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The Dress Is Now Available In White & Gold - For Charity!

The Romans Originals dress is still making headlines and this time for good.

The dress, which caused the greatest Twitter debate of 2015 so far, is now available in white and gold!

“We thought it would be a really good way to raise a lot of money for charity and give something back,” Adrian Addison, the brand’s head of e-commerce, shared with People about the auction.

The white and gold version of the dress is now on Ebay and the funds raised will be given to the U.K charity, Comic Relief.

Comic Relief spends the money raised through Red Nose Day to help vulnerable, poor and disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa turn their lives around.

Watch This Youtube Star Channel 'Family Guy' Characters For 'Uptown Funk' Cover

Check out Youtube star Mikey Bolts doing an amazing cover of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars‘ latest hit “Uptown Funk“!

“This week, I covered Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars‘ hit song “Uptown Funk” in cartoon voices. Hope you like it,” the 23-year-old entertainer wrote on Youtube.

In the video, Mikey channeled Peter Griffin and baby Stewie from Family Guy, Roger the alien from American Dad!, and Hank Hill from King of The Hill, and many other cartoon characters.

If you were unaware, “Uptown Funk” is still top of the Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart for a ninth consecutive week!

Mikey Bolts – ‘Uptown Funk’ Cover

Weasel Riding a Woodpecker Photo Inspires Hilarious Memes!

By now, you must have seen the hilarious photo being posted around Twitter of a weasel hitching a ride on the back of a woodpecker.

The photo was taken by Martin Le-May from Essex, and he has been floored by the reaction.

“I’m so proud so many people are getting to see my image. I’m totally taken aback by the response to it,” he told the BBC. “I heard a distressed squawking noise and feared the worst. I soon realised it was a woodpecker with some kind of small mammal on its back.”

Now, several memes have been created in homage to the photo. See the original below.

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The Model Who Wore 'The Dress' Says The Color Is...

Meet Laura Coleman – she’s the model who actually put on the “What Color Is This Dress” dress and modeled it for the fashion brand!

The dress was designed by Roman Originals and it is currently available on their website in the BLUE AND BLACK, white and black, red and black, and pink and black. Sorry to anyone who saw it as white and gold!

“Okay so I was the first to wear this dress and just to confirm it’s definitely black and blue! #thedress,” Laura wrote on her Instagram account.

Read all the celebrity reactions to the dress color now!

the model who wore the dress says the color is 01
the model who wore the dress says the color is 02
the model who wore the dress says the color is 03
the model who wore the dress says the color is 04
the model who wore the dress says the color is 05

The 'What Color is The Dress' Picture Taker Reveals Real Color!

If you haven’t heard about “the dress” then you had to have unplugged yourself from all social media last night.

The internet exploded with people debating whether the dress was white & gold or blue & black after people were seeing different things.

Now, BuzzFeed has spoken to Caitlin McNeill, the girl who posted the picture that got spread around the globe. She says she posted it online after her friend’s mother sent a photo of what she planned to wear at a wedding and the disagreements began.

“We all went crazy trying to figure out why some people were seeing white and gold, and others saw blue and black,” Caitlin said.

“I showed my band…who were playing at the wedding with me, and we all fell out trying to decide what the problem was,” she said. “We almost didn’t make it on stage because we were so caught up discussing this dress.”

Caitlin confirmed that the dress is indeed BLUE AND BLACK and that the dress on Amazon is the real one.

Celebrities Join the 'What Color is This Dress' Debate!

If you have gone on social media within the last couple of hours, there is NO way you have avoided the great dress debate of 2015.

Tons of celebrities have joined the debate and they even are fighting with each other!

Taylor Swift, Sarah Hyland, Mindy Kaling, Julianne Moore, and Emmy Rossum are all some of the celebs going back and forth with each other over the dress.

While some people see it as white and gold, others view it as being black and blue. Get the answer and explanation now!

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What Color Is This Dress - White & Gold Or Blue & Black?

This dress — which originated on tumblr — is causing the greatest debate on Twitter right now!

What color is this dress? The colors are debated all across social network right now on what color scheme it actually is. Many are saying White and Gold, while others are insisting on Blue and Black. What do you think?

See what the celebs had to say:


Emmy Rossum: “I’m very confused. I distinctly see that that dress is blue and black.”

BJ Novak: “white and gold”

Lucy Hale: “i saw white and gold, then i saw blue and black. now I’m confused.”

Scotty McCreery: “I see White and Gold. Who’s with me? Band is pretty much White and Gold with a couple weird ones that say Black and Blue… Looking at you joey and jayme! Loll.”

Hailey Baldwin: “Nah it’s still black and blue like my SOUL apparently….”

Ally Brooke: “ITS BLUE AND BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jake Miller: “Honestly though if you don’t see white and gold you’re color blind straight up”

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