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Lizzo Dresses Up as the Fly on Mike Pence's Head for Halloween!

Lizzo is dressing up as a viral meme for Halloween!

On Friday (October 30) the 32-year-old “Good as Hell” singer took to her Instagram to show off her Halloween costume.

For her costume, Lizzo dressed up as the fly that was stuck on Mike Pence‘s head during the Vice Presidential debate earlier this month.

“FLYYYYY AF ! 😎 #halloween2020,” Lizzo captioned the post. She also shared an edited post of herself in costume while on top of Pence‘s head, replacing the real fly.

During the debate, celebs couldn’t stop talking and joking about the fly – which was on Pence‘s head for over two minutes. Even Joe Biden got in on the jokes!

See how Saturday Night Live tackled the fly in their sketch after the debate.

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Mike Pence's Chief of Staff & Top Aide Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Two of Vice President Mike Pence‘s top personnel are testing positive for coronavirus amid the pandemic.

Chief of staff Marc Short and political aide Marty Obst have both tested positive, the press secretary for the VP confirmed on Sunday (October 25).

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“Today, Marc Short, Chief of Staff to the Vice President, tested positive for COVID-19, began quarantine and assisting in the contact tracing process,” Devin O’Malley said in a statement, adding that the Vice President and his wife Karen tested negative.

At least one additional staffer also tested positive in the last few days, according to ABC News. Several staff members are now in quarantine.

“I did hear about him just now and I think he’s quarantining. I did hear about him. He’s going to be fine but he’s quarantining. Thank you very much,” Trump said in reaction to the chief of staff’s diagnosis.

“While Vice President Pence is considered a close contact with Mr. Short, in consultation with the White House Medical Unit, the Vice President will maintain his schedule in accordance with the CDC guidelines for essential personnel,” the press secretary also said.

Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed when a vaccine could actually be available.

Kamala Harris Reveals If She Saw The Fly On Mike Pence's Head During VP Debate Last Week

Rachel Maddow asked Kamala Harris the question we’ve all been wondering since the Vice Presidential debate last week with the Senator and VP Mike Pence – did she notice the fly on his head?

The MSNBC correspondent hosted Kamala on her show on Wednesday night (October 14) and asked her about it.

If you didn’t see, a fly had landed on Mr. Pence‘s head during the debate and it quickly spawned into memes and even an SNL skit. Presidential hopeful Joe Biden even got in on the jokes about the fly by doing this.

“I would kick myself if I didn’t just ask you, if you noticed the fly on Vice President Pence’s head, at the time during the debate?” Rachel asked. “We could see it at home, but could you see it, sitting next to him?” And if so, Maddow followed up: “Did you have the instinct to [shoo it away for him]?”

Kamala didn’t utter a word, but did shake her head up and down, before laughing with Rachel, who had burst into laughter about it.

“I think it’s important to find a way to move on… and fly away from this subject onto something else,” Kamala later stated, making a punny joke about it.

Watch below:

'SNL' Tackles the Fly During VP Debate in Cold Open - Watch! (Video)

Saturday Night Live is poking fun at the Vice Presidential debate, including the fly that landed on Mike Pence‘s head during his debate against Kamala Harris.

The much-buzzed about debate was the subject of the Cold Open of Saturday night’s (October 10) episode of the long-running sketch series.

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Susan Page, the debate’s moderator, was played by Kate McKinnon, while Senator Kamala Harris was once again played by Maya Rudolph. Vice President Mike Pence was played by Beck Bennett. And the fly also got a role – played by none other than Jim Carrey.

A second fly on Pence’s head, played by Kenan Thompson, reveals himself to be a reincarnated version of Trump supporter and American businessman Herman Cain, who opposed mask mandates and died from COVID-19 in July.

Later in the night, one of the cast members totally broke character and couldn’t stop laughing.

'Pink Eye Pence' Is Trending After Mike Pence's Eyes Looked Red at VP Debate

Vice President Mike Pence is the topic of a lot of discussion right now over things that happened during the VP Debate and lots of people are talking about his eyes.

During the debate, it appeared that Pence had redness in his eyes, which led people to believe he may have pink eye.

#PinkEyePence is an actual trending topic that popped up on Twitter during the debate.

New York Times columnist Carl Zimmer pointed out on Twitter that researchers having identified pink eye as a possible primary symptom of COVID-19. The Vice President has said that he has tested negative for the coronavirus, despite being in close proximity to many people in the Trump administration who have tested positive.

During the debate, a fly landed on Pence‘s head and it became a huge trending topic that so many celebs joked about.

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Joe Biden Pokes Fun at Mike Pence After Fly Lands on His Head During Debate!

Joe Biden is commenting on one of the most viral moments from the Vice Presidential Debate!

During the debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, a fly landed on the Vice President’s head – and it seemed to refuse to leave.

After many celebs took to Twitter to react to the fly, Biden decided to join in on the fun.

On his own Twitter, Biden shared a pic of himself holding a fly swatter with a smirk on his face.

“Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly,” Biden tweeted with the pic along with a link to his campaign site.

Just moments after the debate ended, the Biden campaign launched a new website – – which helps Americans find out if they’re registered to vote, and if they’re not, the site helps you register.

A Fly Sat on Pence's Head at the Debate & Celebs Reacted with Lots of Tweets!

The most talked about moment of the Vice Presidential Debate might end up being when a fly landed on Mike Pence‘s head and it sat there for minutes without him knowing.

A lot of people mentioned how the fly appeared to have died the second it came into contact with Pence, though it eventually flew away.

Something else that people are pointing out is how it’s known that flies are attracted to poop, so lots of people are comparing Pence to that.

So many celebs reacted to the moment when the fly sat on Pence‘s head and you can read them all below.

Also, make sure to see what celebs are saying about Pence‘s behavior during the debate.

Read what celebs are saying below!

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