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Ryan McPartlin is Da Man!

Ryan McPartlin poses shirtless and covered in a vintage coat in this sexy new shot for Da Man magazine’s latest issue!

Here’s what the 35-year-old Chuck actor had to share:

On his role as Captain Awesome: “Captain Awesome is probably the best role that any actor could hope for in Hollywood. Seriously, there isn’t a better name for any character on any show. He’s an awesome surgeon, husband to Ellie, brother-in-law to Chuck and he can really fill out a pair of spandex. What else can I say?”

On the stunts he’s had to do on the show: “I had to repeatedly tackle Adam Baldwin in a stunt. I really went all out on the first take and, unfortunately, I forgot that I’d have to repeat that tackle about a dozen times to match the first take from all camera angles. I earned a lot more respect from stuntmen that day.”

On his favorite former role: “As funny as it sounds, I’m pretty proud of a Lifetime Network movie called Everything She Ever Wanted with Gina Gershon. We really hammered out that miniseries in a short amount of time and had fun with it.”

10+ pictures inside of Ryan McPartlin in Da Man magazine…

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Ryan McPartlin: I Had to Dress Up in a Kilt!

Ryan McPartlin pairs a John Varvatos tee with Levi’s in this new spread for August Man magazine’s September 2010 issue.

Here’s what the 35-year-old Chuck actor had to share:

On what he did before he got his big break: “I remember reading about Brad Pitt dressing up like a chicken to wave at people into El Pollo Loco, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck searching the couch for spare change to eat at Sizzler, etc. For me, I had to dress up like a British guard with a kilt at a Tanqueray party and if I remember correctly, my agent at that time attended the party…very humbling.”

On being a former Abercrombie & Fitch model: “When a poster of your half naked body is spread across every A&F store in the country, people in your circle who have known you as this big goofball look at you a little differently. I just started to date my wife at that time and I think it was fun for her because she was at college but I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

On what it’s like working with the cast of Chuck: “The cast of Chuck is as close to me as any group I’ve been around. I sincerely love these people and hope to have a lot more time with them.”

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Ryan McPartlin Photo Gallery

Captain Awesome: Stuck Like Glue to Sugarland!

Ryan McPartlin, aka Captain Awesome on NBC’s hit spy series Chuck, is featured in country music duo Sugarland‘s new “Stuck Like Glue” video.

Stuck Like Glue” is the first single from the duo’s fourth studio album, The Incredible Machine.

Check it out below!

The season 4 premiere of Chuck called “Chuck Versus the Anniversary” airs on Monday, September 20th 8/7c. Linda Hamilton and Olivia Munn both guest star in the ep!

Sugarland – “Stuck Like Glue”

Captain Awesome: Hooked on Disney World!

Ryan McPartlin gets silly with Peter Pan‘s Captain Hook at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on Wednesday morning (March 31) in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The 34-year-old actor portrays “Captain Awesome” on the NBC comic spy series Chuck.

Ryan, a former football standout at the University of Illinois, also provides the voice for “Clutch Powers,” the main character in the recently released animated DVD movie, LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.

New Chuck episode “Chuck Versus the Other Guy” airs this Monday (April 5) @ 8PM ET/PT on NBC. Shaw teams up with Chuck and Sarah to find the Ring operative who killed his wife!

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