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Angelina Joins Brad For the Morning Drop-Off

Accompanied by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie slips into a cute pair of Lofli jeans, baby tee and slippers, dropping off the kids — Pax, 3, Zahara, 2 — at school on Thursday morning at the American Embassy compound in Prague, Czech Republic.

The A-list couple then left in separate vehicles, with Brad took Maddox, 5, to school before attending a photo shoot for Japanese cell phone company Softbank. Meanwhile Angelina returned to the set of her latest action thriller Wanted.

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Business as Usual for the Jolie-Pitts

Brad Pitt drops the kiddies off at school on Wednesday morning — Maddox, 5, to his French school in Prague, Czech Republic and Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2, to their school at the American Embassy compound.

Partner Angelina Jolie continued to shoot her latest action thriller Wanted. (Hey paparazzi, sneak in some shots from the set. Thanks!)

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Pax Rides Mickey's Leg

While Brad was busy filming the third segment of his Softbank commercial, partner Angelina Jolie picked up son Pax, 3, and daughter Zahara, 2, from school at the American Embassy compound on Tuesday morning in Prague, Czech Republic.

Angie dressed in head-to-toe black and wore oversized black shades. She held Zahara and her bookbag while bodyguard Mickey Brett gave Pax the ride of his life.

Pax hugged Mickey yesterday after school and this time, Pax was spotted riding on Mickey‘s left leg! Mickey is turning into a softie right before our very eyes!

Note: Apologies, these pictures will unfortunately not be published here.

Angelina Jolie's Monkey Business

Angelina Jolie picks up Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2, from school at the American Embassy compound on Monday afternoon in Prague, Czech Republic. But Momgelina came bearing a gift — a monkey stuffed animal — for Pax!

(Zahara walked out of school with a teddy bear stuffed animal of her own.)

Good dad Brad Pitt has been busy all day filming his commercial for Japanese cell phone company, Softbank.

How cute is Pax hugging Mickey‘s butt?? (Mickey Brett is the Jolie-Pitt family’s lead security officer.) LOVE! More Here! »

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Momgelina & Maddox's Bonding Time

Angelina Jolie smiles up a storm as she drops off 5-year-old Maddox at his French school in Prague on Wednesday once again.

Jolie was dressed in a white button-down top, black pencil skirt, and black flats. Her personal security officer Mickey Brett protected the mother-son pair in and out of the building.

Brad Pitt has been busy at work, wrapping up The Curious Case of Benjamin Button co-starring Cate Blanchett.

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Angelina Jolie and the Killer Whales

Angelina Jolie and her two sons, Maddox, 5, and Pax, 3, enjoy a day of fun at animal exhibition park Marineland on Thursday in Antibes, France.

Marineland is located on the Mediterranean coast, not far from Cannes, where Brad Pitt and Angelina premiered their own films, Ocean’s 13 and A Mighty Heart, at The Cannes Film Festival.

Angelina and Pax were spotted feeding fish to the orcas (also known as killer whales) while Maddox and security officer Mickey Brett looked on.

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Momgelina Drops Off the Kiddies at School

Angelina Jolie, aka Momgelina, takes a break from filming her upcoming action thriller Wanted to drop off 3-year-old son Pax and 2-year-old daughter Zahara at the American Embassy compound for school on Tuesday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Pink polo-wearing security officer Mickey Brett was, of course, on hand to guard the Jolie-Pitts. And it looks like Pax happily skipped his way to school!

The superstar actress made quite the splash at The Cannes Film Festival in France last week with partner Brad Pitt.

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