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Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin & Melissa Benoist Spotted in Superhero Suits For 'Arrowverse' Crossover

Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin hug it out on the set of the upcoming Arrowverse crossover in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday (October 23).

The two DC Universe stars were joined by co-stars Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, Jesse Rath as Brainiac 5, and Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.

Elizabeth Tulloch, who will star as Lois Lane in the crossover, was also seen on the set.

The crossover, titled Elseworlds, will also introduce Ruby Rose as Batwoman to the franchise.

Check out 10+ pics inside from the Arrowverse crossover filming…

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Stephen Amell & Yael Braun Honored for Their Work with F Cancer at Heroes Gala!

Stephen Amell and Yael Cohen Braun speak on stage while accepting their awards at the Barbara Berlanti Heroes Gala Benefitting F Cancer on Saturday (October 13) at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, Calif.

Stephen was honored with the Hero Award for his exceptional work raising funds and awareness for F Cancer. Yael, one of the co-founders of the organization, was honored with the Barbara Berlanti Vanguard Award for her groundbreaking work educating young adults on the important of early detection.

Stephen was joined at the event by his wife Cassandra Jean and his mom Sandra, who is a two-time cancer survivor. He began working with F Cancer seven years ago during his mom’s second battle with cancer and helped the organization grow to where it is today. His CW family members Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, and Maisie Richardson-Sellers all stepped out to show support, as did friend Aisha Tyler.

Yael, who is pregnant with her third child, was joined by husband Scooter Braun, who got her favorite comedian Trevor Noah to do a surprise set to close out the night.

Stephen, Yael, and Scooter all spent thousands of dollars during the live auction to support the important cause. You can donated now at!

stephen amell yael braun f cancer gala 01
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Stephen Amell Launches Aisha Tyler's Special Nocking Point Wine at a Fan Event!

Stephen Amell joins his longtime friend Aisha Tyler while attending a special launch event for Nocking Point Wine’s “Night Ender” wine on Saturday (September 22) at LA River Studios in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old Arrow actor and his business partner Andrew Harding teamed up with Aisha to create the special wine.

Proceeds from the sale of Aisha‘s wine will benefit one of her favorite organizations, the International Rescue Committee.

300 superfans attended the launch event and enjoyed a Q&A with Aisha, Stephen, and Andrew, where they discussed everything from politics and the origins of their friendship, to the responsibilities of being a celebrity and giving back to others.

Stephen and Aisha posed for a photo with actress Kimberly Gresham at the event.

stephen amell aisha tyler nocking point event 01
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Cassandra Jean, Stephen Amell's Wife, Joins Arrowverse for DC's Crossover!

Stephen Amell‘s real life wife Cassandra Jean is joining the Arrowverse for the annual DC crossover event!

She’ll play villain Nora Fries, who is the wife of Mr. Freeze, another villain in the universe, Deadline reports.

The three night event will take place on The CW beginning with The Flash on Sunday (December 9) Arrow on Monday (December 10) and Supergirl on Tuesday (December 11).

Cassandra has previously held roles on Hart of Dixie, Mad Men and One Tree Hill, and more.

Get ready to see Stephen and Cassandra on screen together!

Stephen Amell Goes 'All In' for Wrestling Match - See the Shirtless Photos!

Stephen Amell is always up for a physical challenge and he showed off his incredible strength during an All-In wrestling match this weekend!

The 37-year-old Arrow actor competed against wrestler Christopher Daniels in the match on Saturday night (September 1) at the Sears Centre in Chicago, Ill.

Stephen didn’t win the match, but he still had a positive attitude after the event.

“2-1 —@facdaniels was the better man. It was an honor to be in the ring with him,” he tweeted.

25+ pictures inside of Stephen Amell going shirtless in the ring… More Here! »

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Stephen Amell Reveals His 'Arrow' Starting Salary Made Him 'Fourth or Fifth Highest Paid Cast Member'

Stephen Amell is opening up about the trickiness of contract negotiations with regard to his work as the lead on the hit CW show Arrow.

“I didn’t really care what the deal was. It was a fair deal. I had no quote. I had never been a series regular before,” the 37-year-old actor said on Michael Rosenbaum‘s Inside of You podcast about when he first landed the show back in 2011. “I was a series regular on Hung, technically, but I wasn’t going to be bumped up to a series regular price until the fourth season—if there was a fourth season, which there wasn’t. It was a very, very fair deal. I mean, the first thing they did was try to hire me as a Canadian…That’s the first conversation that they have and my agent shut it down immediately. Basically, the business affairs person comes back, semi-embarrassed, and says, ‘You know, I gotta ask…’”

Stephen continued, “The only issue I had in the first couple of years was, I think, that up until the end of the second season I was the fourth or fifth highest paid cast member, because I had no quote. They gave me what they termed as a ‘gift’ after Season 2…it’s them raising my salary without asking for anything in return. My thing was very simple. I just said, ‘Quite frankly, I work way more than everybody else.’ Especially in Season 1 and Season 2…it was way more disproportionate than it is now. I think somebody was making X. They’re like, ‘OK, your new salary is going to be X minus, like, $1,250 per episode.’ And I go, ‘What are you doing? That’s not the most amount of money.’ They said, ‘Yeah, no. It’s the most amount of money over the course of 23 episodes, because the person above you is not all episodes produced.’ I was like, ‘OK, technically you’re right…’ That leaves a little bit of a sh*tty taste in my mouth. Just a little.”

“When I did my renegotiation, it wasn’t fun, because I have a lot of friends who have been in similar positions, and I knew what the actual numbers were. I’m very good friends with Jared Padalecki, and he shared information with me that [Tom Welling] shared with him. It’s everyone trying to help each other out, right? And I have gone on to share that information with people that I think it might be beneficial to,” Stephen added.