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Hayden and Milo's Hug of Heroes

Everybody together now: Awwwwww!

Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia show some affection and give each other a big hug outside of Hayden‘s trailer on the set of their TV show Heroes in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The now 18-year old actress recently shared the freedom of youth saying, “It’s great to be single. It’s great to have boyfriends. Or girlfriends. There are occasions when you kiss your best friend growing up, having fun and goofing about. Like perfecting your technique!”

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Milo Ventimiglia's Guys' Night Out

Heroes costars Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar, aka the Petrelli brothers, grab dinner together at Nobu restaurant in London on Monday.

As we all know, Milo, 30, is a suit guy. And studying the art of the suit is on his life agenda: “Studying suit-making in Italy is something I’d love to do. My family is from Sicily and I went back there when I was 22. I’d love to return and work with a tailor to get to understand how a great suit is made.”

Mr. Ventimiglia also recently told People that he’s really pumped about the upcoming movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Milo said, “May 22, I will be there.”

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Milo Ventimiglia @ BAFTA Awards 2008

Heroes costars Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar (pictured below) walk the red carpet at the British Academy Television Awards (BAFTA 2008) at The Palladium on Sunday in London, England.

FYI: Milo, 30, and Adrian, 42, play the Petrelli brothers on the their hit sci-fi series (Peter and Nathan, respectively).

Earlier this week, Milo was interviewed on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show to hype up his new film, Pathology, in theaters now. Mr. Ventimiglia said he spent a lot time in the morgue to prepare for the role, watching 19 real autopsies and a couple hundred dead bodies.

“It was an experience I needed to fit in with the character,” Milo said. “I could really see the cold, calculated medical side as well as understand how they desensitize themselves and shut down their emotions. It gives them such an appreciation for life. To look someone in the eye when you have a conversation, to shake someone’s hand, to hug your family, to kiss a woman. Any of that stuff is so much more rich now.”

During the interview, he also denied the rumors that he was househunting with co-star girlfriend Hayden Panettiere. Listen here.

Other pictures include Milo at Thursday’s Conde Nast Traveler 8th Annual “Hot List” Party at Mansion in New York City.

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Milo's Mission For Mother's Day

Milo Ventimiglia dropped by Live with Jimmy Kimmel! on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old Heroes hottie talked about his Wizard World comic book convention appearance, his Air Force Reserves trip, and his new movie Pathology.

Before going up on the fighter plane, it was recommended that Milo eat peanut butter and bananas beforehand. Why?

“Because they taste the same going up as they do going down,” Milo shared. Good to know!

Watch Milo‘s interview with Jimmy here.

And according to OK!, Milo‘s been wracking his brains trying to choose the right Mother’s Day gift to impress Lesley Panettiere, the mom of his girlfriend, Hayden, 18.

“He met Lesley and knows how tight Hayden is with her mom,” a friend of Milo says. “He wants to be thoughtful and send both mom and daughter a gift, but he’s stumped!”

Milo Ventimiglia Wanted to be a Fighter Pilot

Before Milo Ventimiglia was playing the power-absorbing Peter Petrelli in Heroes or even acting for that matter, he had some other life aspirations.

“I had a couple options,” Milo, 30, shared on Live with Regis and Kelly! “One, I wanted to be an actor. Two, I wanted to be a doctor. And third, I wanted to be a fighter pilot.”

But even though Milo went on to become an actor, he still took to the skies: “During the strike, when Hollywood was shut down, [I went up in a fighter plane]. And I also spent some time with the Air Force Reserves. It was amazing. It was one of the coolest things I’d ever done to see what these pilots put themselves through, the training, what the planes are capable of.”

When co-host Kelly Ripa asked if he felt nauseous up in the fighter plane, Milo laughed, “Yeah, I got sick. It’s hard not to. There’s actually a photograph of me before I got into the plane–hair’s polished, I’m looking good, I’m standing up tall. And then there’s one of me after I finished the flight and eh, a little crooked.”

And good news! Milo had a little tidbit to share about Heroes: “We’re going into [filming] our third season starting May 1. Back with new episodes in September!”

Hoorah!!! Watch Milo‘s interview on Regis below. Milo‘s latest film, Pathology, opens in theaters this Friday!

Milo Ventimiglia on Live with Regis and Kelly, 4/15

Milo Ventimiglia Shops Snowboards

Heroes hottie Milo Ventimiglia shops snowboards, boots and bindings at the Burton store on Melrose in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Hope things with him are still going well with costar Hayden Panettiere!!

The third season of Heroes will start up on Monday, September 15 with a three-hour premiere.

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Milo Ventimiglia is Pathology Perfect


Milo Ventimiglia (sans girlfriend Hayden Panettiere) promotes his new film Pathology, at the Wizard Comic Book Convention in Los Angeles on Saturday. Pathology opens in limited release on April 18. More pics inside…

Pathology synopsis via Wiki: A group of medical residents studying pathology devise a deadly game: to see which one of them can commit the perfect murder. When med school student Ted Gray (Ventimiglia) graduates top of his class he joins one of the nation’s most prestigious Pathology programs. With talent and determination Ted is quickly noticed by the program’s privileged and elite band of pathology interns who invite him into their crowd. Intrigued by his new friends he begins to uncover secrets he never expected and finds that he has unknowingly become a pawn in their dangerous and secret after-hours game at the morgue of who can commit the perfect undetectable murder. As Ted becomes seduced into their wild extracurricular activities the danger becomes real and he must stay one step ahead of the game before he is the next victim.

You know Milo‘s texting Hayden

Pathology Trailer feat. Milo Ventimiglia

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