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Queen Elizabeth's Grandson-In-Law Mike Tindall Says There Are 'Ups & Downs' About Being Part of The Royal Family

Mike Tindall is opening up about what life as part of the British Royal Family is like.

The 42-year-old former rugby player is is married to Queen Elizabeth‘s granddaughter, Zara, and spoke to The Times in a rare interview.

Despite not being a senior royal or even having a title, Mike says that being part of the family “has its benefits and it has its negatives.”

“You think about what you do and you have to be aware of it but it doesn’t necessarily dictate. Zara and I have always been good at getting on with what’s right for us,” he says.

Mike and Zara are preparing for the arrival of their third child, who the couple are hoping for a boy, after two daughters, Mia, 7, and Lena, 2.

“It was always an interesting question whether we’d go for a third and I think both of us wanted a boy, so hopefully we’ll get one,” he adds. “We’re not finding out — I think it’s better that way. At the end of the day, you’re just happy if it’s got ten fingers and ten toes and it’s healthy.”

Mike was the first member of the Royal Family to admit this…

Queen Elizabeth's Granddaughter Zara Tindall Is Pregnant, Expecting Third Child with Mike Tindall!

Queen Elizabeth‘s granddaughter Zara Tindall is pregnant and expecting her third child with Mike Tindall!

“It’s been a good week for me, had a little scan last week — third Tindall on its way,” Mike said on his rugby podcast on Wednesday (December 9).

The couple are parents to two daughters: Mia Grace, 6, and Lena Elizabeth, 2.

“We’re not sure what to do,” Mike continued. “I’d like a boy this time. I’ve got two girls. I would like a boy, but I will love it whatever, whether it’s a boy or a girl but please be a boy!”

He then added they are (jokingly) considering the 2020 names “Covey or Covina” after Coronavirus.

The royal couple got tested for COVID-19 on camera a few months back to promote rapid testing.

This British Royal Family Member Admits to Watching 'The Crown'!

One member of the royal family has admitted to watching The Crown!

Mike Tindall, who is married to Queen Elizabeth‘s granddaughter Zara, has admitted he needs to catch up on season three.

“I need to catch up,” Mike said on The Good, The Bad, and the Rugby podcast. “I actually saw the advert for it and I was like, ‘Ooh, I need to catch up.’ Because I only got about halfway through season three, so I started watching season three last night and then I’ll catch up. But I’ve seen it all over the place, and on these popular midday TV shows.”

“I’m quite intrigued to see where they go with it because obviously, it’s an era people are fascinated with,” he said. “It’s getting to more things that people know about, isn’t it, and have opinions about — so that’s where it gets difficult.”

He did remind everyone that it IS fiction, saying, “It’s a drama, so it’s going to be made to be a bit of a drama.”

Find out all the latest news about The Crown!

Queen Elizabeth's Granddaughter Zara Tindall & Husband Mike Get Rapid Coronavirus Tests on Video

Queen Elizabeth‘s granddaughter Zara Tindall and her husband Mike took rapid Coronavirus tests and filmed it to show the public how easy it was. They both rested negative.

Zara and I both took the test, which was literally one minute to administer a blood sample and run it through the Bio Sure test kit with our results back in less than 10 minutes,” Mike said. “The VHealth Passport is test-agnostic, so it can work with all and any approved COVID-19 testing kits or lab based testing. Our ‘negative’ test results were then uploaded to our VHealth Passports in under five seconds and it means we get a green tick on a traffic light system on the VHealth Passport app on our phones.”

Zara added, “This is a really exciting new technology that has such great potential for the equestrian world. For riders, who are traveling all over the country, and to other countries, this gives reassurance that they have been tested and are negative for Covid. And for those working on events including support staff, volunteers and the fans themselves it gives the confidence to come back to the sport we love and have the big events running again.”

The royal couple are Global Sporting Ambassadors for the British cyber technology company VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE), who developed the 10 minute test.

One member of the royal family publicly revealed they were diagnosed with Coronavirus a few months ago.

Queen Elizabeth's Granddaughter Zara Tindall Reveals She Suffered 2nd Miscarriage Before Welcoming Daughter Lena

Back in 2016, Zara Tindall revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage, and now, she’s opening up about a second miscarriage she suffered later on.

“I think you need to go through a period where you don’t talk about it because it’s too raw,” the 37-year-old granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth told the Sunday Times. “But, as with everything, time’s a great healer.”

The second miscarriage happened “really early on” in her pregnancy. After the second miscarriage, Zara became pregnant again and gave birth to baby Lena this past June.

Zara and her husband Mike Tindall are also parents to a four-year-old daughter named Mia.

Zara & Mike Tindall Announce New Royal Baby's Name!

Zara and Mike Tindall have announced the name of their newborn daughter, who was born earlier this month!

“The name is Lena Elizabeth. It was just a name they liked,” a spokesperson told The Telegraph in a new statement just a few days after her arrival.

Lena” will be pronounced Lay-na and “Elizabeth” is in honor of Queen Elizabeth. Zara is Queen Elizabeth‘s granddaughter.

Lena is now nineteenth in line for the throne!

Congrats to the happy couple on the wonderful new addition to the family.

Queen Elizabeth's Granddaughter Zara Tindall Welcomes Baby Girl

Zara Tindall, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, welcomed a baby girl with her husband Mike Tindall!

“Mrs Michael Tindall was safely delivered of a baby girl on 18th June, at Stroud Maternity Unit. Mr Tindall was present at the birth. The weight of the baby was 9lbs 3oz,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement (via People).

The couple also have a four-year-old daughter named Mia Grace Tindall.

Zara sadly suffered a miscarriage back in 2016.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the wonderful new addition to the family!