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Billie Eilish & Rosalia Drop 'Lo Vas A Olvidar' Song - Read Lyrics & English Translation Here!

Billie Eilish and Rosalia‘s collaboration has been teased since 2019 and now it has finally been released!

The two stars teamed up for the English and Spanish collaboration “Lo Vas a Olvidar,” which will be featured in the upcoming episode of Euphoria.

“We wrote most of the song in January of 2019. It’s been a long long time,” Billie told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “I think Rosalia opened a little channel in me that I hadn’t tried out before. Obviously a lot of it is in Spanish, which I think is so important… It went through lots of stages, which is kind of rare for us. Usually the production we do is the production we end up with. This one was really not that way. It was two years. So obviously you’re gonna change.”

We have the English translation to the song, which you can read below.

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Glastonbury 2021 Cancelled Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Glastonbury 2021 has been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The festival’s organizers Michael and Emily Eavis announced the news on Twitter.

The pair wrote, “With great regret, we must announce that this year’s Glastonbury Festival will not take place, and that this will be another enforced fallow year for us.”

The statement continued, “In spite of our efforts to move Heaven & Earth, it has become clear that we simply will not be able to make the Festival happen this year. We are so sorry to let you all down.”

The festival was expected to be held in June 2021. Michael told NME that he was hopeful the festival could return this year if enough people were vaccinated.

Glastonbury 2020 was also cancelled last year due to coronavirus concerns. The bill included Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Pet Shop Boys, Dua Lipa, and Noel Gallagher among many others.

It was recently announced that another major festival is expected to be postponed due to coronavirus – click here to read more.

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Morgan Wallen's 'Dangerous: The Double Album' Debuts No. 1 on Billboard 200, Breaks Country Album Streaming Record!

Morgan Wallen is No. 1!

The 27-year-old country singer’s new album Dangerous: The Double Album has debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart as of Sunday (January 17).

Dangerous: The Double Album, which was released on January 8, earned 256,000 equivalent album units in the United States in the week ending on Thursday, January 14.

Of the 256,000 album units, 184,000 of those units are from streaming, equaling 240.18 million on-demand streams of the album’s songs.

This marks the largest streaming week ever for a country album. The record was previously held by Luke Combs, whose album What You See Is What You Get earned 102.26 million streams.

This is Morgan‘s second studio album, following If I Know Me, which was released back in 2018.

You can download Morgan‘s Dangerous: The Double Album off of iTunes here and stream it below thanks to Spotify.

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Blake Shelton Defends New Song 'Minimum Wage' Amid Backlash

Blake Shelton is standing up for his new song.

The 44-year-old country superstar reacted to criticism of his latest track, “Minimum Wage.”

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During an interview with CMT, Blake reacted to those who took offense to the track due to Blake being a millionaire and seemingly romanticizing money troubles amid the pandemic.

Girl, lookin’ at you lookin’ at me that way / Can make a man feel rich on minimum wage / Girl, your love is money, your love is money / Yeah, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage,” he sings.

“I just feel like these days, there are people out there who don’t want to know the truth. They just want to hear what they want to hear, and they want to pick a fight. No matter what your intention is, no matter what the truth is, they want it to be something that they can be upset about so that they can get on social media and try to grab a headline,” he said in response to criticism on social media.

He added that he thought he “missed something” offensive in the song, and said the backlash “was really not real.”

“Whatever this backlash is, is just four or five people that probably don’t know anything about country music. They clearly hadn’t heard the song or read the lyrics. If they had, they couldn’t feel this way about the song,” he explains.

“It’s literally a love song about how if times are tight and you ain’t got much money — as long as you have love and you’re happy — at the end of the day, that’s all any of us can really hope for. You got it if you got that. That’s all that matters. And if that’s offensive to you, then we’ll just have to agree to disagree,” he continued.

“I have to say, if we have to start thinking like this, then I guess that’ll be where I have to bow out. Because that’s one of the longest-standing traditions in country music is lyrics about love. And if you’ve got love, then that’s all that matters. There won’t be much left to play or write about on country radio if this is something that we have to think twice about.”

He added that he has “some of the best memories” when he was struggling for money at the start of his career.

“If I was making minimum wage back then, it was barely minimum wage,” he explained.

“I just related to the lyrics so much, you know? Just like probably 95 percent of artists out there, I struggled for so long to get by. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade those times for anything. Those days when the big struggle was, ‘Man, do I pay my rent or my electric bill, or do I just say screw it and go buy some beer?’ You had to decide because you didn’t have enough to go around.”

Gwen Stefani recently revealed something about their relationship.

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Jennifer Lopez Is an Angelic Beauty in 'In The Morning' Video - Watch!

Jennifer Lopez is an angel!

The 51-year-old music superstar just released the stunning music video for her latest single “In the Morning” on Friday (January 15).

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Jennifer sprouts wings in the ethereal clip, showcasing many different high fashion looks.

“The song is really about demanding someone to treat you in the right way. There’s a lot of symbolism in the video. This girl, kind of, falls into a relationship and she’s sinking in this water so she grows a mermaid tail. And then little by little she starts growing her own wings just to be able to walk away from the relationship,” Jennifer explained.

Jennifer recently got candid about her love life with Alex Rodriguez, and being forced to postpone their wedding multiple times. See what she said about their nuptials!

Ariana Grande Drops '34+35' Remix Featuring Two of Rap Music's Hottest Female Stars - Listen Now!

Ariana Grande has released a remix version of her hit song “34+35″ from the new Positions album!

The new version of the song features two of the hottest female stars in rap music right now – Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat.

“Can we stay up all night? F–k a jet lag / You bring your fine ass and overnight bag,” Doja raps in the song’s second verse.

“Rock you like a baby but you know I’m bout to keep you up / Welcome to my channel and today I’m bout to teach you somethin’ / I can make you pop, legs up like a can-can,” Megan raps in the third verse of the song.

You can download the song right now on iTunes or you can stream it below from YouTube.

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Zayn Malik Drops Third Studio Album 'Nobody is Listening' - Listen Now!

Zayn Malik has released his new album!

The 28-year-old singer just dropped his latest album titled Nobody is Listening at midnight on Friday (January 15).

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Nobody is Listening is Zayn‘s third album as a solo singer. His debut album Mind of Mine was released in 2016 while his sophomore album Icarus Falls was released in 2018.

The release of Zayn‘s new album comes just a few days after he celebrated his first birthday as a dad. You can read the sweet message girlfriend Gigi Hadid wrote to Zayn for his birthday here.

If you missed it, the 25-year-old model recently shared a brand new photo of their daughter!

You can download Zayn Malik‘s new album off of iTunes here – listen to Nobody is Listening below thanks to Spotify!