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Nigella Lawson Explains Why She Pronounced 'Microwave' The Way She Did In Now Viral Video

Nigella Lawson made headlines this week after she had pronounced the word microwave incorrectly in a video.

Now, the 60-year-old Britsh chef is revealing the story behind the inside joke and wants fans to know she knows how to pronounce it right.

“Well, I do say it like that, but not because I think that’s how it’s actually pronounced,” Nigella shared while responding to one Twitter user’s question about it. “Can this be the end of it now?”

However, she went on, responding to some other tweets about it while promoting her new cookbook, “Eat, Cook, Repeat”.

“[It's] a camp joke that becomes a habit,” Nigella added.

She also poked more fun at the viral joke with a fake Ikea ad that spelled out her pronunciation.

If you missed the viral video of her mispronunciation, check it out here!

Celeb Chef Nigella Lawson's Pronunciation of 'Microwave' Has the Internet LOL'ing

Celeb chef Nigella Lawson pronounced the word “microwave” in a way that has likely never happened before and the moment is going viral on social media!

During an episode of her show, Cook, Eat, Repeat, the 60-year-old chef cooked black-pudding meatballs with fatty milk.

At one moment, she revealed that she had heated full fat milk in the microwave, but it’s the pronunciation of the word that has fans laughing.

She’s roughly pronouncing the word as: “mee-crowe-wahv-ay.” We’re getting straight up Adele Dazeem flashbacks over here!

Check out the clip of Nigella Lawson pronouncing “microwave” in the most unique way possible…