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Kickstarter 'Kung Fury' Movie Released - Watch Now!

Check out the newly-released Kung Fury video!

In case you don’t know, the project was funded by Kickstarter and is described as “a visually spectacular action comedy that has its foundation in 80s cop movies.”

In fact, David Hasselhoff recently released a lead single for the movie titled “True Survivor,” which you can watch inside.

Watch the full Kung Fury movie below!

(Warning – the video included rated R content)

Kickstarter ‘Kung Fury’ Movie

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The 'Charlie Charlie Challenge' Went Viral This Weekend

Something you might have noticed trending on social media this weekend was the “Charlie Charlie Challenge,” so let’s fill you in if you missed it!

To play the game, participants need just a sheet of paper and two pencils. You need to draw two lines on the paper to form a cross and then write “yes” in the top left and bottom right squares, as well as “no” in the other squares. Next, you place one pencil on the horizontal line and balance the other pencil on top of it to cover up the other line.

Once everything is set up, participants need to chant this phrase out loud twice: “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?” The pencil will point to yes or no and if it goes to yes, you can continue asking questions and the pencil should continue moving to give the answer.

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Celebrities React to Fatal Train Derailment in Philadelphia

Six people are dead and over 140 are in the hospital after an Amtrak train tragically derailed on Tuesday (May 12) near Philadelphia, Pa.

The train was traveling from Washington to New York when it derailed in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia at about 9:30PM.

“It is an absolute, disastrous mess,” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said of the crash site (via CNN). “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

Celebrities immediately took to Twitter to express their grief and share their thoughts on the terrible tragedy.

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amtrak train derailment celeb tweets 01
amtrak train derailment celeb tweets 02
amtrak train derailment celeb tweets 03
amtrak train derailment celeb tweets 04
amtrak train derailment celeb tweets 05

Justin Bieber, Rihanna, & More Stars Honor Their Moms on Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Some of your favorite actors, singers, and models have taken to social media to honor their own moms on this special holiday.

See what some of them had to say below!

Justin Bieber: This little 4’9 woman may not look like a mom but she is, and she’s the best at it!. This woman taught me everything I know, how to love how to be compassionate how to be strong when the only thing u wanna be is weak how to stand when all you want to do is fall. If it wasn’t for this woman lets just say I would have had a way LONGER stupid phase. I love u and thank u for not giving up on me!

Rihanna: Happy Motherz Day to the best, the sweetest, the illest, the “kill Ya wit a smile”…. MAMA FENTZ!!!! Love you downe gurl!!! Mom, Thank you.

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McDonald's Has a New Hamburglar & the Internet Is Obsessed

Fast food chain McDonald’s just revealed the new mascot for the Hamburglar and the Internet is really into him.

“McDonald’s new premium limited time offer, the Sirloin Third Pound Burger, happened to be just enticing enough to bring the Hamburglar back into the public eye and his urge to resurface was unstoppable,” McDonald’s said in a statement to E! News. “The Hamburglar was last seen on national television in 2002, and has been lying low until the release of the McDonald’s new Sirloin Third Pound Burgers. These days, he’s a suburban dad. Previously, the Hamburglar had been living a quiet life until the release of Sirloin Third Pound Burgers, which lured him back into the public eye.”

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mcdonalds hamburglar mascot 01
mcdonalds hamburglar mascot 02

'It's Gonna Be May' - Best Internet Reactions to the Meme

There are just a few hours left until it’s May 1, so you know what that means… the “It’s Gonna Be May” meme is about to hit your timeline like crazy.

It has been several years now since the Justin Timberlake image has gone viral and it seems like most can’t wait for it to go away!

Since it kind of sounds like Justin says the word “May” instead of “me” in the N Sync song “It’s Gonna Be Me,” the meme was born.

DO YOU ENJOY seeing this meme every year?

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YouTube Star Reveals She Has Two Vaginas (Video)

YouTube celebrity Cassandra Bankson is creating headlines today after revealing in a new video that she has two vaginas.

The 22-year-old online personality first found out about it when doctors made the discovery when she was being treated for lower back pain.

Cassandra reached YouTube fame when she opened up about her trouble with acne and created tutorials for using makeup to cover it up.

“Most vaginas are one large cavity, but this is a complete separation into two different cavities. I was shocked and the doctor explained to me that it was like an upside nose,” she told Barcroft TV. “I didn’t really know what to make of it — I was just in shock, but I don’t really let it get in the way of my life. It certainly helped explain a lot of things.”

“As far as my understanding of how it affects a person’s sex life — for some people having two vaginas can make it very painful — for others I assume there are more nerve endings so it could be more pleasurable,” Cassandra added.

YouTube Star Reveals She Has Two Vaginas
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