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House Reps Refused To Wear Face Masks During U.S. Capitol Breach Prompting Fears It Could Turn Into A Super Spreader Event

A physician is speaking out after it was revealed that several members of the U.S. Congress went maskless during the Capitol Breach earlier this week.

In a new video from the lockdown situation, where lawmakers were held safe in a room inside the building during the riot, a few key representatives were seen refusing a mask to wear.

The masks were distributed by Delaware rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, CNN reports, and the video shows that the group in question – Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, Texas Rep. Michael Cloud and California Rep. Doug LaMalfa – did not take the masks offered.

Ms. Rochester told CNN after the video was unearthed that she was “very concerned we were sitting in a super-spreader event but instead of sitting back and lamenting, I tried to go into action to try and persuade people to put them on.”

“By the end of passing them out, I only had one left in my hand offering them to everyone,” she said. “I was disappointed in those who didn’t accept the masks but was encouraged by those who did. At least we were a little bit safer.”

Ms. Greene‘s office then provided a statement on the matter.

“Congresswoman Greene is a healthy adult who tested negative for COVID at the White House just this week. She does not believe healthy Americans should be forced to muzzle themselves with a mask. America needs to reopen and get back to normal.”

Now, Brian Monaghan, the attending physician to Congress, has put out a memo in warning to the House, advising them what to look out for as he fears it could have turned into a super spreader event.

The fear is due to Kansas rep Jake LaTurner, who tested positive for coronavirus, just a day after the riot happened, and had spent a day trying to convince Congress to stop Joe Biden‘s victory in the Presidential election.

“On Wednesday, January 6, many members of the House community were in protective isolation in room located in a large committee hearing space,” the doctor wrote in an email. “The time in this room was several hours for some and briefer for others. During this time, individuals may have been exposed to another occupant with coronavirus infection.”

He added that those who are experiencing symptoms to continue social distancing and wear a mask, and added that “individuals should obtain an RT-PCR coronavirus test next week as a precaution.”

Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump 'Deranged' & 'Unhinged': 'There Should Be Prosecution'

Nancy Pelosi is speaking out.

The Speaker of the House called out President Donald Trump on 60 Minutes on Sunday (January 10).

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“Sadly, the person who is running the Executive Branch is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous president of the United States, and only a number of days until we can be protected from him. But he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him,” she explained.

“Nothing is off the table,” she added of the idea of invoking the 25th Amendment.

“He can only pardon himself from federal offenses, he cannot pardon himself form state offenses and that’s where he is being investigated, in the state of New York,” she added.

She also discussed why there is support for impeachment, which would restrict him from being able to run again in 2024.

:That’s one of the motivations that people have for advocating for impeachment…well I like the 25th Amendment because it gets rid of him, he’s out of the office. But there is strong support in the Congress for impeaching the president a second time.”

Trump was recently banned from social media platforms for provoking violence at the U.S. Capitol, and tried to log on from some different accounts.

Vice President Mike Pence Will Attend President-Elect Biden's Inauguration

Mike Pence is going to the inauguration.

The Vice President of the United States will attend President-elect Joe Biden‘s inauguration ceremony on January 20, various news outlets reported over the weekend.

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The move comes following the siege of the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump supporters, resulting in five people dead. Trump already said he will not be attending the ceremony, although he did finally concede after losing the presidential election.

Biden said in a press conference that Trump not showing up “is one of the few things we agree on.”

President Donald Trump is planning one of his final appearances before leaving office.

Trump was recently banned across social media for inciting violence amongst his base, and attempted to log-in via various accounts before being suspended each time.

Pedro Pascal Shares Ted Cruz's Office Number After Capitol Breach & 'Wonder Woman' Diss: 'Share Your Thoughts'

Pedro Pascal is inviting his fans to get in touch with Ted Cruz directly.

The 45-year-old Wonder Woman 1984 actress shared the politician’s Central Texas office phone number on Saturday (January 9) following both the violent U.S. Capitol takeover of Trump supporters earlier in the week, as well as a personal jab from the U.S. Senator regarding the actor’s performance in the new Wonder Woman film.

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Ted Cruz’s phone number to share your thoughts,” he wrote on Twitter. As fans have pointed out in the replies, the number was already made available online and not his personal phone number.

The tweet comes as Pedro voiced disdain for the U.S. Capitol breach: “The world is watching and history is recording. This disgrace will be FOREVER IN THE BOOKS,” he wrote, as well as linking to a list of the Republicans who voted to overturn the election results, including Cruz.

Around Christmas, Ted Cruz also wrote a scathing review of the actor’s performance: “Sadly, yes. Catherine & I watched it last night. Gal Gadot remains terrific, but it’s by far Pedro Pascal’s worst performance. The script, was wooden, formulaic & silly (‘look, a fully-fueled fighter jet just sitting there for us!’). But, watching w/ your daughter is still fun!,” he wrote before the New Year.

Here’s how the movie is currently doing at the box office.

Trump Plans Visit to Alamo to Celebrate Mexico Wall After Violent U.S. Capitol Breach

President Donald Trump is planning one of his final appearances before leaving office.

The President of the United States, who recently conceded to Joe Biden following a violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol by his supporters, plans to go to the town of Alamo, Texas to highlight his administration’s work on the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, the White House confirmed via AP.

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He will “mark the completion of 400 miles of border wall and his administration’s efforts to reform what the White House described as the nation’s broken immigration system,” according to the news outlet.

He notably promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, but it has been paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

Trump was recently banned across social media for inciting violence amongst his base, and attempted to log-in via various accounts before being suspended each time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Compares U.S. Capitol Riot to Nazi Germany in Emotional Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger is going viral for a moving video.

The actor and former governor of California addressed the public in a video message on Sunday (January 10), condemning the pro-Donald Trump siege of the U.S. Capitol earlier in the week and denouncing the “spinelessness” of fellow Republicans.

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During the video, he compared the riot in Washington, D.C., to Kristallnacht, the 1938 attack by Nazis in Germany who began destroying Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues.

“The broken glass was in the windows of the United States Capitol. But the mob did not just shatter the windows of the Capitol, they shattered the ideas we took for granted. They didn’t just break down the doors of the building that housed American democracy, they trampled the very principles on which our country was founded,” he said.

He also got candid, revealing he saw men as a child who drank their guilt away by participating in the most “evil regime” in history, and that his father would often get drunk and hit both himself and his mom.

President Trump sought to overturn the results of an election, and of a fair election. He sought a coup by misleading people with lies. My father and neighbors were misled also with lies,” he explained.

Another A-list actor also just addressed the riots.

Man Who Posed at Nancy Pelosi's Desk in Viral Photo Arrested

Richard Barnett, a Donald Trump supporter who went viral for sitting at Nancy Pelosi‘s desk during the recent siege at the U.S. Capitol, has been arrested.

According to NBC, Barnett was arrested Friday (January 8) morning in Little Rock, Ark. and charged with entering and remaining on restricted grounds, violent entry and theft of public property.

A New York Times reporter posted a video where Barnett is seen bragging about breaking into Nancy Pelosi‘s office, holding up one of her personalized envelopes and saying he left her a “nasty note.”

On Thursday (January 7), the Speaker of the House called on Vice President Mike Pence and Trump‘s cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump from office – watch her address here.