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'The Ring' Girl Throws First Pitch to 'The Grudge' Villain (Video)

The villains from the horror films The Ring and The Grudge are battling each other in a new Japanese horror movie called Sadako vs. Kayako and they joined forces for a fun viral stunt at a recent baseball game!

Sadako, the villain from The Ring, got on the pitcher’s mound and threw out the first pitch to Kayako, the baddie from The Grudge.

Also seen on the field is Kayako’s little friend Toshio!

Watch the video below and go see Sadako vs. Kayako in theaters this month in Japan, if you happen to be there!

‘The Ring’ Girl Throws First Pitch to ‘The Grudge’ Villain

Celebrities React to Harambe the Gorilla Shooting at Cincinnati Zoo After Child Enters Enclosure - Read the Tweets

Celebrities are reacting to one of today’s most shocking stories – the Cincinnati Zoo killing a Gorilla named Harambe after a four-year-old boy slipped into the enclosure on Saturday (May 28).

Harambe is a 17-year-old, 400-pound gorilla, CNN reports, and the zoo considered the occurrence situation a “life-threatening situation.” The child was in the enclosure with the gorilla for about 10 minutes. The boy traveled “under the rail, through wires and over the moat wall” to get to the gorilla.

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Scripps National Spelling Bee 2016 Ends with Co-Champions!

For the third year in a row, the Scripps National Spelling Bee has ended with co-champions taking home the trophy!

This year’s winners were 13-year-old Jairam Hathwar, whose older brother was a co-champion in 2014, and 11-year-old Nihar Janga, who competed in the competition for the first time.

The two young kids were declared co-champions after they breezed through 24 championship rounds without a winner.

After the competition was over, Nihar said that he was speechless and couldn’t find words because he is only in the fifth grade. Congrats to them both!

Twitter Announces Major Changes, Promises 'More Room for Words' in Updates!

Twitter just announced some big changes happening, which will allow you more room for your 140 character limit!

“In the coming months we’ll make changes to simplify Tweets including what counts toward your 140 characters, so for instance, @names in replies and media attachments (like photos, GIFs, videos, and polls) will no longer “use up” valuable characters,” Twitter announced. “More room for words!”

In addition to the @name replies and media attachments, you’ll now also be able to retweet your own tweets. The biggest change of all may be the famous “.@,” which will no longer be necessary. You will be able to start your tweet with an @ username and not put a period in front.

Chewbacca Lady & Her Kids Get More Masks from Kohl's

Candace Payne, the woman who captured the hearts of over 100 million people with her Chewbacca mask and infectious laugh, just got a big surprise from Kohl’s!

The new viral star mentioned in her video that she got the mask at her local Kohl’s store and the mention helped the mask sell out online and give a big boost in sales.

Representatives for Kohl’s showed up at Candace‘s house on Friday (May 20) to give her more masks for her kids and husband, plenty of other Star Wars merchandise, $2,500 in gift cards, and 10,000 rewards points.

We’re counting down the minutes until Candace undoubtedly makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

chewbacca lady her kids get more masks from kohls 01
chewbacca lady her kids get more masks from kohls 02
chewbacca lady her kids get more masks from kohls 03
chewbacca lady her kids get more masks from kohls 04
chewbacca lady her kids get more masks from kohls 05

This Woman's Chewbacca Mask Made Her Laugh Hysterically!

Star Wars fans are definitely some of the most devoted people in the world and Candace Payne‘s love for Chewbacca is making her a viral star!

The fan posted a video on Facebook Live on Thursday afternoon (May 19) after she picked up a Chewbacca mask at her local Kohl’s store.

“I’d like to say that I bought this for my son that would really, really want it. And let’s be honest, he’ll probably confiscate it from me… He’ll probably take it from me. However, this is mine. At the end of the day, this is mine that I bought and I’m going to keep it for my own!” Candace excitedly said to her followers.

After she put on the mask, she opened up her mouth to let the Chewbacca noises come out and she started to hysterically laugh for over a minute and a half!

“That’s not me making that noise, it’s the mask!!!” Candace said.

candace payne chewbacca mask laugh 01
candace payne chewbacca mask laugh 02
candace payne chewbacca mask laugh 03
candace payne chewbacca mask laugh 04
candace payne chewbacca mask laugh 05

Celebs Share Inaccurate Meme About Instagram Timeline

As you may have heard in the last couple weeks, Instagram will soon be reordering your timeline to present content in order of how it thinks you will find posts interesting, rather than place everything in a chronological order as before.

A meme has started to go viral on the social media app telling users to “turn on notifications” so that they can still see posts that a user puts up.

The meme is inaccurate as all posts will still be there for you to see, they’ll just be in a different order, according to BuzzFeed. If you turn on notifications for every person you follow, you’ll get a push notification to your phone every time someone posts, but it won’t make your timeline change to chronological order. So prepare for your phone to start blowing up with notifications if you follow suit!

Lots of celebs have joined the movement to tell their fans to turn on notifications, including Ellie Goulding, January Jones, Ashley Tisdale, Cameron Dallas, Jaime King, and many more. See their posts below.

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