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America Ferrera is a Temperamental

America Ferrera visits her Ugly Betty costar Michael Urie at his off-Broadway play The Temperamentals held at the TBG Theatre on Saturday (July 18) in New York City.

“Temperamental” was code for “homosexual” in the early 1950’s, part of a created language of secret words that gay men used to communicate. The Temperamentals tells the story of two men – the communist Harry Hay and the Viennese refugee and designer Rudi Gernreich (Urie) – as they fall in love while building the first gay rights organization. had the pleasure of watching The Tempermentals the same day and is happy to report that Michael gives a great performance — and not just because he strips down to his skivvies! The entire cast is excellent and apparently their off-set chemistry is just as good. After the show, I spotted Michael and his castmates lunching together at Hell’s Kitchen restaurant!

The show plays until August 23rd. For ticket info, visit

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Michael Urie Launches Official Blog

Michael Urie, who plays the conniving assistant Marc St. James on Ugly Betty, has launched his official blog!

The 28-year-old actor said in his very first video blog, “I’m Michael Urie. This website is going to be a place where we can post videos we like, funny, or otherwise. Songs we like, beautiful or other wise. And information in movies in theater that we like and otherwise… And everyone can come here for hours and hours of entertainment. Because YouTube, pshhh who goes there anymore. MichaelUrie.Net – The New YouTube! Also, this websites connected to the facebook page – which is real and the Twitter page – which is also real! Though I have no idea what Twitter is. I understand it is popular and up and coming and soon will crush Friendster, MySpace, and even Facebook and be the number one whatever you call it. So welcome, come back, tell your friends, and enjoy!”

Visit his official blog at!

Michael Urie Launches Official Blog

Becki Newton - Hot Hollywood 2008

Ugly Betty stars Becki Newton and Michael Urie pulled Just Jared in to join their VIP table at US Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Party at New York City’s Skylight on Tuesday.

30-year-old Becki, who plays deliciously catty receptionist Amanda, expressed her deep love for Shake Shack burgers. (She orders the mouth-watering cheese burgers.) Becki, who work YSL, also mentioned how much she loves all sweets except cheesecake, which they happened to serve at the Us party.

28-year-old Michael, who plays the fabulously gay assistant Marc St. James, chatted up the exciting projects he has lined up for his production company, Out of the Box Productions. He also shared how he and Weeds star Hunter Parrish, who currently stars in the hit Broadway show Spring Awakening, first met in a play together almost a decade ago. Urie was 19, Parrish was 11.

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America Ferrera Gets Strung Out On Silly String

America Ferrera gets blasted with silly string on the Brooklyn set of Ugly Betty Tuesday in New York City.

She joined costars Becki Newton and Michael Urie on set to film their hit ABC show’s third season.

Ugly Betty recently relocated production from the West Coast to the Big Apple to take advantage of the 35% tax credits from the city and state.

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Naomi Campbell on Ugly Betty -- FIRST PICTURES

Here are the very first pictures of supermodel Naomi Campbell looking like one sexy baseball player on the Los Angeles set of Ugly Betty on Wednesday.

Those red leggings are hot! This even beats Victoria Beckham‘s baseball uniform!

Also spotted on set: America Ferrera as Betty in uniform, Becki Newton as Amanda Tanen, Michael Urie as Marc St. James. Check out Urie‘s short shorts and shaved legs!!!!

It looks like it’s going to be a showdown between Mode magazine and Elle magazine! Where’s Nina Garcia in a baseball uniform???

Be sure to tune in when this episode (“Jump”) airs on Thursday, May 22 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC!

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Ugly Betty Video Podcast -- FIRST VODCAST!

Costars Becki Newton and Michael Urie present the first-ever “Ugly Betty” Video Podcast.

The pair do a little song and dance inside the studio of the show’s composer, Jeff Biel. Cameos are made by David Blue, who plays Cliff, the boyfriend of Marc St. James (Urie) and Eric Mabius (magazine publisher Daniel Meade). Watch the video below!!!!!

Ugly Betty returns with all new episodes on Thursday, April 24 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC. Episode “Twenty-Four Candles” kicks off the first of five new eps. Get Ugly, Grey and Lost with ABC on Thursdays!!

P.S. It’s America Ferrera‘s 24th birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!!!!!


First-Ever “Ugly Betty” Video Podcast

Michael Urie: Them Beckham Boys are Brutal!

Ugly Betty star Michael Urie, aka Wilhemina’s assistant Marc St. James, spent some time on the Ugly set with soccer superstar David Beckham and his sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

While Victoria filmed her guest spot on Ugly Betty, Urie showed the Beckham boys how to kick someone without really hurting them.

“I showed them how to fake kick someone,” Urie told E! Online. “Then they proceeded to fake kick me. These are soccer spawn, and they could kick—and they didn’t always miss! I spent about a half hour getting kicked by Beckham spawn!”

I guess Victoria kept her word by bringing her hubby on set!

Producer Marco Pennette once joked, “But we want her husband (Becks) on set. It’s one of the requirements.”