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NikkieTutorials Provides Feminizing Makeup Hacks After Coming Out as Transgender

NikkieTutorials is showcasing some of her tips and tricks that are very personal.

The 26-year-old beauty YouTube guru, who came out as a transgender woman at the beginning of 2020, posted a Feminizing Makeup Hacks tutorial on Sunday (November 8).

“For the longest time, I wasn’t ready,” she admitted in the video.

“I’m finally ready to sit down and tell you techniques and ways to make your face more feminine,” she went on to say before adding a “huge” disclaimer.

“I think it is disgusting that we live in a world where only if you look cis, where you look like a biological woman, you get to pass as a trans person – that is unacceptable, and I’m still fighting for that every single day. But this video isn’t for society. This video isn’t to please others. This is a video for anybody out there to find new techniques to alter your look. At the end of the day, that’s what makeup is for.”

She recently teamed up with Selena Gomez for a major collab – watch!

Watch her techniques…

Selena Gomez Does Her Makeup With NikkieTutorials - Watch! (Video)

Selena Gomez is showing off her glam with NikkieTutorials!

The “Look at Her Now” singer made an appearance on the YouTuber’s popular channel in a fun video on Sunday (September 6), in which the two used each other’s products from Rare Beauty and Nikkie‘s Beauty Bay palette.

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During their chat, Selena talked about some of her favorite makeup looks through the years, including her “I Can’t Get Enough” music video glam.

She also talked about going to her first TV audition, and her mother’s encouragement along the way.

Selena also discussed the paparazzi: “I’m not really a big fan. I think me, I think I’m like I got a special target on my head. People are assuming or expecting some huge thing for me,” she explained.

They also discussed beauty standards in the industry, as well as mental health. Earlier in the year, Selena opened up about her mental health diagnosis.

Watch their fun collab…

NikkieTutorials Thanks Fans For Support in New Vlog After Being Robbed at Gunpoint

NikkieTutorials gave fans an update in her latest vlog, opening up about being robbed at home with fiance, Dylan Drossaers.

The incident happened earlier this month where the 26-year-old beauty mogul and Dylan were robbed at gunpoint inside their home, which Nikkie described as one of her worst nightmares.

“A couple of days ago, Dylan and I were part of one of my worst nightmares,” she shared in the video. “We were robbed at gunpoint at our own home and, even though I can’t tell you too much because there’s still a very ongoing investigation, I do want to let you know that I am ok. I may not look like I’m ok right now, but I’m ok.”

Nikkie went on, “Having one of those worst nightmares come true is very surreal, but it also puts a lot of things in perspective. Now more than ever you realize that family is everything and being in good health is even more important, so maybe one day I’ll be able to tell you everything, but right now it’s impossible for my mental state, but also for the law because we’re trying to do everything to make this right.”

She also expressed that makeup has always helped her get through the dark days and credits her fans with helping her with supportive messages.

“Every time I had one of those dark days, I had you there to support me and you have been there for me so much,” Nikkie adds. “I can’t thank you enough for the messages I’ve seen on Twitter, on Instagram, everywhere and knowing that there’s such a huge group of people out there who are rooting for us, who are loving us, who are wishing us nothing but the best—thank you. Honestly, thank you.”

Watch Nikkie‘s brand new vlog below:

YouTuber NikkieTutorials Robbed at Gunpoint at Home

YouTuber NikkieTutorials has revealed that she and her fiance Dylan Drossaers were robbed.

The 26-year-old beauty guru wrote a message on her Instagram Story to confirm the story, which had been spreading online.

“Earlier today one of my biggest nightmares became reality when we got robbed under gun point at our own home,” she wrote in a short statement posted online.

Dylan and myself got attacked but physically we’re okay. Mentally it’s a whole other story,” she continued.

We’re so sorry to hear this and hope NikkieTutorials and her fiance are both doing okay. Her fans have been very supportive in the comments.

Click in the gallery to read NikkieTutorials entire message to her fan base after her terrifying experience…

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NikkieTutorials Addresses Jeffree Star's 'Cremated' Palette Scandal - Watch!

NikkieTutorials is addressing Jeffree Star‘s latest scandal.

The 26-year-old YouTuber opened up in a review of Jeffree‘s controversial new Cremated palette in a video posted on Wednesday (May 20), which has faced criticism for being death-themed amid the global health crisis.

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“Even though I have to agree with the people that the timing…the timing,” she said.

“So many people are passing away because of the coronavirus, and we need to take a distance from people, having a burial and that ceremony is a very touchy subject at the moment. I have to agree with people saying that the timing is a little…urgh. With that comes – and I’m not defending anyone – after I taped my appearance on Ellen in January, I actually visited Jeffree,” she revealed.

Jeffree showed me this palette and told me it was geared for April. He had been working on it for so long. That tells you that creating makeup isn’t done in two weeks. It isn’t done in two months…it takes months upon months of finding the right balance of the formula, it’s like a whole sort of journey, but then the virus happened. So I don’t want to get into it too, too far, but the thing is though…it wouldn’t have mattered if he came out with this right now, or in a couple of months. We’re going to have to deal with the virus for the next couple of years, probably…the theme is cremated, so it would have hurt people either way.”

Jeffree also spoke about the scandal on the same day.

Watch Nikkie‘s review…

YouTube Star NikkieTutorials Continues to Speak Negatively of Her 'Ellen' Show Experience

YouTube star NikkieTutorials is continuing to speak out about the negative experience she had while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in January.

The 26-year-old beauty guru was on the talk show to open up about coming out as transgender and she previously has said that Ellen never greeted her before the interview and that the host was “cold” and “distant.”

Nikkie opened up more during an interview with &C Magazine (via Pop Crave).

“Maybe I’m being naive, but I expected them to welcome me with confetti… ‘Welcome to the Ellen DeGeneres Show!’ But instead I got greeted by an angry intern, who was a bit overworked. I expected a Disney show, but I got a Teletubbies After Dark,” Nikkie said. “Every guest at Ellen had a private toilet, but I didn’t. I couldn’t even use the closest toilet to me, because it was reserved for the Jonas Brothers… They were allowed, I wasn’t, I thought. Even though looking back, my interview got 8 million views, while theirs only got 2 million. Ha!”

Nikkie added, “For people who didn’t know me, it was a good summary of my story. But the people who did know me expected more. ‘I should’ve just went on Eva Jinek,’ I thought to myself.”

She says that after being on the show, she thought to herself, “Don’t meet your idols.”

NikkieTutorials Calls Out Ellen Degeneres for 'Cold' & 'Distant' Meeting Experience On Her Show (Video)

NikkieTutorials, otherwise known as Nikkie de Jager, is opening up about her experience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

During her appearance back in January, the 25-year-old YouTube guru spoke with Ellen about her coming out after being blackmailed, and the overwhelming amount of positive support she has received.

While recently appearing on early-evening Dutch talk show De Wereld Draait Door, NikkieTutorials spoke frankly about her time on The Ellen Degeneres Show and revealed it wasn’t the most positive.

“Well let’s just say there’s a huge difference between this show and Ellen and I’m saying that in favour of this show.” Nikkie then explained herself further: “It’s nice that you came and said ‘Hi’ before the show started. She didn’t.”

Nikkie added: “Ellen is just such a different world. It functions differently.” When asked if Ellen was “More distant, colder?”, Nikkie replied: “A little”. She then continued to state: “It was a huge honour to be on that stage with Ellen but it wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be.”