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Octavia Spencer Reveals The Best Advice She's Ever Received (& It Came From Whoopi Goldberg)

Octavia Spencer does a bright and fun photo shoot for Good Housekeeping‘s latest issue, on newsstands March 14.

Here’s what the 46-year-old The Shack star had to share:

On the best advice she’s ever received: “The best advice I ever received was from Whoopi Goldberg, who told me to be true to myself. It seems like a cliché until you’re faced with a major decision that will impact your life.”

On her favorite outfit: “My go-to outfit is a pair of form-fitting jeans and a beautiful, classic top. Sometimes I’ll pair it with a blazer and nice pumps!”

On what makes her most proud: “Through it all, I’m most proud of my family. That means both the family I was born into and the family that chose me — my friends.”

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Octavia Spencer Sues Pharmacy Company for Naming Drugs After Her Family Members - Watch the SNL Video!

Octavia Spencer hosted Saturday Night Live last night and she sure brought the laughs!

In one skit, the 46-year-old Hidden Figures actress plays a disgruntled former pharmacy company employee who sues her former employer for intellectual property theft.

Octavia‘s character feels as though her former bosses stole the names of her friends and family to name their drugs after.

Between her daughter Seasonique, hairstylist’s daughter Nicorette, her coworker Lunesta (Leslie Jones), and her nephew Dayquil, Octavia wants to be paid for the company stealing the names out her contact list.

Watch the hilarious sketch below!

Drug Company Hearing – SNL

Octavia Spencer Pokes Fun at 'Hidden Fences' in 'SNL' Opening Monologue (Video)

Octavia Spencer made a joke about Hidden Fences in her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live!

Tonight’s episode marked the 46-year-old actress’s SNL hosting debut.

In her monologue, Octavia brought up the 2017 Oscars, noting that some people were getting confused telling the different between Fences and Hidden Figures.

“I get it, I get it,” she says in the video. “There were three black movies at the Oscars this year. That’s a lot for Americans. So if you were gonna get confused anyway, I thought I’d make some money off it anyway. That’s why I produced Hidden Fence Light.”

“I’ve played a nurse so many times, when I played a maid they gave me an Oscar,” she adds.

Watch below!

Octavia Spencer Monologue – SNL

'SNL': Kate McKinnon Plays Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump, Gets 'Help' from Octavia Spencer (Video)

Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Attorney General Jeff Sessions alongside host Octavia Spencer as her Help character Minny in tonight’s Saturday Night Live cold open!

In the skit, Kate plays Jeff as Forrest Gump, sitting on the iconic bench from the movie and chatting up various people walking by.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Octavia Spencer

“My name’s Minny,” Octavia‘s Minny says when she sits down. “You don’t know me, I’m from a different movie.”

She also offers pie and brings up Corretta Scott King.

Watch below to see which other guests show up!

Jeff Sessions Gump Cold Open – SNL

Octavia Spencer Teases Keenan Thompson In 'SNL' Promos (Video)

Octavia Spencer is getting ready to host Saturday Night Live this weekend and it looks like it’s going to be a great episode!

The Oscar winning actress is set to host the show alongside musical guest Father John Misty and the duo teamed up with cast member Keenan Thompson for some pretty funny promo videos.

“I loved you in Hidden Figurines, I bet you those figurines are hard to find when they’re hidden well,” Keenan says before Octavia corrects him and gives him a shove.

In another promo, Octavia calls Keenan out for getting a little to excited about the show.

Check out the hilarious promos below…

Octavia Spencer, John Lithgow & Luke Bryan Play Catchphrase with Jimmy Fallon - Watch Now!

There was a rousing game of Catchphrase during last night’s (March 2) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episode!

Hidden Figures star Octavia Spencer teamed up with John Lithgow, while Jimmy and musical guest Luke Bryan partnered up. Jimmy and Luke seemed to be a well-equipped Catchphrase machine. However, the tables were turned as the final round approached.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Octavia Spencer

Octavia, 46, also sat on the couch to promote her new film The Shack and recounted all of the drama surrounding the Oscars Best Picture mix-up.

“It was kind of sad, it’s an honest mistake. I think everyone handled it really well,” Octavia said. “And I’m glad Warren Beatty explained all the drama. It squashed it.”

Catchphrase with Octavia Spencer, John Lithgow and Luke Bryan

Click inside to watch the rest of Octavia Spencer and John Lithgow appearance…More Here! »

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Octavia Spencer Runs Into Seth Meyers in 'SNL' Promo - Watch!

Octavia Spencer cracks us up in this funny new promo for Saturday Night Live.

The 46-year-old Hidden Figures star is fresh off being nominated for an Oscar and she’s set to host the show this weekend!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Octavia Spencer

In the promo, Octavia mistakenly arrives at the studio for The Late Show With Seth Meyers instead of SNL.

Seth reminds her that he used to be a writer on the show, but she seems very disinterested and walks away.

Watch this week’s Saturday Night Live promo video below!

Octavia Spencer – SNL Promos
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