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Joe Biden Reveals The Reasons Why He Chose Kamala Harris as His Running Mate in New Joint Interview

Joe Biden is opening up about choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate for the upcoming Presidential election and admitted that it was more about how they aligned in their principles more than the pressure to select a woman of color.

“No, I didn’t feel pressure to select a Black woman,” Mr. Biden, 77, shared in the ABC News interview, airing tonight, August 23.

He continued that “the government should look like the people, look like the country. Fifty-one percent of the people in this country are women. As that old expression goes, ‘women hold up half the sky,’ and in order to be able to succeed, you’ve got to be dealt in across the board.”

While race was something to think about, Mr. Biden shared that he chose Kamala more for her principles, which aligned with his own.

“I cannot understand and fully appreciate what it means to walk in her shoes, to be an African-American woman, with Indian-American background, a child of immigrants,” he said. “She can’t assume exactly what it’s like to walk in my shoes. What we do know is we have the same value set.”

Joe added that Kamala “fit the closest and the best” over the course of the selection process.

“She’s an incredible woman. … On the Judiciary Committee, which I used to chair for years, I watched her just insist on getting the answers, and not relented until she got the answers,” he said. “And so I just — it just seemed to fit.”

Joe and Kamala‘s interview is airing NOW, Sunday, August 23 on ABC.

Earlier in the week, Joe and Kamala watched the DNC Fireworks Show together. See the pics here!