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Dua Lipa, Diplo & Mark Ronson (Silk City): 'Electricity' Stream, Lyrics & Download - Listen Now!

Dua Lipa, Diplo and Mark Ronson (together known as Silk City) are teaming up for a big hit called “Electricity,” which you can stream right here!

The hot new track debuted at midnight on Thursday (September 6).

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“It’s one of the first things that we wrote when me and Diplo got together last summer,” Mark explained to Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

“It really represents — more than anything — kind of like, the best synthesis of what we love…Diana Gordon wrote this — she’s an amazing writer. She has a great solo record out. She wrote so much of Lemonade and she came with these melodies and they were just so gorgeous and we kind of chopped them up. Then, cut to six months later, I was in the studio with Romy from The xx in London, and she just really liked it and I said, ‘Would you be down to give a shot to writing lyrics to these melodies?’ and she really responded to it,” he explained.

“She wrote this thang and then, three months later, I was like, ‘who could sing the song?’ and we got together with Dua, who was just blowing up. I’ve never seen anybody from the time we asked her if she was down to help us finish writing this song and sing it in November, to when it came out in March…like, such a crazy trajectory. She was like, 8,000 times more popular. Then from even when we had cut it in March to now, she’s had one of the most meteoric rises and deservedly…if there’s anybody who deserves it and works that hard and is doing something special. Just her whole attitude.”

Watch the hot video for “Electricity,” and check out the lyrics below!

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