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Siegfried Fischbacher of Siegfried & Roy Has Passed Away at 81

Siegfried Fischbacher of the famous duo Siegfried & Roy has tragically passed away at the age of 81, Variety reports.

Reports emerged this week that he was terminally ill with cancer. The report claimed he had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and had undergone a 12-hour operation to remove a malignant tumor. He was reportedly in hospice.

His death comes just 8 months after the death of Roy Horn, who passed from Coronavirus complications at 75.

The pair were considered legendary Las Vegas performers with their famed tigers, leopards, jaguars, and more.

Our thoughts are with Siegfried Fischbacher‘s friends, family, and loved ones during this difficult time.

Siegfried Fischbacher, of Siegfried & Roy, Is Reportedly Terminally Ill With Cancer

Siegfried Fischbacher is reportedly not doing too well.

According to Bild, the 81-year-old illusionist entertainer has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

The German publication says that Siegfried just returned “home in Las Vegas following a 12-hour operation to remove a malignant tumor”, via Daily Mail.

He was also released from a “clinic at his own request” and is said to being taken care of two hospice workers.

The news about Siegfried‘s health comes just months after his partner, Roy Horn, passed away from coronavirus complications in May 2020, just a month after testing positive for the contagious virus. He was 75.

Here’s what Siegfried shared about his life with Roy following his death.

Siegfried and Roy were the stars of the Las Vegas Strip for decades before their show stopped suddenly after Roy was presumably attacked by one of their white tigers.

Siegfried & Roy Could Be Focus of New 'Tiger King' Special on Netflix

It seems like another Tiger King special is on its’ way and could be focused on Siegfried & Roy.

THR reports that Dr. James Liu, a wildlife veterinarian and field biologist who’s the associate director of the Turtle Conservancy, contacted them last week for the contact information for Chris Lawrence, who was a former tiger handler for the famed magician duo’s Las Vegas show.

Director Eric Goode founded the Turtle Conservancy in 2009 to protect threatened turtles and tortoises and their habitats.

These hints point to a brand new special focused on the 2003 mauling incident under the Tiger King name for the streaming service.

Tiger King became the coronavirus pandemic’s first big hit, spawning multiple dramatic projects and bringing in over more than 34 million viewers in its’ first week.