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'It' Stars Nicholas Hamilton & Chosen Jacobs Spill on Being in a Stephen King Film

Nicholas Hamilton and Chosen Jacobs, stars of Stephen King‘s horror film It, are spilling on what it was like to work on such a massive film!

The 17-year-old and 16-year-old actors chatted about the flick and their blossoming careers in their recent RAW feature.

Nicholas on being in a Stephen King movie: “Well, if I was to compare it to something, I worked in a movie 2-3 years ago called Captain Fantastic. It’s very similar in the sense of there’s these kids that band together to make something happen in their way. But when you base something off of a Stephen King novel, you have the layers that he creates. There’s an arch for every character. There’s definitely the pressure always of people knowing what we were doing while we were doing it whereas Captain Fantastic, no one knew about it until it came out. So it’s a lot different.”

Chosen on how he got his name: “My dad was out in the Chinatown of Atlanta and he just heard an Asian couple talking and then the baby said something that sounded like ‘chosen.’ I don’t know if he just heard it or if that’s what he wanted to hear, but that’s how I got my name. He’s like, ‘We’re going to name him Chosen.’ And I agree with it!”

Nicholas on how he’d like to be remembered: “Being a nice guy. You hear about guys like Tom Hanks and Steve Carell, they’re known as like the nicest guys in Hollywood. I want to be like that. I aspire to be one of those guys who you want to meet, and after you meet them, you want to see ‘em constantly. And it sounds like a self-centered thing, but I really want to be the guy who everybody wants to be friends with.”

Chosen on how he got involved in entertainment: “I started off doing music, and I’ve always loved that. The goal of a singer is to make people feel something. Acting is kind of the same thing, so my mom put me in some theater here and there, some classes. I’ve been blessed to be able to book something awesome like It and Hawaii Five-0 and it’s just been a great experience.”

Watch the duo hilariously play the Whisper Challenge below!

For more from Nicholas and Chosen, visit (Nicholasfeature here and Chosen‘s feature here).

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'It': Sophia Lillis & Wyatt Oleff Dish on Working With Bill Skarsgard & More!

The young stars of It Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff are spilling some on-set secrets!

The 15-year-old actress and the 14-year-old actor – who are both members of The Losers’ Club in the film – snapped these cool pics for the latest issue of our online magazine RAW.

Sophia on working with Bill Skarsgard, who plays Pennywise the clown: “All of the crew members are just cool calming people that even seeing Bill Skarsgard with his full clown makeup was funny to see because he acted so nice to me. He’s like, ‘Hey! How’s you day?,’ and the next second he’s choking me. It’s all really confusing, but he’s a cool guy.”

Wyatt on working with Sophia: “It was our first project working together and hopefully there’s more to come. (laughs) She’s just such a fantastic actor. A lot of us can’t even like compare to her. It’s weird. It’s like incredible how she’s able to express herself. Because in real life she’s not too good at it, but when it comes to acting she’s very top notch. Working with her was definitely awesome.”

Sophia on working with a group of boys: “Nothing changed. They called me the androgynous kid because I had short hair. They were very nice, they were like 12 and I was like 14. We were young! I’m still really young. (laughs) It was like a year ago. Back in the day! No, we’re still young, so it’s fine.”

Watch the duo hilariously play the Whisper Challenge below!

For more from Sophia and Wyatt, visit (Sophia‘s feature here and Wyatt‘s feature here).

IT’s Sophia Lillis & Wyatt Oleff Play The Whisper Challenge

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff from their RAW shoot… More Here! »

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Nathalie Emmanuel Debunks 'Game of Thrones' Theories for RAW! (Video)

The season seven finale of Game of Thrones airs this weekend, so it is the perfect time for Nathalie Emmanuel‘s RAW feature to be released!

The 28-year-old actress, who portrays the character Missandei on the hit HBO series, played a game of “The Theories Are Coming…” in which she debunked some possible and totally impossible theories.

Among the theories were the possibility of a ninth season of Game of Thrones, Ned Stark being alive and a faceless man died in his place, Bran being the one who built the wall, and Missandei being a faceless woman.

“Oh my goodness, it’s going to be so good,” Nathalie said when asked how the season finale will be. “We really could feel the magnitude of what we were shooting. You just feel the weight of all the seasons being carried with us too. And the implications of certain characters feeling the same space for the first time. Everyone is so good. I’m going to be sad when it’s done.”

View the full feature, along with more fun videos, at!

Nathalie Emmanuel Debunks ‘Game of Thrones’ Theories
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Matthew Daddario Reads His Tweets with Accents for RAW!

Matthew Daddario is a master at accents and he’s demonstrating his skills for this hilarious RAW video!

The 29-year-old Shadowhunters actor picked random accents to use while reading some of his old tweets, and the results are too funny.

During the interview, Matthew opened up about growing up with actress sister Alexandra Daddario and what their parents think of their children being in the business.

Alex got into acting at a young age– she’s always wanted to do it. She’s been good at a young age, so she got in. Our parents just told us, “Don’t be lawyers,” so I did something that I was supposed to enjoy,” he said.

Check out the full feature now on!

Matthew Daddario Reads His Tweets – With Accents!
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Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara Never Intended to Get Into Acting!

Here’s something interesting about Shadowhunters star Katherine McNamara that you might not know… she went to college for finance and business and never intended to get into acting!

The 21-year-old actress graduated high school at age 14 and gradated summa cum laude from Drexel University at age 17, years before starting her work on the hit Freeform series.

Kat did a new photo shoot and interview for our online magazine RAW to promote the season finale of Shadowhunters, which airs TONIGHT (August 14).

Katherine told RAW that having a degree in business administration has helped her manage her own business affairs and make sure no one tries to slide anything by her.

“That’s why it’s nice to have the knowledge. I never intended to be an actor. I wanted to go into finance. I wanted to be the CFO of a multinational company, to run my own business, be a financial adviser, work on Wall Street or something,” she said.

Katherine McNamara Gives RAW Interview

For more from Katherine, including some fun videos, visit!

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