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'Hamilton' Is Not Eligible at the Oscars, But Other Awards Are Still Possible

The filmed version of the Broadway musical Hamilton will not be nominated for any awards at the 2021 Oscars, because the film is not eligible.

Variety has confirmed with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that “recorded stage productions are not eligible for consideration.”

The Hamilton movie was originally supposed to be released in theaters in October 2021, but Disney decided to put the film on Disney+ to give fans some amazing content while movie theaters are shut down due to the pandemic.

Actor James Whitmore earned a Best Actor nomination at the 1976 Oscars for his performance in a recording of the one-man stage play Give ‘em Hell, Harry, but rules were changed in 1997 to make these types of performances ineligible.

The cast and crew of Hamilton has already been awarded plenty of prizes. The show won 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, as well as a Grammy Award and a Pulitzer Prize.

The Hamilton movie still has a shot at being nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded) category. The “the principal host for variety series and the principal host/performer for variety specials are eligible to be entered with the program categories. Secondary performers are not eligible.” This means that Lin-Manuel Miranda will likely be eligible alongside the producers in this category.

The film will also be eligible in some crafts field, like directing, music direction, and more.

Will an actual movie adaptation of Hamilton ever be made? Here is what Lin had to say about that!

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Oscars 2021 Delayed By Two Months

The 2021 Oscars have officially been delayed amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The show, which was originally supposed to air on February 28, 2021, has been pushed to April 25, 2021. Oscars eligibility has also been extended. It began on January 1, 2020 and was set to expire on New Year’s Eve. However, now films will be eligible until February 28, 2021.

“For over a century, movies have played an important role in comforting, inspiring, and entertaining us during the darkest of times. They certainly have this year. Our hope, in extending the eligibility period and our Awards date, is to provide the flexibility filmmakers need to finish and release their films without being penalized for something beyond anyone’s control,” Academy president David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson said in a statement (via Variety). “This coming Oscars and the opening of our new museum will mark an historic moment, gathering movie fans around the world to unite through cinema.”

The Governors Awards gala, which usually takes place in the fall, will also be pushed.

COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty with regards to major events. In other awards show news, another show is still up in the air this fall.

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Oscars to Set Inclusion Standards for Eligibility, Change to Best Picture Category

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is implementing some major changes.

The organization announced the “Academy Aperture 2025″ initiative on Friday (June 12), which goes into effect beginning with the 2021 Oscars.

The Academy is setting up a task force “to develop and implement new representation and inclusion standards for Oscars eligibility by July 31, 2020,” according to THR.

“While the Academy has made strides, we know there is much more work to be done in order to ensure equitable opportunities across the board. The need to address this issue is urgent. To that end, we will amend — and continue to examine — our rules and procedures to ensure that all voices are heard and celebrated,” said Academy CEO Dawn Hudson.

The Academy also decided on returning to 10 best picture nominees for 2021 in order to maximize the diversity of the films nominated.

They will also implement a “quarterly viewing process” through the Academy Screening Room, the streaming site for Academy members, making it possible to view films year-round in order to broaden each film’s exposure.

The governors of the Academy also passed a resolution calling for an amendment to impose maximum term limits on those who serve on the board. According to the new rules, members will be permitted a lifetime maximum of 12 years. Unconscious bias training will be mandatory for all Academy governors, branch executive committee members and Academy staff, and will be offered to the organization’s roughly 9,000 members.

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Oscars 2021 Could Be Delayed To A Later Date Because Of The Pandemic

The 2021 Oscars could very well be postponed, a source is telling Variety.

The site reports that the prestigious event, which honors the best of filmmaking throughout the year, is set to take place on February 28, 2021 but might be be delayed until a later date.

“It’s likely they’ll be postponed,” one of the sources shared, although any other discussions about the matter weren’t talked about.

Just last month, it was announced that the show would be more inclusive with the kind of movies that would be recognized.

The push for inclusiveness comes after almost all the theaters in the country were shut down due to the pandemic.

“Instead, films that were scheduled for theatrical release, that meet the other eligibility requirements and that are made available for Academy members to view on the organization’s members-only streaming service, Academy Screening Room, within 60 days of being made available on a publicly available streamer or VOD service will be in the running,” the report read.

Find out more about what the new provisions include here.

Oscars 2021 to Include Streaming Films Due to Pandemic

The 2021 Oscars will be more inclusive with the kind of movies being eligible for awards.

The ceremony, which is still scheduled to take place on February 28, 2021, will feature films that did not pass the previous requirement of screening for at least one week in a Los Angeles-area theater, THR reported on Tuesday (April 28).

The new push for eligibility comes as most movie theaters in the country remain shut down indefinitely amid the global health crisis.

“Instead, films that were scheduled for theatrical release, that meet the other eligibility requirements and that are made available for Academy members to view on the organization’s members-only streaming service, Academy Screening Room, within 60 days of being made available on a publicly available streamer or VOD service will be in the running,” the report reads.

The awards rules committee dertermined that “it is not fair to punish companies and filmmakers who felt or feel the need, for reasons financial or otherwise, to get their work out to the world prior to the resumption of traditional moviegoing.”

The meeting on Tuesday (April 28) also determined that two sound Oscars, for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing, will be consolidated into one: Best Sound.

Also, to be eligible for Best Original Score, at least 60% of the film’s music must be original.

Another change: all Academy members will now be able to vote to determine the best international feature shortlist, as opposed to only those who are willing to attend screenings in Beverly Hills.

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Trump Mocks 'Parasite' for Oscar Wins, Neon Studios Issues Epic Response

Donald Trump is lashing out at the movie Parasite for winning the top awards at the Oscars.

During the president’s rally in Colorado, he addressed the awards show and criticized the Academy for awarding a movie from South Korea.

“How bad were the Academy Awards this year? Did you see it?” he asked the crowd. “The winner is… a movie from South Korea! What the hell was that all about? We got enough problems with South Korea with trade. On top of that, they give them best movie of the year? Was it good? I don’t know. Let’s get Gone With the Wind. Can we get Gone With the Wind back, please?”

“So many great movies… the winner is from South Korea!” Trump continued. “I thought it was best foreign film, right? Best foreign movie. Did this ever happen before?”

Parasite actually made history as the first foreign-language film to ever win Best Picture at the Oscars.

Neon Studios, the studio that distributed Parasite in the U.S., issued an epic response to the comments.

“Understandable, he can’t read,” the studio tweeted.

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Salma Hayek Reveals She Spilled Water All Over Eminem at Oscars 2020!

Salma Hayek is revealing a moment you didn’t see on TV that happened at the 2020 Oscars!

The Frida actress explained a hilarious story involving Eminem that happened at the big event on her social media on Wednesday (February 12).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Salma Hayek

“In these pictures it might look like @Eminem and I are best friends, but what really happened is as he was walking offstage and I was getting ready to walk onstage, I was so shocked to see him that I spilled water all over him,” she amusingly admitted.

“If you examine our faces, I look mortified and he looks terrified of me- As I was trying to wipe it off I impulsively hugged him and I said ‘Nice to meet you Eminem- I’m a HUGE fan!’ because I AM! But I was so disappointed that I made such a fool of myself in front of him…” she went on to say.

“and then I read this [swipe right] in @RollingStone. @Eminem you’re the greatest!!!” she added with a link to a Rolling Stone interview, in which Eminem said he got to hug Salma at the event.

It was also Em‘s first time at the Oscars, despite winning before Find out why!

Check out Salma Hayek explaining what happened…

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