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Sienna Miller Goes Groucho

Recently returning from a trip to the U.S., Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans enjoy a night out at Groucho nightclub in London on Monday.

While they were apart from one another, Sienna‘s friend said they were constantly texting each other.
Sienna is missing Rhys massively and they have stayed in constant contact,” a friend of Sienna told the Daily Mirror. “She boasted that they have sent each other 53 texts in the space of eight hours. Everyone’s been saying she must have had smoke coming out of her mobile.”

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Sienna Miller's Mid-flight Make-out Session

Sienna Miller seems to have taken a fashion turn for the worst as she’s seen back in London on Tuesday, strolling out and about without boyfriend Rhys Ifans.

On her way from LA to London, Sienna and Rhys made out mid-air, according to the Mirror.

The couple did a bit of play-flighting and making out during their 12-hour Virgin Atlantic flight. Other passengers were disgusted, especially when Rhys jumped into Sienna‘s single bed and began a session of heavy petting.

They did stop only to catch a few minutes of the on-air movie, Michael Clayton! God bless that Clooney

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Sienna Miller Will Kick Your Butt

G.I. Joe star Sienna Miller and boyfriend Rhys Ifans jet out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday, following a weekend of awards shows and parties.

Although Sienna didn’t attend the Oscars, she did manage to make her way down the blue carpet at the 2008 Film Independent’s Spirit Awards.

And why is Rhys sporting a mullet-like hairdo and and a pornstache-ish look?!

Si, 26, recently commented on her experience filming the G.I. Joe movie: “It is really fun, and I get to really kick some butt. I am working out a lot and kickboxing and all that. But the best bit is that I’m doing that gun-twisting stuff. I am learning how to shoot properly and it’s all cool and a lot of fun.”

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Sienna Miller Hires Professional Dog Walker

Sienna Miller steps out in London on Thursday, leaving boyfriend Rhys Ifans behind to walk her dogs again.

Rhys Ifans, professional dog walker, now for hire!

Sienna, 26, was close to her Casanova costar Heath Ledger. No public statement about her reaction has been issued by Sienna or her reps yet.More Here! »

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Sienna Miller is Convertible to 26

Sienna Miller and boyfriend Rhys Ifans grab a bite to eat at Wosley restaurant in London, England.

The couple hopped into her new Audi TT convertible and headed to her mom’s house to pick up their dogs.

Sienna celebrated her 26th birthday at Clifton’s Pub in North London on Friday night. Peep her wild and crazy outfit!

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Happy Birthday, Sienna Miller!

Sienna Miller celebrates her 26th birthday with a party at Cliftons Pub in North London on Friday night (the day of her actual birthday).

The British actress (using the Blackberry Curve) was accompanied by boyfriend Rhys Ifans, supermodel pal Kate Moss, socialite Davinia Taylor, musician Jamie Hince, actress Keira Knightley and Keira‘s actor boyfriend Rupert Friend.

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Rhys Ifans & Sienna Miller are Tesco Types

Rhys Ifans and Sienna Miller go shopping earlier this week in Maida Vale, London.

Rhys, 39, was most recently in Elizabeth:The Golden Age. Sienna, 25, stars in the upcoming film The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, co-starring Mena Suvari and Nick Nolte.

The couple appears to be fans of Tesco, a British supermarket chain that has slowly begun to expand into the U.S. In the U.S., the market goes by the moniker “fresh & easy”. Stores are open now in South California, Arizona and Nevada.

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