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'Drivers License' Singer Olivia Rodrigo Gets a Parking Ticket

Olivia Rodrigo got her driver’s license…and she’s already gotten in trouble, too!

The 18-year-old High School Musical: The Series star and “Drivers License” hit-maker revealed she received a parking ticket on her Instagram Story on Sunday (April 11).

“damn this driving s–t isn’t all fun and games,” she captioned a photo of herself holding a City of Los Angeles parking violation.

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olivia rodrigo instagram

Olivia Rodrigo & Conan Gray Adorably Tease Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me' Re-Recording - Watch!

Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray are helping Taylor Swift promote!

The 18-year-old “Drivers License” superstar and the 22-year-old Kid Krow singer-songwriter teamed up in a TikTok set to the upcoming re-recorded “You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)” on Thursday (April 8).

“you ok? no. fearless (taylor’s version) comes out tonight. here’s a sneak peek of one of our favorites ;) #taylorswift @livbedumb,” Conan captioned the video, which featured the two recreating the iconic music video.

Conan, you ok?” Olivia‘s sign reads.

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Olivia Rodrigo Reveals the Meaning of 'Drivers License' Follow-Up Song 'Deja Vu' - Listen & Read the Lyrics!

Olivia Rodrigo has a big new song out!

Following the record-breaking success of her hit song “Drivers License,” the 18-year-old singer-songwriter just premiered the follow up track, “Deja Vu,” on Thursday (April 1).

On the same day, she joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss her new single, as well as what she learned from the overwhelming success of “Drivers License.”

Here’s what she had to say…

On success after “Drivers License”: “The success of ‘Driver’s License’ has been a huge lesson in how you just need to, when you put a song out, you just need to let it go. And it’s everyone else’s song to interpret, it’s not your song anymore. So that was great. And I think I really had a lot of people around me that kind of were driving that message home. And I think I really did that with that one. But it is sort of difficult having that be my first song ever, because the success is so immense, it sort of feels like a little bit of pressure to follow it up and hopefully sustain that success. But I’ve had “Déjà Vu” picked out for months. I think we decided really last year, maybe like September or something. And so that was always nice to have that picked out.”

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Olivia Rodrigo Reveals the Sweet & Very Personal Gift She Received from Taylor Swift!

Olivia Rodrigo has received a super sweet gift from Taylor Swift!

During a new interview on SiriusXM, the 18-year-old “drivers license” singer revealed that the 31-year-old entertainer sent her the ring she wore while writing her 2012 album Red.

“She is absolutely the kindest individual in the whole world,” Olivia shared. “Actually, last night — like literally 12 hours ago — I got a package from her with this handwritten note.”

Olivia Red Ring

“And she gave me this ring because she said she wore one just like it when she wrote ‘Red’ and she wanted me to have one like it,” Olivia said while flashing the gold Cathy Waterman‘s “Love” ring.

“I truly like don’t understand where she finds the time, first of all. Also, I feel so lucky that I was born at the right time to be able to look up to someone like her,” Olivia gushed. “I think she’s incredible. All of her support and genuine compassion and excitement for me has just been so so surreal.”

After dropping “drivers license” in early January, Taylor sent her love to Olivia saying she’s “so proud” of her.

If you missed it, Olivia Rodrigo revealed who her celebrity crush is!

Olivia Rodrigo Reveals Her Celebrity Crush!

Olivia Rodrigo is revealing her celeb crush!

The 18-year-old “Drivers License” star called in for an interview on RADIO.COM LIVE Check In.

During the conversation, she talked about receiving a letter from Taylor Swift and some of her favorite lyrics from the folklore superstar.

She also addressed Sabrina Carpenter‘s response song, “Skin.”

“I actually don’t know her at all. I think we’ve met once or twice in passing, but I’ve never had a conversation with her so, I don’t think I could write a song that was meaningful or emotional about somebody that I don’t know. But I think artists should be able to write about whatever they want to write about,” she said.

She also called the “Drivers License” sketch on SNL “the biggest compliment in the whole world”, and revealed that Pete Davidson is her celebrity crush!

Pete Davidson, who is my biggest celebrity crush, was singing it and comparing me to Taylor Swift, who is my idol like…it was just insane. It was my 18th birthday too, so it was just a crazy day,” she gushed.

At the same time, Olivia Rodrigo keeps on breaking all kinds of records with her song!

Joshua Bassett Explains Why He Removed Sabrina Carpenter Collab from Upcoming EP

Joshua Bassett is opening up about his decision to remove his collaboration with girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter from his upcoming EP.

The 20-year-old singer and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actor shared the track list for the EP last week and his fans noticed that the collab, titled “We Both Know,” was removed from the list.

Joshua told Billboard that he and Sabrina are “super excited about” the song and “it was a very much a mutual conversation about what is best right now for everybody and this whole situation.”

He added, “I didn’t want my EP to be overshadowed by some other narrative that people were trying to make. I really want the focus to be on the art instead of some of the talk and the chatter. You shouldn’t live to please everybody, but at the same time, there are ways to be sensitive to situations where maybe [‘We Both Know’] has a better chance at a different time.”

Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo photo

Joshua and Sabrina are the alleged subjects of his co-star Olivia Rodrigo‘s hit song “Driver’s License,” which has been on top of the Hot 100 for six weeks now. Sabrina‘s song “Skin” was seemingly a response to that track.

All three of them were mentioned in an SNL skit about the song this past weekend.

“First, I was in disbelief — [I was] mostly proud of Olivia,” Joshua said about the sketch. “The fact that they were using her song in a sketch, I was like, ‘This is great. This is incredible!’”

When he heard his name get called out, he said, “I was like, ‘I think I’m honored?’ They poke fun at everyone and everything. That’s the point of the show. I thought it was hilarious.”

Olivia Rodrigo Is No. 1 for a Fifth Week With 'Drivers License' on Billboard Hot 100

Olivia Rodrigo‘s reign isn’t letting up!

The singer’s hit single “Drivers License” is No. 1 for the fifth week on the Billboard Hot 100, the company confirmed Tuesday (February 16).

The song was originally released on January 8, and “totaled 27.6 million U.S. streams (down 14%) and 16,000 downloads sold (up 29%) in the week ending Feb. 11, according to MRC Data. It also drew 54.3 million radio airplay audience impressions (up 16%) in the week ending Feb. 14, as it wins the Hot 100′s top Airplay Gainer award for a fourth consecutive frame.”

It’s now the 10th song to have debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100 and spent at least five weeks at the top spot. It’s also the first for a female artist’s first No. 1 as a solo act. Congratulations, Olivia!

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