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MILCK Drops New Song 'This Is Not the End' - Listen Now!

MILCK just dropped another super empowering song!

In the up-and-coming singer’s new single “This Is Not The End,” she sings about staying empowered even as troubles come about and the importance of self-care.

“I think activism and standing up for what we believe can be a very tiring and exhausting path, but self-care and self-nurture is important. If my music can be that for people, that’s my honor,” MILCK told Billboard.

Her self-titled debut EP is set to be released January 19th.

Check out the entire song below…

Click inside to read the lyrics to “This Is Not The End”…
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Milck Releases New Version of 'I Can't Keep Quiet' to Support #MeToo Campaign (Video)

Milck made a name for herself after the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. this past January when her empowering anthem “Quiet” went viral online.

Now, the singer-songwriter turned social activist is releasing a new version of the song along with a music video.

Milck, who is a survivor of sexual assault, recorded this new version incorporating survivors singing with her. The video was going to be released this coming January, but she pushed up the release in the wake of the sexual assault scandals in Hollywood and elsewhere.

On January 19, Milck will released her label debut EP This Is Not the End.

Milck – “Quiet” [Official Video]

VIDEO: 'I Can't Keep Quiet' - Women's March Participants Sing Powerful Anthem

A video of a group of women singing a poignant song called “Quiet” during the Women’s March has gone viral.

It was written by Los Angeles musician MILCK, who led an a cappella group in song as they walked around the D.C. area for the grassroots march, which was attended by an estimated half a million people.

“The #ICANTKEEPQUIET project is dedicated to celebrating our unique voices and identities, in an effort to break the cycles of oppression perpetuated by today’s media,” the website for the song/project states.

Emma Watson even shared the inspiring video on Twitter.

MILCK is clearly in awe over the response, tweeting, “this is amazing… choirs from all over the world want to learn this arrangement. I’ll have public arrangements for free download soon!”

Watch one of the performances below!