Some Girl(s)' Trailer!

Kristen Bell keeps it cute and casual while arriving at home after having lunch on Saturday (June 15) in Los Feliz, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 32-year-old actress was spotted chatting on her phone while running errands in L.A.

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The day after, Kristen and her partner Dax Shepard were seen celebrating his first Father’s Day with their baby girl Lincoln at En Sushi restaurant in Los Feliz.

The trailer for Kristen‘s upcoming movie Some Girl(s), also starring Adam Brody, Jennifer Morrison and others, was just released. Watch it below!

The film follows a successful writer (Brody) on the eve of his wedding who travels across the country to meet up with ex-lovers in an attempt to make amends for past relationship transgressions.

Kristen Bell – “Some Girl(s)” Trailer

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kristen bell dax shepard first fathers day sushi outing 01
kristen bell dax shepard first fathers day sushi outing 02
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Photos of 'Mia Maestro'

New 'Breaking Dawn' Character Posters!

Lee Pace, Maggie Grace, Christian Camargo, Mia Maestro, Rami Malek, and Omar Metwally all channel their vampire characters in newly released character posters for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Casey LaBow, MyAnna Buring, Tracey Heggins, Judith Shekoni, Noel Fisher, Guri Weinberg, Angela Sarafyan, Andrea Gabriel, Patrick Brennan, Marlane Barnes, and Lisa Howard are also featured in new posters!

Earlier this week, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner participated in a panel at 2012 Comic-Con, where they chatted about the upcoming movie.

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breaking dawn character posters 01
breaking dawn character posters 02
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breaking dawn character posters 04
breaking dawn character posters 05

Global Green USA Benefit

Some big names turned out yesterday for the Global Green USA benefit in San Francisco. Among them were Leonardo DiCaprio (The Departed), Orlando Bloom (Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean), Salma Hayek (Lonely Hearts), and Mia Maestro (Alias).

Global Green USA
is a national environmental organization that seeks to resolve and gather support for various issues such as global climate change, elimination of weapons of mass destruction, and providing clean drinking water to those who don’t have access to it.

global green san francisco 01
global green san francisco 02
global green san francisco 03

Alias Recaps

In honor of last night’s Alias eppy, “30 Seconds,” here’s a recap of the episode, in 30 lines (well, it was 30 lines when I typed it in Notepad) — Syd, dressed in a pink suit, a shade of “Hi, I work at Dairy Queen” pink lipstick, and a blonde wig, goes undercover with Renee to track down Anna Espinosa. She offers Renee a job at APO, which Renee doesn’t accept.  Meanwhile, Sloane has the cure for Nadia and learns he has to stop her heart and plunge a huge needle in her chest à la Pulp Fiction to bring her out of her coma.  Jack shows up right on time and tries to stop Sloane from “killing” Nadia. He fails, and Sloane does indeed bring back Nadia.

Back at APO Headquarters, the team finds out Prophet 5 has hired a man from Zurich to decode hidden text in Page 47.  Turns out this guy Kohler has a “past” with Renee.  That’s lucky, ain’t it? Jack is suspicious of how Sloane got the cure for Nadia and launches an investigation, but the spy sisters are much more interested in each other and Isabelle, and we are treated to the sweetness of seeing Nadia meet her niece (cute stunt baby!) for the first time. (continued after the jump including HQ episode stills )

(continued before the jump) Later at Syd’s home, Nadia finds out Sloane may be back to his evil ways, and joins Jack in his investigation.  Turns out Sloane’s clean, or so they think. While Sloane is being followed, Renee and Tom travel to Zurich and kidnap Kohler to find Anna EspinosaKohler discovers that the Page 47 he has is a fake, and we soon learn who has the original (Yup, you guessed it.  That would be Sloane!).  Nadia shows up at her father’s house, where Sloane admits he needs Nadia more than she needs him.  While he finishes dinner, Nadia wonders into his office to find scissors to cut off the hospital bracelet she is STILL wearing.  There, she finds the original Page 47.  She and Sloane have it out. The classic “It’s me or some dead old guy, but not both” argument ensues, and Nadia tosses the page into the fire. He pushes Nadia out of the way in an attempt to recover it, and she falls right into a glass table, slicing her neck and “dying” in the process.  Does anyone really die on this show?

The APO team travels to Barcelona, for a meeting between Kohler and Anna (Or is it Sydney? Gee, Anna looks a lot like Sydney these days, doesn’t she?). Anna figures out she is being ambushed and flees, properly chased by the APO team.  For the second time this eppy, someone dies via throat-slice (Is this significant?  On Alias, nothing can be overlooked). So Renee is dead, Sloane is evil, Jack finds Nadia dead (who called him anyway?), and we addicts have to wait until next week to see our beloved Vaughn get frisky with someone bearing a striking resemblance to the mother of his child.

Did you all notice the SHAMELESS product placement last night of the Ford Hybrid?  They even did a close-up of the car and wasted precious airtime on dialogue between Jack and Nadia about how quiet the car is.  Shameless, I tell you!

For those of you interested in the eclectic but fabulous music featured on the show, there are several sites, which have music guides (ABC’s list is always current).  Last week’s episode, “There’s Only One Sydney Bristow,” featured the following choices (and yes, I’ve listed the cool mix playing as Syd is seen for the first time kicking ass once again, as a mother herself!) ::

Artist :: The Doors & Blondie
Song :: "Rapture Riders" * (song mash-up) *
Label :: 1) Warner Music Group 2) EMI Records

Artist :: Paul Oakenfold
Song :: "Faster Kill Pussycat"
Label :: 1) Warner Music Group 2) EMI / Perfecto Records

Artist :: Soul of Man
Song :: "Salty Moron"
Label :: Finger Lickin’ Records

Written by :: SuperSpy Jen

alias 30 seconds 01
alias 30 seconds 02
alias 30 seconds 03
alias 30 seconds 04
alias 30 seconds 05

Alias 100th Episode

SPOILERS :: HOO-RAH!  In the milestone 100th episode of Alias  Sydney’s (Jennifer Garner) maternity leave is cut short (she gives birth in the 99th episode) when she learns that witness-protected Will Tippin (Bradley Cooper) has been abducted and tortured by her nemesis, Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres). Will is rumored to have a bomb implanted in his brain.  Meanwhile, Sloane (Ron Rifkin) finds himself one step closer to obtaining the cure for daughter Nadia (Mia Maestro).  Alias episode "There’s Only One Sydney Bristow" airs in two weeks on Wednesday, April 26 @ 8PM ET on ABC.  The countdown to the final six Alias episodes begins next Wednesday, April 19 with two all new back-to-back episodes (see pictures here).  Many more production stills in the gallery!

alias theres only one sydney bristow01
alias theres only one sydney bristow02
alias theres only one sydney bristow03
alias theres only one sydney bristow04
alias theres only one sydney bristow05

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