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William H. Macy Wants His Daughters to 'Have a Lot of Sex' with No Guilt

William H. Macy is opening up about his hopes for his daughters’ love lives.

The 68-year-old Shameless actor, who is married to Felicity Huffman, wants their daughters Sofia, 17, and Georgia, 16, to be able to have a lot of sex without feeling guilty about it.

William says that he’ll be welcoming to all of his daughters’ boyfriends and that his older daughter is already having boys sleep over.

“You know, I started doing all the cliches, ‘I’m gonna threaten the guys, I’m gonna dig a moat around our house,’” William told Us Weekly. “And then I thought, ‘OK, what do you really want for your daughters?’ And I realized: I want them to be happy and lusty and safe. I want them to have a lot of sex in their lifetime! Good, healthy wonderful sex with no guilt. That’s what I really want.”

“They’re different than when I was a kid. Georgia and Sofia have all their pals over. They will have six or eight of their friends over,” he added. “It’s pretty bizarre, especially with Sofia, to wake up in the morning and there’s some boy walking out of your daughter’s room! They all sleep together! I don’t think they have sex, well, I know they don’t.”

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