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Chris Evans Inserts Himself Into Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman's Twitter Feud!

Chris Evans just replied to one of the tweets within Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman‘s epic back and forth on Twitter and we’re so here for it!

In one of the tweets, Ryan wrote to Hugh, “It’d be cool if they made a new poster. For a new movie,” pointing out that Hugh hasn’t made a new Wolverine movie since 2017′s Logan.

Chris then replied to the tweet, writing, “I have my audition monologues prepared.”

There are Marvel comic book storylines that involve all three of their characters: Deadpool, Captain America, and Wolverine! We would love to see this trio make a Marvel movie together!

Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman, Causes Hilarious Back & Forth on Social Media!

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been in a hilarious fake feud for years, and they just had a fun back and forth on Twitter!

It all started when Hugh posted a throwback of an old poster for his film Logan. Hugh last played his famous character Wolverine in Logan, which was released in 2017.

Ryan trolled the Twitter post, writing, “It’d be cool if they made a new poster. For a new movie.”

Well that started a fun exchange, which led to Hugh writing, “The obsession is real. @VancityReynolds.”

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Ryan Reynolds Talks Being A Dad with 'Ellen': 'I Sort of Miss Being Horrible'

Ryan Reynolds makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Tuesday (December 4), and opens up about being a father of two with daughters James, 3, and Inez, 2.

“I love it. It’s really kind of made me a better person, I think. I sort of miss being horrible,” the 42-year-old actor told Ellen. “It’s hard. It’s always a challenge, two kids. I think of blinking right now as tiny little breaks all day, but it’s the dream. It’s the best, they’re my buddies. I love it.”

Ryan and Ellen also discuss the decision to release a PG-13 edit of Deadpool 2 titled Once Upon a Deadpool and hilariously tells Ellen the blockbuster Frozen, which he constantly watches with his daughters, is a remake of The Exorcist when played backwards.

Ryan shares that a portion of every ticket sold will be donated to F-ck Cancer, which will be renamed Fudge Cancer to be more PG-13 for the 12-day run.

Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of ‘Frozen’

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'Once Upon a Deadpool' Trailer - Deadpool 2's PG-13 Re-Release Adds New Cast Member!

Deadpool 2 is coming back to theaters as Once Upon a Deadpool in a rebrand that will take away its “R” rating and allow “PG-13″ audiences to see the film.

On December 12, Ryan Reynolds‘ hit film will be returning to theaters in an edited PG-13 version, which now includes actor Fred Savage. Fred filmed some new scenes for the re-release, which pays homage to his 1987 movie The Princess Bride.

“Fox has been asking for a PG-13 basically since the start in 2006,” Ryan told Deadline. “I’ve said no since 2006. Now, this one time, I said ‘Yes’ on two conditions. First, a portion of the proceeds had to go to charity. Second, I wanted to kidnap Fred Savage. The second condition took some explaining…”

Watch the Once Upon a Deadpool trailer below…

Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu - First Look Trailer Released!

The very first trailer for Pokémon Detective Pikachu, featuring Ryan Reynolds voicing the title character!

Ryan announced the brand new trailer on his Instagram account, writing, “I think we all knew I’d wind up as a miniature detective repeatedly saying the same two words. Just didn’t think it would be this soon. #PikaPika #detectivepikachu.”

The story begins when ace private eye Harry Goodman goes mysteriously missing, prompting his 21-year-old son Tim to find out what happened. Aiding in the investigation is Harry’s former Pokémon partner, Detective Pikachu: a hilariously wise-cracking, adorable super-sleuth who is a puzzlement even to himself. Finding that they are uniquely equipped to communicate with one another, Tim and Pikachu join forces on a thrilling adventure to unravel the tangled mystery. Chasing clues together through the neon-lit streets of Ryme City—a sprawling, modern metropolis where humans and Pokémon live side by side in a hyper-realistic live-action world—they encounter a diverse cast of Pokémon characters and uncover a shocking plot that could destroy this peaceful co-existence and threaten the whole Pokémon universe.

Justice Smith, Suki Waterhouse, Rita Ora and more also star in the movie, in theaters on May 10, 2019.