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Separated at Birth: Demi Moore & Ozzy Osbourne

Separated at Birth: Jennifer Aniston & Paul Sculfor

To the left, Jennifer Aniston posing in her first ad campaign for smartwater.

To the right, her rumored British model boyfriend Paul Sculfor in a strikingly similiar pose.

Pics you might have missed: Aniston‘s first smartwater ad here. Sculfor even left with her house on Sunday carrying a smartwater bottle.

Sculfor was filmed for Victoria Beckham‘s reality TV show. Loads of his modeling shots here.

jennifer aniston smartwater ads 01
jennifer aniston smartwater ads 02
jennifer aniston smartwater ads 03
jennifer aniston smartwater ads 04
jennifer aniston smartwater ads 05

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Separated at Birth: Lauren Conrad & Kate Middleton

To the left, The Hills star Lauren Conrad poses for a MARK Cosmetics ad campaign in downtown Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon in NYC.

To the right, the newly single Kate Middleton at the Cheltenham Festival in England back in mid-March (she was still dating Prince William at the time but was not there with him).

Whose look is tops? LAUREN CONRAD or KATE MIDDLETON?

Separated at Birth: Chris Richardson & Justin Timberlake

To the left, American Idol contestant Chris Richardson on April 10, 2007. To the right, Justin Timberlake at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 29, 2002.

Let me spell it out for you. JT‘s doppelgänger = the shoulder straps, the red t-shirt, the black buttondown, the black pants, the pants chain, the sneakers.

If you call 5 years ago Justin Timberlake “contemporary”…

Hollywood's Getting a Little Busty Lately

Who stacks up best? Pamela Anderson, Jeremy Piven, or Jesse Metcalfe?