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Seth Meyers Named His Son After His Wife's Maiden Name!

Seth Meyers has revealed his newborn baby boy’s name: Ashe Olsen Meyers!

The 42-year-old late night host wanted to make it clear that he did not name his baby after Ashley Olsen – Ashe is the maiden name of his wife Alexi and Olsen is his mother’s maiden name.

“A couple people have said, ‘Do you think people will think you named [him] after Ashley Olsen?’ And to them I have said, ‘No one will think that, because I’ve long been a Mary-Kate guy,’” Seth said.

Seth opened up about his baby’s birth during his Late Night episode on Tuesday (March 29) and he gave a full account of what happened from the first contractions to the car ride to the hospital, and more!

Seth Is a Dad!

Seth Meyers & Wife Alexi Ashe Welcome Baby Boy!

Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe have welcomed a baby boy!

The 42-year-old comedian and talk show host and his wife, a lawyer, have not yet confirmed the baby boy’s name, but People reports he was born on Sunday (March 27).

Seth plans on revealing more information about his newborn son on his show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, on Tuesday (March 29). Be sure to tune in!

“I’m most looking forward to seeing who it looks like, that’s the first thing out of the gate,” Seth said before his son’s birth. “Although … a lot of people have said my wife and I look alike, so I think that’s the one thing we know, is that the child will look like us. If not, there’s a real problem.”

Congrats to the happy couple on the news!

Sarah Paulson Met Marcia Clark & Got Drunk Off Tequila - Watch Now!

Sarah Paulson and Seth Meyers make separate appearances on The Ellen Show, airing later today!

While on the show, the 41-year-old actress discussed meeting Marcia Clark, who she portrays in American Crime Story.

“I made a lot of weird sort of squeal-y pig noises. I was so excited. I had spent so much time with my nose sort of in a book, about her, her actual book ‘The Toobin Book.’ So when I saw her it was like seeing someone I’d idolized or had a terrible crush on for my whole life. And she walked into the restaurant and I was like ‘ahhh’ and she sort of looked around like this was a sort of terrifying experience for her,” Sarah said. Sarah continued, detailing that she got drunk with Marcia!

“I drank a lot of tequila with her,” Sarah continued. “It was really fun. It was like the mole kept moving all over her face in my mind,” she added, referring to Marcia‘s beauty mark. “It was like, ‘Is that you? Oh, now it’s on your forehead.’”

Click inside to watch Seth Meyers talk about his pregnant wife and a “push present”… More Here! »

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Seth Meyers Hosts Baby Shower For His Wife With 'GOT' Melisandre

Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe announced that they were expecting a baby late last year and on Thursday (February 18) he hosted a baby shower with a very interesting guest.

The 41-year-old Late Night host invited Game of Thrones character Melisandre, plated by Carice Van Houten.

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Melisandre strains a smile and hilariously attempts upbeat small talk at the party and even mentions the questionable death of Jon Snow.

She explains that she’s “pretty sure Jon Snow is dead,” adding in “well, at least that’s the way it was left.”

Watch the whole video below…

Seth Meyers Debuts Trailer For Fake Movie 'Boston Accent'

Seth Meyers debuted a trailer for a fake movie called Boston Accent on his talk show on Thursday night (January 21).

In the trailer, the 42-year-old host portrays multiple different characters who all use Boston accents, which range from police officers to the town mayor.

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The video includes many references to Boston cities, hilarious Boston inspired conversations and even a guest appearance from Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch.

Check out the full trailer below…

‘Boston Accent’ Trailer

Samuel L. Jackson Didn't Know He Had 'Beef' with Donald Trump, Fires Back at His Comments - Watch Now!

Samuel L. Jackson makes an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss his supposed “beef” with Donald Trump on Tuesday (January 5) in New York City.

The 67-year-old actor said he didn’t know he was in any sort of feud with Donald, even though he claimed they had played golf together. All of this stems from a tweet Donald sent, saying, “I don’t know Samuel L. Jackson, to best of my knowledge haven’t played golf w/him & think he does too many TV commercials – boring. Not a fan.”

“If we can prove Trump is lying when he says he doesn’t know you, this might be the thing that finally brings down his campaign,” Seth told Samuel.

Samuel L. Jackson Didn’t Know He Had ‘Beef’ with Donald Trump

samuel l jackson fires back at donald trump 01
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Seth Meyers Spot On Parodies 'Making a Murderer' - Watch Now!

Seth Meyers and his staff parodied Netflix’s winter hit Making a Murderer on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday (January 4).

In the parody, the 42-year-old talk show host had a phone conversation with one of his staff members, similar to those of Brendan Dassey and his mother from prison in the documentary.

“They don’t got no more reruns,” the staff member tells Seth on the phone, urging him to come back to the show after his 2 week break.

“Supposing I don’t want to come back?” Seth responds.

“Don’t get strange!” the staffer replies. LOL.

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