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These Celebrities Admit They're On Dating Apps!

Have you ever seen a celebrity on a dating app? Well, many of them are on there!

There are several celebrities who have admitted over the years to using, Tinder, OK Cupid, and more dating apps.

Can you believe Zac Efron was on Tinder – and he even revealed how many matches he got on the app! Other celebrities who have admitted to being on dating apps include Demi Lovato, Channing Tatum, and Ben Affleck.

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13 Celebrities Who Played Santa in Holiday Movies!

With Christmas just a day away, you’re bound to have spotted a holiday movie on television or in theaters!

Of course that means some famous actors have been recruited to play the jolly guy in the red suit - Santa Claus!

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From the real-deal Santa to mall Santas and some Santa impersonators, we’ve gathered a group of famous faces who have all donned Sana’s outfit on screen!

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The 20 Biggest Movie Star Paydays of All Time Revealed

Did you know that some stars have earned over $100 million from making just one movie?

There are some celebs who take a profit participation deal instead of a bigger salary, which in the end could give them a much larger payday.

One star who is known for his massive paydays is Marvel actor Robert Downey Jr., who appears on this list six times thanks to his huge profit participation deals for his various appearances as Iron Man/Tony Stark.

We’re sad to see that only two women appear on the list and we hope to see more appear here in the future!

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These Stars Celebrate Their Birthdays on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!

It might be Christmas time, but these stars are celebrating two holidays this time of year! has compiled a list of the actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, and models who celebrate their birthdays on either Christmas Eve, December 24 or Christmas Day, December 25.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to all of these stars!

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The 10 Highest-Paid Music Artists of the Decade Revealed!

Forbes often reveals interesting data about the amount of money that celebrities earn each year and now the magazine is marking the end of the decade!

The outlet just revealed the list of the 10 top-earning musicians of the decade and the artist in the number one spot might surprise you. This artist has not released an album since 2015 and they didn’t even go on tour in this decade, so the money didn’t come solely from their music career.

Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift are among the stars who have made the list… there’s even a married couple on there.

Forbes only included living artists on this ranking. If Michael Jackson were alive, he would have topped the list as his estate has earned over #2 billion in the past decade. Only musicians were included, not people who work solely behind-the-scenes in the music industry.

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Every Netflix Show Cancelled in 2019

2019 is drawing to a close in just a few weeks and we’re looking back at all of the shows that Netflix has cancelled this year.

Fans have been devastated by some of the cancellations on the streaming service this year. Keep in mind, this list does not include any shows that Netflix cancelled or concluded before 2019, and simply includes shows that have been given the axe in the past 11 months.

If you missed it, check out all the movies and TV shows that you can watch for the holidays on Netflix.

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