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29 Oscar Nominees Who Didn't Get Golden Globe or SAG Nominations

The Golden Globes and SAG Awards nominations were announced this week and it gives us a good idea of who will be nominated for the upcoming Academy Awards.

While these two awards are good precursors for the Oscars, there are many instances of actors and actresses getting nominated for Oscars without the other two.

THR notes that of the 29 stars who are on this list, many of their performances were released late into awards season and they likely weren’t seen by enough voters on the nominating committees for the Golden Globes and SAG Awards.

Only one person who is on this list has actually won the Oscar after being snubbed by the other two award shows. That is Marcia Gay Harden for 2000′s Pollock. She’s on this list for another nomination as the list only includes the past 20 years of awards shows.

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30 Celebrities Whose Real Names Are Totally Different

There are tons of celebs out there whose stage names are different than their birth names.

While some stars have changed just their last names, just their first names, or maybe adopted their middle name as their first name instead, there are also some stars with completely different names altogether!

One of the main reasons stars have to change their names is because there already is a working entertainer with the same name. Some unions only allow one person to join the union with a specific name, so if your name is taken, you have to come up with a new one.

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See 45 Celebrities' First Red Carpet Appearances with These Throwback Photos!

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with these epic throwback photos we found of celebrities walking the red carpet for the first time!

We went through Getty Images’ website and found photos of 45 celebrities from the first time they ever posed for photos at a public event.

Some stars like Angelina Jolie, Dakota Johnson, and Kate Hudson grew up in the spotlight because of their famous parents and have been walking red carpets since they were children. Other stars first started appearing on the red carpet to promote their first projects.

You’ll definitely be shocked by how different some of the stars look now as compared to then, while some of the stars have barely aged at all.

The photos included are the first photos we could find of these stars on Getty Images, so there’s a chance there could be earlier images that aren’t available there.

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After Tweets Go Viral About Passenger Dying of COVID-19 on Flight, Official Details Are Released

A viral Twitter thread that you have to read made some headlines earlier this week after a passenger on a plane said a man behind her died from COVID-19 in the middle of their flight.

Now, more details are being released by officials on what happened on that plane.

The flight took off from Orlando, Fla. on Monday (December 19) and was en route to Los Angeles. After a man began shaking and experienced cardiac arrest, the flight was diverted to New Orleans.

A spokesperson for United Airlines says that the passenger “declared he was not diagnosed with COVID and had no COVID-related symptoms,” according to TMZ. The spokesperson says that the man’s wife was overheard saying that he really did have symptoms of the virus, including loss of taste and smell.

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Look Inside Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan with These Photos & Video!

Super Nintendo World will be opening at Universal Studios Japan very soon and a new look at the theme park was just unveiled!

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario Bros., presented a video preview of Super Nintendo World and you can watch it below.

The highly themed and immersive land will open at Universal Studios Japan on February 4, 2021. The theme park says that Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Castle tower over the area!

It will feature Mario Kart and Yoshi-themed rides and attractions, as well as restaurants, shops and other experiences. It also provides guests with an all-new type of “Asobi” play experience where they will jump, punch ? Blocks and collect virtual coins. Guests can purchase a Power-Up Band in the land and sync it to their smartphones to keep track of their score and compete with other park guests. At Key Challenge attractions, guests can collect keys, gather character stamps and more using their entire bodies in dynamic activities throughout the land.

Construction has already begun on the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, but no opening date has been announced.

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Me + a Random Phone Note: New Twitter Trend Has People Sharing Selfies & Notes!

Have you noticed this brand new trend on Twitter? People are sharing selfies and random notes from their phone as part of the “me + random phone note” trend.

Kate Walsh, Kyle MacLachlan, 12 Dates of Christmas narrator Natasha Rothwell, West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler and Broadway star Kathryn Gallagher are among the celebs who have participated in the trend.

Kate‘s note was all about some random thoughts she jotted down, including an idea for a perfume and a pitch for a Girls Trip 2 movie.

The note shared by Kyle was about his picks for “Best Coffee Drinks” and he picked two very standard options.

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