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Ben Barnes Sings Rent's 'I'll Cover You,' Blows Us Away with His Amazing Vocals (Video)

Ben Barnes is showing off his incredible singing voice once again with another amazing cover on his social media account!

The 37-year-old actor, best known for his work on HBO’s Westworld, celebrated this weekend’s Rent Live by covering the song “I’ll Cover You” from the hit musical.

“Brilliant work by @Jordan_Fisher @BrandonVDixon @VanessaHudgens & the whole cast #RentLive @rentonfox – was moved to figure out one of my favorite moments since I saw the show 20 years ago #illcoveryou,” Ben captioned the video on his Instagram account.

Make sure to also watch Ben‘s holiday song from last month!

Rent Live's Brennin Hunt Reveals How He Broke His Foot

Brennin Hunt, the star of Rent Live, is opening up about how he broke his foot during the dress rehearsal over the weekend.

The actor, who played Roger Davis in the musical, was injured the night before the big show and was unable to perform during the previously planned live telecast. Fox decided to air the dress rehearsal performance and then go live for the finale, during which Brennin sat on a table with his leg propped up on a chair.

“When we finished ‘What You Own,’ when we climbed the ladders, Jordan [Fisher, who played Mark] and I had to run, all the way through that commercial break, downstage, across the scaffolding and down two flights of stairs to do our quick change for the finale,” Brennin said in an interview with Variety. “And we made it down one flight and we came around the next flight, and I was jumping off that last step to make a left, and my right foot just rolled over, and I snapped a bone in the arch of my foot.”

“And I immediately dropped and was in a lot of pain, and I knew it wasn’t good because even with my in-ear monitors I could hear it snap,” he added. “But I was just telling myself, ‘It’s not broken; it’s just a sprain; I’ll be back tomorrow! They can shoot me up with drugs or whatever, I’m doing it!’ Then I get to the ER and they do the CAT-Scan, and they said, ‘Well, it’s broken.’ That’s how it played out.”

Brennin said the doctors told him that if he tried to stand on his foot, he’d end up needing surgery, so his hope to continue with the show was shot down.

The cast of Rent Live actually DID do a live performance on Sunday night for the studio audience and some videos have been released from that show.

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Inside Rent Live's Musical Moments You Didn't See - Watch the Videos Now!

By now, you may have heard that Rent Live was not actually performed live due to Brennin Hunt‘s unfortunate injury during the show’s Saturday (January 26) dress rehearsal.

The show, however, went on using previously recorded footage from the dress rehearsal.

However, while the audience at home was watching the previously recorded version, the Rent Live cast actually performed a “concert version” of the show for the audience in attendance on Sunday (January 27).

Fox recently released a few videos of the “concert version” which obviously did not air on TV last night!

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Vanessa Hudgens Slays 'Over the Moon' From 'Rent Live' - Watch Now!

Viewers watching Rent Live had to wait over an hour for Vanessa Hudgens to begin belting out Maureen’s signature song “Over the Moon.”

Well, the singer/actress did not disappoint! She brought the house down with her rendition of the song and the crowd was cheering on her epic performance.

Unfortunately for the cast, the show did not end up going on as planned. They could not perform live after cast member Brennin Hunt broke his foot and was wheelchair bound.

The official video of Vanessa‘s performance from the broadcast has not yet been made available, but Fox has released a video of the “concert rendition” performed live while the dress rehearsal aired on TV.

Watch Vanessa Hudgens perform “Over the Moon” from Rent Live…

vanessa hudgens over the moon rent live 01
vanessa hudgens over the moon rent live 02
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'Rent Live': Original Broadway Cast Sings 'Seasons of Love' During Emotional Finale (Video)

Idina Menzel is joined by fellow original cast members Fredi Walker and Daphne Rubin-Vega while performing “Seasons of Love” during the Rent Live finale on Sunday night (January 27) at Fox Studios in Los Angeles.

The original Broadway cast of the beloved musical reunited for a special appearance during the final moments of Fox’s production.

The ladies were joined by Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal, Jesse L. Martin, Taye Diggs, and Wilson Jermaine Heredia, as well as some other cast members, for the performance.

While most of the special did not take place live due to star Brennin Hunt‘s injury this weekend, the finale was indeed live!

FYI: Idina is wearing Kimberly McDonald jewelry.

rent live original broadway cast 01
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'Rent Live': Here's What Celebs Tweeted During the Show!

Lots of celebs were watching Rent Live and they all had a lot to say about the musical!

Live musicals have become must-watch events in recent years and Fox and NBC have been putting on some great productions that celebs and fans love.

Rent Live unfortunately didn’t air live as planned due to actor Brennin Hunt breaking his ankle the night before the show. The dress rehearsal aired instead and the production went live for the finale, during which the original cast joined the stars on stage for a really special moment.

Make sure to check out our full coverage of the show!

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'Rent: Live' - See Over 100 Photos from the Show!

While most of Rent Live wasn’t actually live, it was still an incredible production with some amazing performances from cast members like Vanessa Hudgens and Brandon Victor Dixon.

There are so many great photos from the event and we had to share them with our readers!

Rent Live didn’t air live as previously planned due to Brennin Hunt‘s injury during the dress rehearsal on Saturday night. He broke his ankle and was unable to perform on Sunday night, but thankfully Fox filmed the dress rehearsal, so that was aired instead.

At the end of the performance, Rent Live finally did go live and the original Broadway cast of the musical appeared on stage for an incredible finale.

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