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Mother Daughter Country Duo Naomi & Wynonna Judd To Be Focus Of Fox's Anthology Series 'Icon'

Wynonna and Naomi Judd are about to be back in the spotlight as the first subjects on Fox’s upcoming anthology series, Icon.

The new project is a drama series which will profile some of the world’s biggest music legends and first up are the mother and daughter country duo, who disbanded in 1991.

According to Deadline, the series “will spotlight the drama behind the glamour and the dynamic relationship between the loving, yet often challenging, Naomi and Wynonna.”

It will also tell their fascinating story through the music and songs that shaped their career and the country music genre. With a long line of personal tragedies, they are a true testament to a family bond like no other, with roots that go deeper than fame.

Naomi and Wynonna are also set to executive produce the show.

If you didn’t know, this famous actress is related to the country duo!

Naomi Judd Opens Up About Battle with Suicidal Depression

Singer Naomi Judd is opening up about her battle with suicidal depression.

“Nobody can understand it unless you’ve been there,” Naomi, 70, told People. “Think of your very worst day of your whole life – someone passed away, you lost your job, you found out you were being betrayed, that your child had a rare disease – you can take all of those at once and put them together and that’s what depression feels like.”

“I literally couldn’t leave the house for weeks. I was completely immobilized and every single second was like a day,” Naomi added. “It’s so beyond making sense but I thought, ‘Surely my family will know that I was in so much pain and I thought they would have wanted me to end that pain [through suicide].’”

Naomi was the victim of sexual abuse when she was a young girl, at the hands of a relative.

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