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Harry Styles Reveals He Has Hooked Up with a Fan! (Video)

The guys of One DirectionLiam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles – play a game of “Never Have I Ever” during their appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Wednesday (November 18).

During the game, Harry was called out by Ellen for lying when he claimed that he hasn’t had a song written about him and that he hasn’t hooked up with someone twice his age.

One big reveal that Harry did make is that he has hooked up with a fan, though none of the other guys have.

The 1D guys performed during the appearance and Rebel Wilson also surprised them by making a funny entrance from the audience.

Never Have I Ever with One Direction

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Zayn Malik Reveals Why He Left One Direction & How He Split With Perrie Edwards in 'The Fader' Cover Story

Zayn Malik takes a sip of some juice in this just-released cover for The Fader magazine.

Here’s what the 22-year-old former One Direction singer had to share with the mag:

On why he quit: “I guess I just wanted to go home from the beginning. I was always thinking it. I just didn’t know when I was going to do it. Then by the time I decided to go, it just felt right on that day. I woke up on that morning, if I’m being completely honest with you, and was like, ‘I need to go home. I just need to be me now, because I’ve had enough.’ I was with my little cousin at the time—we were sat in the hotel room—and I was just, ‘Should I go home?’ And he was like, ‘If you want to go home, let’s go home.’ So we left.”

On if his cheating rumors contributed to the decision: “The two things never really coincided in my mind. Obviously, publicly, that’s the way it worked, because it worked well for the purpose. Them two stories looked good together side by side. Stories came out because we were in Thailand, and we were out and about. If we were out in Australia, if we were out in India, the same thing would have happened. It was just at a peak where the fame was intrusive and invasive. It wasn’t because of that that I left—that was just a contributing factor to everything. I’d already made my mind up before that.”

On if he broke up with Perrie Edwards over text: “If you could word it exactly this way, I’d be very appreciative. I have more respect for Perrie than to end anything over text message. I love her a lot, and I always will, and I would never end our relationship over four years like that. She knows that, I know that, and the public should know that as well. I don’t want to explain why or what I did, I just want the public to know I didn’t do that.”

On his frustration with the music: “There was never any room for me to experiment creatively in the band. If I would sing a hook or a verse slightly R&B, or slightly myself, it would always be recorded 50 times until there was a straight version that was pop, generic as fuck, so they could use that version. Whenever I would suggest something, it was like it didn’t fit us. There was just a general conception that the management already had of what they want for the band, and I just wasn’t convinced with what we were selling. I wasn’t 100 percent behind the music. It wasn’t me. It was music that was already given to us, and we were told this is what is going to sell to these people. As much as we were the biggest, most famous boy band in the world, it felt weird. We were told to be happy about something that we weren’t happy about.”

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One Direction is Talking About Having a 'Lad's Holiday' Together

Louis Tomlinson keeps it super casual while landing at LAX Airport to a mob of fans on Monday evening (November 16) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old singer and expecting father was followed closely behind by his One Direction pal Liam Payne.

“We talk about having a lads’ holiday, which could be massive,” Louis recently told People about their hiatus. “Even when we have like, two weeks off, by the time we have a couple days off and get back to work, we’re all raring to see each other again.”

Liam said, “I actually think we’ll be more grown up in the break when we get back to life a little bit…It’s just about catching up with friends and family and just having a bit of a realization for how amazing the time in the band has been so far.”

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Justin Bieber Expected to Top One Direction on 'Billboard 200'

Justin Bieber‘s new album Purpose is expected to top the Billboard 200 chart this week, beating out fellow newcomer Made in the AM from One Direction.

The 21-year-old singer will achieve his sixth number one album on the chart with expected pure album sales of 450,000 copies. His equivalent album units with streaming and other factors built in is 525,000.

One Direction will debut at number two on the chart this week with pure album sales of 400,000 to 425,000 copies. The group is expected to achieve 475,000 equivalent album units with streaming added in.

Both albums are performing a lot stronger than originally predicted. Industry experts had pegged both albums to debut with around 300,000 copies sold, so it shows that the fans sure are turning out in full force!

Simon Cowell Knew Zayn Malik Would Leave One Direction

Zayn Malik gets mobbed while leaving a hotel and getting into a car on Friday (November 13) in New York City.

The 22-year-old singer’s One Direction departure was predicted by manager Simon Cowell.

“I knew Zayn was going before it happened,” Simon said (via Us Weekly). “He was unhappy. My concern was actually for the boys. Zayn wasn’t in a great place but it was his decision to leave, he wasn’t kicked out. He wanted to distance himself. My responsibility was to the boys because they had no warning.”

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One Direction On New Album 'Made In The A.M.': Zayn Malik Left Before We Started To Make It

One Direction stop to say hi to their fans after their interview at BBC Radio in London, England on Friday (November 13).

The guys — Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne — talked up their brand their new album, Made In The A.M.

“He’d [Zayn Malik] actually left before we started to really make it,” Liam revealed to Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small on Nova FM about the record. “We’d written songs but those songs are nothing at that point they’re not definitely going to make the album there’s no solid ground, those songs could be for anybody like it’s just a writing session.”

He added, “So it was kinda crucial at the time that he left that he had left otherwise it might have made things very different for us cause we’d have to do more re-recording of different things and the more work side of things than anything.”

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One Direction: 'Made in the AM' Full Album Stream - LISTEN!

One Direction‘s brand new album Made in the AM was just released and now you can stream all the songs right here thanks to Spotify!

This is the first album that the guys – Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson – have released as a group without Zayn Malik.

1D has been releasing new songs from the album all week long, but now you can finally listen to every track!

Unfortunately, the group most likely will not be touring with this album as they announced they are taking a hiatus for the next year.

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